Making a statement against Trump: Starbucks says they will hire 10,000 refugees because of “human rights”


Howard Schultz: A serious case of Trump Derangement Syndrome

Doubling down on the progressive narrative. So glad I don’t drink coffee…

From Yahoo: CEO Howard Schultz sent out a company-wide letter following President Donald Trump’s decision to sign an executive order that bans (Yahoo obviously received the Media Matters talking points memo) citizens of seven majority Muslim countries from entering the United States.

The executive order, signed on Friday, temporarily halts citizens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen from entering the US.

“We are living in an unprecedented time, one in which we are witness to the conscience of our country, and the promise of the American Dream, being called into question,” Schultz wrote.

He continued: “These uncertain times call for different measures and communication tools than we have used in the past. Kevin and I are going to accelerate our commitment to communicating with you more frequently, including leveraging new technology platforms moving forward. I am hearing the alarm you all are sounding that the civility and human rights (entering the US is not a human right) we have all taken for granted for so long are under attack, and want to use a faster, more immediate form of communication to engage with you on matters that concern us all as partners.”

A number of CEOs, including Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, have knocked Trump’s decision to sign the orders.

Schultz’s letter went on to detail some of the actions the company is taking, including plans to hire 10,000 refugees. “We have a long history of hiring young people looking for opportunities and a pathway to a new life around the world. This is why we are doubling down on this commitment by working with our equity market employees as well as joint venture and licensed market partners in a concerted effort to welcome and seek opportunities for those fleeing war, violence, persecution and discrimination,” Schultz wrote.

He continued: “There are more than 65 million citizens of the world recognized as refugees by the United Nations, and we are developing plans to hire 10,000 of them over five years in the 75 countries around the world where Starbucks does business. And we will start this effort here in the U.S. by making the initial focus of our hiring efforts on those individuals who have served with U.S. troops as interpreters and support personnel in the various countries where our military has asked for such support.”

In addition, Schultz also wrote about Starbucks’ operations in Mexico. Social media users in Mexico had called for boycotts of US companies, including Starbucks.

“We have been open for business in Mexico since 2002, and have since opened 600 stores in 60 cities across the country, which together employ over 7,000 Mexican partners who proudly wear the green apron. We have sourced coffee from Mexico’s producers and their families for three decades and last fall, we also announced the creation of a farmer support center in Chiapas to help accelerate our collective ability to grow and export some of the world’s finest coffees from this important growing region, while donating more than $2 million to support the livelihood, food security and water quality of coffee producing communities in Oaxaca,” Schultz wrote.

He added: “With the support of thousands of Starbucks partners and millions of customers, we have also donated half a million coffee trees to support 70,000 families, and we will be expanding the initiative this year to generate another 4 million tree donations. Coffee is what unites our common heritage, and as I told Alberto Torrado, the leader of our partnership with Alsea in Mexico, we stand ready to help and support our Mexican customers, partners and their families as they navigate what impact proposed trade sanctions, immigration restrictions and taxes might have on their business and their trust of Americans. But we will continue to invest in this critically important market all the same.”

Last week, Trump put out additional orders aimed to crack down on illegal immigration, including a measure expanding the authority of local law enforcement officers to enforce immigration laws, among other policies. Trump also announced that it was his administration’s policy to immediately begin construction of a wall along the US-Mexican border.


61 responses to “Making a statement against Trump: Starbucks says they will hire 10,000 refugees because of “human rights”

  1. Only because it’s Trump, not for any actual business reason like making a profit…

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  2. Every American who votes for common sense immigration REFUSE TO PATRONIZE STARBUCKS!

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  3. I do believe it’s time to hit ’em where it hurts , in the wallet . Stop patronizing Starbucks ……….No protests or picketing , just don’t patronize them

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  4. I will boycott starbucks, because they hire immigrants at a lower hourly rate… besides there coffee exploits people and brainwashes people to buy… what a rip off of a company…

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  5. Hire 10,000 disabled veterans and then I will consider purchasing your piss poor imitation of coffee. Until then, screw off.

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  6. Kevin J Lankford

    Did they really think any body thought they were hiring U.S. citizens in mexico or any other country? And any english speaking muslim can claim they aided the U.S. military, but I’m sure starbucks knows or cares any thing about vetting.

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  7. Double Mocha BullCrap Grande]

    I was already boycotting these dumps. But in case they’re interested, I will CONTINUE to boycott you.

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  8. From what I read in the news, Starbucks is losing revenue for what they describe as congestion at their stores. That translates into lack of customers, with a ridiculous reason for their avoidance of Starbucks. While I can see their effort to lure more customers in with a political point of view, I have the feeling it will backfire, and their revenue will continue to drop.

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    • One thing tends to come to the surface in business-if what you sell isn’t good,you won’t be selling it for long.
      They still don’t understand that the MAIN reason people go to Starbucks is to be SEEN going to Starbucks-it’s a (small) measure of success to pay $5.00 for a cup of coffee presumably made to your specs,regardless of the flavor. But that kind of “success worship” is for much shallower minds than mine.

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      • truckjunkie . . . you have stated a fact that is so unique, so basic, so right on . . . the MAIN reason people go to Starbucks is to be SEEN going to Starbucks–it’s a (small) measure of success to pay $5.00 for a cup of coffee presumably made to your specs . . . We even have welfare recipients who go to Starbucks so that “they can be seen.” I had never thought about this using this unique lens . . I always wondered why people would pay $5.00 a cup for coffee, even when they did not make huge wages. God Bless you for giving me this clue as to what is really going on. After reading your contribution, I now understand what the big deal is! It has escaped me for a long time.

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        • It reminded me of a T–shirt I saw on a little,middle-aged,VERY healthy looking young Blonde at a bike run a few years ago. She and her ol’ Man were both wearing fancy,EXPENSIVE leathers,riding a top-o-the-line Harley that couldn’t have been more than a couple of weeks old-it wasn’t even plated yet. She peeled her jacket off and I saw the shirt that said on the back,”It doesn’t matter what you do-it’s how GOOD you look doing it.” I thought,”What kinda values does someone like THAT live by?”
          I was glad they made the run,but they were both totally void of character,didn’t like the people they were with,and didn’t even speak the same “language” as Harley people. I think they were just “slumming”.

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      • Bravo TJ. Front our point of view, we think they would have to be a full blown idiot to pay $5 for a cup of anything. Proving they aren’t leadership material.

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  10. So: In order to hire 10,000 immigrants, Sargent Schultz plans to discriminate against American citizens? Yep, that’ll work. Not.

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    • Steven . . . You have brought up an excellent point . . . let’s discriminate against US citizens. Any red blooded American patriot ought to be angry at this stance, and thus they should not be buying anything from Starbucks.

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    • Interesting-he’s walking ever closer to crossing the line into “illegal territory”…..His support of illegals may have gained him great favor with the Liberals,but there’s a new Sheriff in town now.

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    • STeven…I was wondering the same thing…I wondered if they’d commit to hiring 10,000 out of work African-American youths from Chicago, D.C., Baltimore, Miami, New York City, St. Louis, Los Angeles……and on and on? Why haven’t they EVER? Why all this global love-fest while they’ve kicked their own countrymen in the pants for AT LEAST the Obama years (and we have the stats), but probably ALWAYS, since they opened their doors…..(?)

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      • CalGirl . . . I love your way of thinking . . . why indeed have they passed over the vast amounts of black young people who would love to have had a chance to “get their foot in the door” so to speak. This whole line of BS has everything to do with the NWO crowd and putting in place peoples who will vote for and sustain the NWO mantra, and nothing to do with helping the down trodden. Thank you for offering that unique prospective.

        I love this site, and all those who bring up thoughts and ideas that have escaped me . . . then when I come upon them, I wonder why “that had never occurred to me before, when it is as plain as the nose on one’s face!”

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  11. There is a sort of “logic” to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s policies. As you can see in the chart below, Starbucks has done very well under Obama. Nor has conservatives’ boycott of Starbucks seemed to have hurt the company’s stocks 😦

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  12. Starbucks, overpriced coffee for those lacking taste buds.

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  13. Funny they didn’t make this stand when Obama did the same thing in 2011. They are nothing but shills for the Democrat Party, Liberals, Progressives.

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  14. I stopped buying Starbucks coffee when I figured out how stupid they are months ago. Now I order the “Patriots Blend” coffee from I will never purchase anything from Starbucks again. They probably prefer hiring refugees because they can pay them minimum wage. More profit for shareholders from their over priced coffee.

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  15. The elephant in the room that I have not seen anyone address . . . If a jihadist wanted to do maximum damage . . . why not work at a coffee shop and adulterate each cup, or as many cups of coffee as possible with either a poisonous substance or a biological agent! Did we not see the little dumb bunny down South who administered menstrual blood and saliva to someone’s hamburger? So, is it out of the question that someone who has an axe to grind could do the very same thing with dispensing tainted coffee.

    I am grateful that I am not a coffee drinker, so this doesn’t necessarily affect me . . . but it could if someone got a biological streaming through the population.

    DCG . . . As far as I am concerned, you hit it out of the ball park with this article! Keep up the good work!

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  16. I don’t care who they hire. As long as they’re here legally. If they get caught hiring criminal invaders they should shut em down. Oh and their on my NO GO list with Target, Sears and Sonic as well as a bunch of others.

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  17. I’ve boycotted Starbucks for years, ever since I found out they’re ‘all in’ on the LGBTQRSTUVXYZ agenda. And their original logo is rather esoteric, for lack of a better word. Not that their execs wanted to send a covert message or anything…

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  18. Well, this should be interesting, he is going to hire people that thinks all his LGBXXXXXXX people should be killed.
    I have not bought anything from Starbucks for years, over priced and under basically, they suck. Dunkin Donuts puts out better coffee.
    Heck, just about any truck stop across America has better coffee at a better price.
    Now, this doofus wants to hire thousands where cleanliness is not even on their radar. I hope the health departments start monitoring them extensively.
    The same for Chobani yogurt, hundreds of Muslims working for them in our own country. What about Americans?
    Bringing in people that shun women’s rights and that raping them is their right.
    BO has been wining and dining all these CEO scum all through his administration. They wanted to leave a truck load of problems after they were gone.
    Well, I can protest also. With my billfold.

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    • Glenn47 . . . Thanks for the reminder about Chobani. I knew there was some yogurt I wanted to boycott, but at the grocery store, I could not remember the name. When companies cannot or will not hire Americans–then it’s time to stop buying their product!

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    • These companies that hire refugees get subsidies tax/grants etc from our great gov for hiring them. They don’t get the goodies for hiring Americans. Plus they get to pay them low wages with less hours so the refugees are eligible to be supported by our great government also with welfare!
      Biggest scam in the world being perpetrated on the American taxpayer.
      I hope they train their workers how to go to the bathroom and use toilet paper and wash their hands after before they get on the sales floor!

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  19. I had wondered how this would work, but your post suggests that he plans to do his illegal discrimination overseas, where it may or may not be legal. Perhaps the reason he will start in the U.S. with those who worked for our military is that there’s (arguably) an exception in the anti-discrimination laws for veterans or the military, and somehow he intends to stretch that for the interpreters and other military support workers.

    Otherwise, how can Starbucks square blatant discrimination in FAVOR of people and against others, based upon national origin? Leftists believe in civil rights until it interferes with their ability to discriminate in FAVOR of their preferred groups.

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    • “…how can Starbucks square blatant discrimination in FAVOR of people and against others, based upon national origin?” Libtards making up their own rules in the name of “human rights.”

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      • DCG is on to something . . . the Progressives believe that they, and they alone can decide who is deserving of “anti-discrimination” action . . . . and today they are all in on the poor Muslims who are roaming the Earth with no place to lay their weary heads. Why is it that in Syria, the young men do not wish to fight to retain their own country? Who is it that really thinks that these new proposed American citizens would fight to preserve the freedom in this nation? Muslims, according to their beliefs cannot pledge allegiance to The Constitutions of the United States of America. So if there were even a flight Muslims could lay back and see who wins the fight, and adjust their supposed “allegiance” accordingly.

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  20. I don’t drink that over-priced swill, anyway.

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  21. I am dying to know . . . do really, really wealthy people drink Starbucks at $5.00 a pop? Or, does their common sense somehow tell them to find a reasonably priced cup of coffee?

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    • LOL!
      Actually I have been both a bartender and a barista. I concluded that the patron may not necessarily afford such things but some how it is often a ‘special kinda treat’…and ‘indulgence’.

      Can cost plenty over 5bucks, plus tips!

      ‘For the bartender its about picking the patron up off the floor and for the barista peeling them off the ceiling after the caffeine rush sets in.’

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  22. If you have never really researched on this um….man, I would. What he supported even before this stupidity, made me take a long look at somethings.

    First and foremost I have not nor will ever work for them again so long as I live. Second I told some friends about it and why I quit and do not ever drink the rather bitter stuff at all anymore.

    One of those friends kinda poopood me and decided they would still patronize sarrrucks anyway. They had purchased their own over priced thermal hot cup there and it had a deal for free coffee….

    One day at break…off my friend goes down to the local sarrrucks…while I waited in the car. Next thing I know….he walked out, redder[rage comes to mind] than I have ever seen this person before….walked to the curb of the parking lot and made a brand new version of their over priced thermal cup..[I just knew there was an artist in him!].

    Went back in the sarrrucks…..[i can only imagine what was said to a by now terrified clerk], came back to the car, got in and said in no uncertain terms…”You hit the nail on the head, I will never ever go back”

    The um cup…. now sits at their computer station at work, destroyed….and a reminder of what occurred

    We call it a unique piece of art named ‘Fed Up’

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    • Yup…just read that at another location but I am not surprised. Many things are going AI/Robotic. I ears perked up when I believe it was FB Wall made the statement there would be very few jobs for the average person in the future. He wasn’t kidding with that statement either. Shit is going to hit and many things we are seeing are in the mix!

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    i personally do not read too much from usa today, however i did know about him stepping down as ceo with all the media about it. take a very close look at the links to him and others….and who is stepping in.

    It’s always bigger than you might think…ah yes connections, connections.

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  24. How come the ‘refugees’ are almost all 20 ish men? Why aren’t they allowing the Syrian Christian refugees in (the LEGITIMATE refugees)?
    Starbucks coffee is way over priced. Buy from local establishments or make it at home, way cheaper!
    Hope Starbucks enjoys all the ‘refugees’ (aka criminals) who will be stealing them blind!

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  25. Okay Howard, go ahead and defecate on your customer base out of spite. I wonder if your board of directors & stock holders share your zeal.

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  26. Starbucks has become a major player in the Gigantic Left Wing Freak Show!

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  27. Companies that base policy on political correctness and policies that are attractive to progressives are taking a real gamble in doing so. Starbucks is learning that lesson the hard way…

    BAD DECISION: Starbucks’ Brand SPIRALS DOWN After Plan To Hire 10,000 Refugees

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