el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz’s daughter, granddaughter busted on animal cruelty charges


Such fine, lovely womyn…

From NY Post: Malcolm X’s daughter and granddaughter were busted this week on animal cruelty charges, when injured pooches subjected to “inhumane conditions” were found inside a stolen U-Haul truck they were driving.

Malikah Shabazz and her daughter Bettih Shabazz, 19, were arrested Wednesday night in a parking lot of a La Plata, Maryland, Wal-Mart, cops said. Seven injured pit bulls were found inside stacked crates in the back of the rental truck, cops said. The truck was reported stolen earlier in the day to Vermont state police.

The women were charged with seven counts of animal cruelty and vehicle theft and released on $2,000 bond.

Malikah, 51, the youngest of six daughters of the late civil rights activist, pleaded guilty in 2011 to identity theft charges and racking up more than $55,000 in someone else’s name. The victim, Khaula Bakr, was the widow of one of Malcolm X’s bodyguards. Malikah was sentenced to probation in that case.



21 responses to “el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz’s daughter, granddaughter busted on animal cruelty charges

  1. iT’S COMING! Accusations of racial profiling…


  2. The dogs were in an “injured” condition? It sounds to me more like the dogs were probably part of an illegal dog fighting ring. I mean, is there really any other explanation? SMH

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    • Good observation.

      I feel silly that I didn’t think of the connection, but I’m also grateful that I’ve not been exposed to enough of that kind of evil that I would think of it….

      I witnessed one of the last legal cockfighting matches in America, back in New Mexico about a decade ago. I just had to see what was so special about birds killing each other that Liberal groups were complaining that this great “cultural enrichment” was about to be outlawed.

      In short: FLAP, FLAP, FLAP, followed by one cock motionless, and both bleeding. Owner of dead bird picks it up by the feet and carts it off with a look more disgusted than disappointed.

      Enrichment? More like cultural debasement. Build the wall!

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      • I live in Arizona and, unfortunately, illegal dog fights and cock fights, Mexican rodeos where horses are purposefully tripped, etc., have become common place with the Mexican invasion. Our Sheriff Joe Arpaio worked hard to stop this cruelty, but was recently defeated as our demographic is turning decidedly blue. Call me racist, but the Mexican psyche has a very strange tolerance for violence in all its forms whether directed towards people or animals. I could go on and on, but I think it is fairly obvious this tendency towards cruelty is yet another manifestation of the absence of light. The fact that many Hispanics who have rejected the Catholic church are now “discovering/embracing” their Spanish/Moorish/Muslim roots is terrifying, actually.

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        • Same here in CA Carrie…And it starts so young: .I despair of over-hearing my middle school kids’ conversations….so many of them hispanic, who constantly pepper their conversations w/who (physically) beat whom on their street or a boyfriend or “uncle” who threw the dog out the moving car window during a fight w/mom….or kicking their dog out into the street where it got hit by a car & killed (no emotion, no regrets…almost “bragging” by a 12-year-old kid)…. or hey…the one I heard yesterday—-“I’d have had a little brother but my mom’s old boyfriend punched her in the stomach until it killed him. Now the boyfriend is dead b/c he had some sort of cancer……(ya think?)….but the new boyfriend is….Yatta, Yatta, and so on.” Or how about..(Since I am an art teacher…I hear this MANY times:) “I’m going to be an artist like my dad. He tattooes people in prison….here…look at this, he sent me this drawing he did……” There are so many layers to what I hear every day, & over the years. When I first moved to the West in general & CA in specific ….I was shell shocked for yrs—the rudeness, the drivers, the drinking & drugs starting at 7 AM while all the “disabled dads” put their kids on the bus w/beer can in their hands…the disconnected parents (along w/their violent tempers when their kid, despite all my efforts…staying after school, “dumbing down the work” retaking tests…..failed—can’t tell you how many times I’ve been physically threatened by parents). AND…the stray dogs & cats you can’t count on both hands…not enough digits….almost EVERY day…I count the dead ones on the road on the drive to school every day. When I lived in the mid-Atlantic East—–I NEVER saw a stray dog or cat in my mid-sized town..& when I lived in rural PA…you never even needed a shelter when I was growing up b/c all the rural folk took (the few) them in b/c they served a purpose in the barns & fields & grounds as mousers, watch dogs, field & hunting companions……. ANd…you all…I DO NOT LIVE in LA or a large population center…I live in the inland valley..and it’s NOT SAN BERNARDINO, Either! Where I live, when I bought in…was at first 3,000 people in the “large town” where I work….and about 600 in the little unicorporated “horse property” area where we bought & brought up our kids. It’s all grown now, for sure….the “big town” to over 60,000, and my “little unicorporated town” is incorporated now….& w/ 30,000 now…as did all the other little places around us…BUT STILL….our property has buffered us here….and what we see is the result of all the migrations of illegals, SAn Diegans and Los Angelinos in search of cheaper rents or properties to buy…..and they bring their “values” with them.

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          • CalGirl, I couldn’t bring myself to get past your first sentences, as animal abusers make me very eager to abuse them, old country Italian style. I’m sorry you have to endure these mindless cruelties, now so very much worse than when my deceased wife taught there in the mid-Sixties. Ghastly!

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  3. If it were injured Whites in cages rather than pit bulls, would this even have made the news?

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  4. Are you truly sure these are ” real women ” ??? They sure as hell don’t look like it !!!…….Where’s the compassion for …..anything ? Look into their eyes , no heart , no soul , ,,, lifeless witches ……..

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  5. I picked up Malikah Shabbaz in the yellow cab about nine or ten years back. She was civil, and we had a nice conversation. If I recall correctly, she was born after her father was assassinated, so she never knew him. Suffice it to say, the lady had problems.
    In the credit card case, I recall the news reports that she was able to avoid criminal prosecution, provided she paid back the money in full (which I believe she did).
    What she is going through is anyone’s guess. Suffice it to say I had some pity for her while she was in my cab. But now it looks like she has a stolen vehicle charge and animal cruelty charges to deal with—and it looks like she got her daughter to help her. Make no mistake: I have pity for her, but she looks like a real villain now.

    There but for the grace of God go I.

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  6. Sorry, Democrat privilege’s expired…

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  7. Kevin J Lankford

    May be just my imagination but the lady in the first picture sure looks a lot like obama.

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    • Funny you said that. For years and even now, I question whether it was her father that was actually BOs father. There is plenty of compelling evidence and videos saying it is true,

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  8. I’m sure they’d do just FINE in Jail;the “deadness” in their eyes would scare/turn on the other female criminals.

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  9. Why aren’t these two grisses in jail. Grand theft and possible dog fighting? And they’re out on bond? Can you say flight risk? Michael Vick went to jail for dog fighting and the NFL couldn’t wait to get him out of jail and back on the field. Time to cut this crap out and start putting these criminals behind bars. I don’t care who their daddy/granddaddy was.

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  10. Where are the libtard Peta people when you need them? These two are truly-despicable nasty women! Hurting animals is as bad IMO as child abuse-if someone can abuse innocent animals what is there to stop you from abusing children or anyone for that matter! This is where our or so “welcoming America” world is going-FWIW muslims HATE and torture dogs! How come no one ever mentions that?
    Wonder what religion these 2 are?

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    • I hear you loudly, clearly, and agree. Yes, it is a fact that animal abusers move on to hurting humans. I believe this would never have happened if their father had lived, as he’d come around to a much more universal PoV and begun to distance himself from the Islam BS he formerly supported. He would have made them sympathetic to ALL suffering. This is why he was assassinated.

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  11. In a Walmart parking lot, no less. I guess all sorts of trash go to Wallyworld! 🙂


  12. Did anyone check on the whereabouts of Michael Vick at this time?

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  13. They are evil people. How can anyone harm an innocent animal? http://wp.me/p5IK2v-1o


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