Anti-Trump mob knocks Trump supporter unconscious at Portland Airport

On the night of January 29, 2017, a group of about 10 feral anti-Trump protesters pushed and shoved their way into the Portland International Airport, Oregon, yelling “peace! peace”.

The protesters then attacked four Trump supporters.

As you will see in the video below, a tall man wearing a bluish hat, jacket, and blue pants, hits a Trump supporter.


Then, another protester, shorter and smaller than the first, strikes the Trump supporter, knocking him to the ground.


While some of the anti-Trump protesters appear shocked at the violence and denounce it, others are heard quite clearly celebrating the attack, screaming “F*ck” expletives.

One protester can be heard yelling, “That’s how you talk to a Nazi! That’s right! Your boy got knocked out!” Another screams, “Wooo! Hunt the Nazis!,” while another voice yells, “That’s right Nazi boy! Where’s your f***ing fuhrer [referring to Trump] now, bitch!”

The protesters then began chanting “peaceful protest!” as the victim of their violent assault lay prostrate on the floor of the airport.


Here’s the video, from which I took the above screenshots of the attack.

Below is the GIF of the attack:


H/t Gateway Pundit and Vox Popoli

UPDATE (Feb. 2, 2017):

From The Blaze (h/t CP):

Among the several hundred anti-Trump protesters at the airport Sunday afternoon were four men who formed a group called Bible Believers and staged the counter-protest, the Oregonian reported.

Grant Chisholm, 39, of Portland told the paper an anti-Trump protester hit him in the head three times with a metallic object. Chisholm added to the Oregonian that he drifted in and out of unconsciousness, vomited and still got kicked in the head.

“They almost killed me tonight,” Chisholm told the paper….

Chisholm was taken to a hospital and released two hours later, the paper noted, adding that he said he suffered a concussion but is otherwise OK. There were no arrests, the Oregonian reported.


26 responses to “Anti-Trump mob knocks Trump supporter unconscious at Portland Airport

  1. The political party of peace and inclusion. My big fat butt.

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  2. I hope these actions are traced back to see if they are random or organized and if so, the leaders are prosecuted. If you do pay for these actions, you should be in jail. And if Ayers is still training these thugs, he also, should go.
    I can’t imagine anyone wanting to spend anytime trying to find a parking place and spend time at an airport if they aren’t traveling unless they are being paid.

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  3. prayers for that poor young man…enough is enough…these people and their organizers need jail time.

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    • MomOfIV . . . you are 100% correct. These young malcontents here in Portland, Oregon are bought and paid for by organizers. We have seen that Soros has advertised for “employees.” I to hope we get to the real bottom of these senseless acts.

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      • Can’t Soros Just Disappear? He is hated all over the globe. He hired Ayers to train these seals, like for Occupation Wall Street. And he is a terrorist.
        I still find it amazing that anyone would even want to go to any airport. Find a place to park and attack people without payment.

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    • I can very well guess soros is behind all this crap, from the women’s march to the anti-Trump.

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  4. These low-life stinking commie puke dregs appear to be looking to touch off a civil war with us REAL Ammurricans.

    LOL – They really suck at basic math.

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  5. Any bets none of these slimeballs will be prosecuted? Its Oregon after all. Home of the nomenklatura.

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  6. Writing this before seeing the video,I’m thinking the people quoted are Black-they speak in a manner I rarely,if EVER,hear White people or other ethnicities speak,such HATE!

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  7. A bunch of brainless Soros puppets. Pathetic to say the least.

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  8. Back in my days in Chicago, if this happened to one of the boys from our neighbourhood and its gang, these fools would be found out, dealt with in 24 hours, sometimes less, and I can promise you they’d think more than twice about a repeat performance. Yes, it was very rough justice, but sometimes that’s the best kind for fools.

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  10. Seems to me, the more I watch different videos, the violence seems to be muslim looking guys. White Americans are ebbing toward being muslim. Radical muslims is where they end up.

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  11. REMIND ME, in the interest of my health and safety, to ONLY fly through airports in states that elected Trump. Pretty much we have our own TERRORISTS assaulting us and they are NOT Muslim, and in fact, are our “Christian” NEIGHBORS. Pretty SICK and debauched.

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  12. Anti-Trump Protest In Seattle: ‘We Need To Start Killing People’ #BLM

    Um, take a peek at what I stumbled on. All I can say is seriously be prepared.

    While this is going on and the left media is causing more distractions,
    and griping about the temp ban to vet possible terrorist and screaming about a wall….

    Down at the border and we are already infiltrated up to the yazooo!

    Terror and the Mexico border: How big a threat?

    Islamic Terror Cells Shift from Mideast to U.S.-Mexican Border

    I bring this to attention because I am very sure Trump will be blamed for what might[hopefully will not]come and as you can see some of these articles are dated before the loudmouth accusers start in on the because of the ban this… going to….do this crap. No not buying it, they very well know what is going on down there and what is throughout this country as well as others. Get ready for it is all I can say.

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  13. One of these days , these slimy bastards are going to jump the wrong guy or gal , that has a black belt . Hopefully the owner of the belt goes off on them , big time . They need to be shown that good old have had enough of their bull .
    You notice though they don’t have the balls to go one on one . Always hitting from behind or a sucker punch . I hate to say it , but one of these creeps needs to be killed in a situation like this . Might give pause to the others ??


    • Leeann Springer

      I am a Trump supporter. If it ever happened that I was attacked, it would not be my defense training taking the attacker on; it would be something more snug fitting, I encourage everyone, of sound mind, to get a concealed carry permit, and to practice weekly. Our firearms instructor in Hot Springs, Ms. Jan Morgan, will not allow Muslims or anyone she deems “suspicious” to be inside of her firing range. Her oldest student, a grandma, just passed her training test, at age 90. Jan Morgan reserves the right, to deny certain people from her training ranges, since she privately owns them. There are more people carrying concealed weapons these days, so those feral pieces of trash, may jump the wrong person and get what they deserve. There will be another Civil War on the horizon, between Conservatives and anarchist Demoncrats. Leeann


      • This is a very long but interesting and informative article on the left and their history of violence particularly in the 70’s and their tactics. The advantages they hold in the courts, gov., independent org. ect… and the dangers and costs your likely to incur buy engaging with them. The risks are considerable. I struggled through the article (complicated) even though it was very interesting but the best parts are interspersed throughout but especially towards the end the author (who is Jewish) was
        surprisingly honest of the dangers of dealing with these activists and I believe very accurate in his assessment. It truly is worth the read


  14. Again the LSM would spin it into “Trump Supporter Attacks Protester in Unwarranted Retaliation”. But it would be fun to see!


  15. More on the story…

    Video: Pro-Trump counter-demonstrator knocked out at airport protest — but there’s more to the story


  16. Robert Carlyle Berrett

    ANYONE who crosses the line & attacks another who is peacefully demonstrating NEEDS TO HAVE THEIR THROAT CUT FROM EAR TO EAR OR IMMEDIATELY SHOT IN THE HEAD.


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