Women’s March in Seattle hurt holiday sales in Chinatown-International District


Good job libtards! Your butt hurt damaged minority businesses. Aren’t you proud of yourselves?

From Seattle Times: Before the Womxn’s (the Seattle Times spelled it this way. I wonder why…?) March in Seattle last Saturday, some businesses and community members in Chinatown International District were concerned that the march could disrupt sales on what is typically the biggest shopping day of the year for some of the neighborhood’s stores.

They were right.

“It was a big hit for us,” said Leeching Tran, vice president of Viet-Wah Supermarket, which is located on Jackson Street, along the march route from Judkins Park in the Central District to Seattle Center.

Sales at Viet-Wah were 65 percent lower that day compared with the same Saturday before Lunar New Year a year ago. “We set up a little concession stand outside the march and that helped a little bit,” Tran said. “But it really didn’t offset the amount of loss we had that day.”

Sales the next day, which were roughly equal to that of a year ago, weren’t enough to offset Saturday’s loss either, she said.

The march for women’s rights and in protest of President Trump drew an estimated 100,000 to 120,000 people.

That day also happened to be the last Saturday before Lunar New Year, an important holiday in many Asian cultures, which falls on Jan. 28 this year. Many people shop on that last weekend, especially on Saturday, to prepare for the holiday’s festivities and gatherings.

It’s akin to the Black Friday day of shopping that marks the beginning of the Christmas season, said Jamie Lee, program manager for the Seattle Chinatown International District (CID) Preservation and Development Authority.

Restaurants in the CID tended to do well as people from the march stopped in to eat, she said. Grocery stores, though, saw a huge drop in sales. “Paying $10 for a bowl of noodles” doesn’t really offset “someone who patronizes Viet-Wah and does $500 of shopping for Lunar New Year,” she said.

Lee says she supported the march but “our biggest trouble was the lack of outreach done to notify the businesses.”

Uwajimaya, the big Asian grocery store located off the main march route, also saw the difference between sales of prepared foods and grocery items. Its deli exceeded last year’s Saturday before Lunar New Year sales by $4,000, said store director Alann Hamada. But sales at the store itself were down $25,000, more than 17 percent.

The store did make up for some of those losses this week, but “it is quite the challenge as a business to want to support the march at the same time losing the funds you need to pay your people,” he said.

The CID’s annual Lunar New Year Festival was moved from last weekend to this weekend because of the march, Hamada said. “Hopefully marchers will come back to the district to celebrate the new year,” he said.


13 responses to “Women’s March in Seattle hurt holiday sales in Chinatown-International District

  1. you really think the protesters care?

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  2. There’s got to be a way for affected merchants to sue the protesters for loss of business.

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  3. OH but not one word about honor killings, dis figuration of women with their noses cut off, burning, mutilations of the groin area, …..

    Or even recognizing males who love them and would fight for them. Who do treat women with respect, courtesy.

    I for one have a very real disrespect for these types of so called we care about females, blahblah and deep down they ignore everything that is actually occurring right now in a very physical way by ignoring the above!

    I do not see them truly as any different than those who would find someway of using a horrible law or understanding of a law to further a agenda, and in that frame work would cause great harm to others which can not be undone.

    I do believe in fair pay and all that good stuff, do not get me wrong, however I also believe in knowing what is also a very real life threatening problem which is ignored by msm on purpose….

    this is a protest which makes very real sense to me:


    or this: http://www.thenewamerican.com/world-news/asia/item/24922-honor-killing-shock-murdered-muslim-girls-replaced-with-imposters

    And this is the part which really got to me as well….it lite up like fireworks and a deeper understanding of what is going on ‘over there’ is coming here and no one is getting this shit at all!

    The boy and his brothers were all killed as well — all except for Afzal — he and the remainder of his family fled to save their lives.

    Coming from a wealthy family and being a college graduate, Afzal Kohistani had the will and wherewithal to seek justice. Not surprisingly, though, he received no help from local and provincial officials and instead was castigated for questioning the jirga’s decree. He says he’s the first in his province to speak out against honor killing, and that he’s accused of having “defamed” his culture, religion, and tribe. As the Post reports, “‘This has destroyed my family. The girls are dead, my brothers have been killed and nothing has been done to bring justice or protect us,’ said Kohistani, 26, who has received death threats. ‘I know I will probably be killed, too, but it doesn’t matter,’ he said in an interview last week. ‘What happened is wrong, and it has to change.’”

    Kohistani finally petitioned Pakistan’s Supreme Court, but the court dismissed his case in 2012. Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry apparently disagreed with the move, however, as he personally took up the cudgels for Kohistani. And the case was just reopened in November.

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    • Maybe the Womins Wumanz movement is just too scared to actually protest REAL CRIMES against women.
      Just goes to show the whole world what a bunch of paid whiners they are. They don’t really care, IF they did these ‘women’s rights’ marchers would be marching against ISLAM.

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  4. Unbridled ‘diversity’ destroys cultures, and ultimately the nation.

    Just ask the Romans.

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