Melania Trump Wins Hurdle in Defamation Suit Against Political Blogger who Claimed she was an Escort


From NBC News: Lawyers for Melania Trump netted an early victory Friday for the first lady, who is seeking damages against a Maryland blogger after he published a report claiming she once worked as a top-dollar escort.

At a pretrial hearing, Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Sharon Burrell decided not to toss out the defamation suit, despite an attorney for blogger Webster Tarpley arguing that the suit itself was frivolous and he was within his rights to publish rumors that could have affected husband Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, the Associated Press reported.

Judge Burrell said the published suggestion that Trump, a former model, had worked as a “high-end escort” was akin to describing her as a prostitute.  “There could be no more defamatory statement than to call a woman a prostitute,” Burrell said, according to POLITICO.

Trump attended an initial hearing last month, but she was not in court Friday.

The judge, meanwhile, declined to rule on whether to dismiss another lawsuit against Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper, which published an article on its site on Aug. 20 about reports questioning Trump’s alleged link to an escort agency. The newspaper, which had a story suggesting she worked as an escort in the 1990s before she married Donald Trump, retracted the story.

Burrell is expected to provide a written opinion on the suit against the Daily Mail’s parent company at a later date.

Trump’s attorney, Charles Harder, said in a statement in September that any allegations about her are “100% false and tremendously damaging to her personal and profession reputation.” He said the damages against her are estimated at $150 million.

Harder previously represented Hulk Hogan in his successful suit against Gawker Media, which eventually was sold to Univision. The company’s flagship site,, shut down.

Tarpley has called the defamation lawsuit against him a “blatant attempt to intimidate not only me but journalists of all stripes into remaining silent with regard to public figures”


18 responses to “Melania Trump Wins Hurdle in Defamation Suit Against Political Blogger who Claimed she was an Escort

  1. William Brandon Shanley

    Tarpley must be freaked! I told him he had gone too far and was off the rails when it came to Trump. Team Fetzer should consider same against Wayne Madsen for his drive-by smears! Ha-ha!


    • Are you drunk?

      It’s a serious question.

      How about you try supporting the cause with meaningful comments, rather than derailing it by puking deranged-sounding gibberish into the comments section, thereby giving our opponents reason to conclude that we are a bunch of tinfoil-hat-wearing, toothless minions of “flyover country”?


        • Sad to see Wayne Madsen do this. He has done such excellent work in the past. As for Webster Tarpley, he is a diehard Clinton devotee, so the fact that he would put this out without substantiation does not surprise me.


          • Madsen has resorted to ridicule, an Alinsky tactic, instead of engage in a substantive exchange on PizzaGate and Orlando Pulse, sinking so low as to suggest that Fetzer became a professor for the sex (with students) and that Fetzer and his “associates” write about conspiracies for the money. And yet, Fetzer’s blog, as is FOTM, is free to any and all to read, but Madsen’s website is only for subscribers.

            Fetzer, Will Shanley and I remain baffled by Madsen’s behavior. My guess is that this is about Madsen’s ego and professional turf. The Alternative Media have outpaced Wayne Madsen: we are now doing the “independent investigative journalism” that he still trumpets about himself.

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      • Apologies for my earlier comment. I don’t know why I was so irritated and verbally incontinent. I’m happy to see you happy, Mr. Shanley.


  2. The libs are coming apart at the seams. They can’t field a good argument for their views so they rely on defamation, lies & lewd innuendo to try to demonize their enemies because their views can’t be supported by logic and intelligence. It’s all they have to run with.

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  3. Not intimidation, responsibility. If you have proof, irrefutable proof, publish it, if not, shut up and don’t tell lies. Spreading rumors is not a right and has nothing to do with freedom of expression. It’s irresponsible and unethical. So, now, live with it! Like Gawker, it would be a good thing if you cave in under the weight of a $300 million defamation fine, and disappear under the dirt like a slimy worm and never come up again.

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    • I agree!
      It is indeed a horrible thing to take one’s character out of context….to slurr ones person based on a lie, no proof!

      I have known professional models of both sex’s, still do and some hold very tightly to a strict sense of professionalism. I know a few who have left because of attempted subversion of their own professionalism in modeling as well. My nephew was a male model and told me recently why he left, which is a damn shame as he was using the finances to afford a payoff for college and not owing anyone anything for his degree!


  4. That’s only one reason why I no longer read anything Webster Tarpley writes.

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  5. I am very surprised that Tarpley—a great historian—would wind up in a mess like this. I do not know what to make of it, unless someone else put him up to this. Very disappointing.

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  6. If you tell the TRUTH, I am all behind the press. BUT when you spread unproven lies and rumors that hurt people, famous or not, to improve your circulation therefore your fame or income then you deserve to be sued out of business!

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  7. Can you imagine if what would have happened to anyone who said something like this about Michele Obama?
    The hypocrisy is off the charts. They spread lies they need to be accountable for the damage they cause. Its illegal for a reason.
    Good for this Judge.

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    • Actually yes I can imagine that! Actually if you research it, it won’t take much….you will find that very thing in the not too distant past and what happened to a few! OUCH!


      • Have no idea what you are talking about. Moochele was made fun of and ridiculed by the far right-never on the MSM or by the elites in show biz/politics or anywhere else these kooks live and breathe. She was the darling of the libtards with that constant ugly America hating smirk on her face. Besides you would immediately be a racist if you said anything negative about her.


  8. One thing happened maybe 20-30y ago to change the game regarding the ability of idiots to use defamation against those they disliked, even if untrue (which is actually part of the definition of slander/libel): comedians were given a pass and allowed by courts to say/write things about others and yet not be held accountable nor be held liable for damages in court the way anyone else would, because they were considered or presumed to be saying/writing things in jest, and that their audience would assume the same. Not true — consider how many take the Daily Show and its ilk at face value, even using it as their sole source of news… they believe it all.
    I suppose it applies also to cartoonists, unless they happen to portray the prophet in an unflattering way (or in any way, according to some fundamentalists). I am most certainly not Charlie Hebdo…
    It’s spreading like a cancer now, and it’s conservatives taking the brunt of it (witness SNL and the late-night talk shows every week), and we’re seeing it spread now to mainstream news shows (“pundits”) and even the nightly local and national (and PBS!) news shows. And of course, all the liberals online in their enclaves, which they grow like cancers into flash mobs where they say and do things the media cheers on, which SHOULD result in their shame (and often arrest), but not anymore. We have become a depraved society where anything accepted by the left is now considered the norm. What was once correct and good is now wrong and bad… 1984. What would they do if the tables were turned, and the right suddenly began bashing the left and forming mobs/riots/protests every time the left did something we didn’t like? Meltdown.
    Sorry so long; just watched weekend news shows and can’t believe how crazy it’s gotten. It’s all bashing, all the time now. Opinion and worse, not news.

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  9. Speech is free but the wrong speech is expensive.

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  10. And Melania wins! “Melania wins ‘substantial’ settlement from blogger over prostitution claims.”


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