Donald Trump will publish a weekly list of crimes committed by illegal aliens


This will no doubt trigger the pro-sanctuary city mayors. Works for me.

From Daily Mail: Donald Trump will publish a weekly list of crimes committed by illegal immigrants aliens under an executive action he claims will ‘enhance public safety’.  Trump signed the order on Wednesday which also stated that sanctuary cities that refuse to arrest immigrants over their illegal status will lose federal funding.

The list, also known as a Declined Detainer Outcome Report, will include a comprehensive list of criminal activity committed by illegal aliens that will ‘better inform’ the public.

The document states that the 300 sanctuary cities which currently exist nationwide violate federal law as they attempt to ‘shield aliens’ from deportation. Trump added that these cities have caused ‘immeasurable harm’ to Americans.

Although the president does not have power to withhold all federal funding, he can pressure cities to comply by cutting grants. The administration also plans to crack down by hiring an additional 10,000 immigration officers. 

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio vowed not to ‘deport law-abiding New Yorkers’ in a news conference on Wednesday. Mayors in Santa Fe, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle and Boston have all defied the president’s order and pledged to protect immigrants illegal aliens.

New York Police Department has a list of 170 criminal offenses that are not covered by the sanctuary policy, such as felony assault, rape, murder, terrorism, and gun smuggling and witness tampering, the New York Post reported.

NYPD is required to report illegal immigrants aliens charged with those crimes to federal law enforcement. 


20 responses to “Donald Trump will publish a weekly list of crimes committed by illegal aliens

  1. Works for me.

    Also a list of anti-Trump entities with their contact info

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  3. Arrest illegal aliens, especially the politicians that shield them-AMERICA FIRST-WE HAVE TO CLEAN UP OBAMA’S MESS!

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  4. Not just ostupido’s mess. The whole experiment foisted upon the American people by the left wing, liberal, progressive, socialist, communist factions over the last 50 or so years. Indeed, that which was started by FDR even farther back. It all has to stop.

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  5. North Carolina citizens already produce a list of illegal alien crimes. Check it out here.

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  6. Excellent! And their bios, including photos, should be posted for all to see at EVERY US post Office, right next to the FBI most wanted list.
    Enough of this pandering bull crap!

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  7. I like that…include which country these idiots come from.

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  8. Very reasonable action by Trump. We were attacked by Muslim extremists, Europe has been attacked by Muslim extremists. Judicial Watch has documented that Mexican drug Cartels are working with Hezbollah and other Middle East terror organizations.

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  9. Excellent! President Trump is doing MORE than what he had promised!

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  10. There is no doubt that Trump is at the peak of his game . . . and we, the American people, are the benefactors. I think it is an excellent thing for there to be an actual list of crimes committed by illegals. Also, the fact that we will have an increase of immigration officials just tickles me down to my toes . . . there is no doubt that if illegals could not get gainful employment, and welfare benefits were withheld — they would have no reason to flock to this country. I for one have an extremely difficult time understanding why leftist” s bitch about not letting just anyone into the country! Yes, we have always had immigration . . . immigrations that was orderly, we took in those who were healthy individuals, and those with skills that could add to our society, and the economy of our nation. When my grandfather came in 1900, he was a master cabinet maker. I currently live in the four-plex that was my grandparents dwelling . . . as I look around I see the touches of his genius. In the small community of St Johns, there are a number of houses that he actually built from bottom to top. I was able to go thru one of these houses about a year ago, and I could pick out his “finishing touches.” I read a statistic here recently (unfortunately, I do not remember where) but it estimated that 30% of those who are receiving HUD assistance with their housing needs are illegal immigrants! What kind of insane nation squanders their wealth in this manner? I just hope that these “do-gooder” judges are not able to circumvent the Presidential orders that Trump is issuing.

    I see that OLD COW — Killary, is all in for people protesting, and raising the dickens over this proposed short term ban. Why doesn’t she just stay home and drink herself into oblivion?

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  11. This will not happen because most liberal areas will not comply.


  12. This ought to be rather interesting.

    LOL – Can’t wait to see the reactions from Prissy Tingles, Ritchie Madcow, Andrea Bitchell, and little Georgie Snuffleupagus.

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  13. I applaud all President Trump is trying to do, but the liberals will never let it lie. They are such pathetic self serving idiots, no one will let it soak into their thick skulls.
    They will hound him, lie and fight him the whole way. The rest of the useful idiots will back them up.
    They refuse to comprehend the fact of what he is doing, is to save this country and her people. They refuse to accept all the damage and attacks we have had on our soil in the last 8 years. The list is much longer than most realize.
    They just want the world to look at them as saviors and willing to accept anyone and anytime, be damn of where they came from or the fact we have a rash of home grown terrorist happening.
    Not a one of them understand the fact we do have a law on the books called the McCarran Walter act from the 50’s.
    Carter used it in 79 after he found out many Muslims here abused their visas. He deported them all….not a word from the left.
    Bill Clinton covered it in one of his State of the Union speeches, again, not a word from the left.
    Obama in 2011 stopped people from Iraq from entering and not a word from the left.
    I am ashamed to see these people at the airports protesting things they refuse to understand.
    They claim to have compassion for these people, but refuse to accept the fact that some of them are entering here under false pretenses to do us harm.
    They really need to look up some of the women in Sweden that were working for the refugees and ended up raped and killed. The violence that happened is more than I can take when I see so much damage being done.
    The pictures are graphic and numbing.
    They think it won’t happen to them, that they will forever be protected.
    Damn Chuck Schumer and damn Soros and his groups for bringing such pain. And damn McCain for even opening his mouth.
    We know they are behind so much happening now. Look how quickly they found parking. Bussing in perhaps? Had professional signs made and arrived at the airports in record time.
    Thank you President Trump. And remember, you still have 63 million that has your back. We get it, we understand.

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  14. Law abiding New Yorkers? What is that??
    Wow, that list is going to be loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong!
    HA HA! Go TRUMP!!!

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