Dallas schoolteacher ‘shoots’ President Trump, screaming ‘Die!’

On January 20, 2017, a video of Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration was  broadcast on a whiteboard inside a classroom of W. H. Adamson High School in Dallas, Texas.

A female teacher posted to Instagram a short video of herself lunging and repeatedly shooting a water pistol at Trump’s image on the whiteboard, while screaming, “Die!”

Todd Starnes reports for FoxNews, Jan. 26, 2017, that the teacher posted the video to her Instagram account with the message:

“Watching the #inauguration in my classroom like…#no #stop #denial #squirtgun #hypocrisy #powerless #saveusall #teachthembetter #atleastitsfriday.”

In the video, voices can be heard in the background, but the school district would not say if students had witnessed the teacher’s mock assassination.

The mock assassination video has since been removed from Instagram, but not before copies were made and uploaded to YouTube. Here’s the video:

I had the video made into a GIF so that we’ll have a record of the mock assassination in the event YouTube removes the video:


The teacher has been placed on administrative leave.

Dallas Independent School District spokeswoman Robyn Harris said:

“Today, we were made aware of a social media posting being circulated involving a teacher at W. H. Adamson High School. The teacher has been placed on administrative leave and the district has opened an investigation. This is a personnel matter and as such we cannot comment.”


The teacher has been identified as Payal Modi, an Indian-American art teacher.

According to CBS News, while some students found Modi’s actions inappropriate, a majority thought she was just joking.

Adamson High School junior Leslie Jaimes said she was in Modi’s second-period class when the teacher pulled out a squirt gun she had taken earlier from a student. Jaimes said, “Trump came out and she shot at him, but like, it was just a water gun. It’s no big deal”. Briana Castillo, a senior at the school, said that although Modi’s “actions didn’t display that she was a good role model, she’s always there and supports my classmates, my peers.”

The Secret Service field office in Irving said they are aware of the incident, but declined further comment.

There is an online petition calling for the immediate termination of Payal R. Modi’s employment. Click here.

H/t FOTM reader C.P.

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33 responses to “Dallas schoolteacher ‘shoots’ President Trump, screaming ‘Die!’

  1. They just keep getting more and more despicable, don’t they?
    Anything less than termination is not acceptable. Where does this end?

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  2. I feel like my head is going to explode!!! How is it that teachers in this day and age feel they can act in any manner they wish with no repercussions? We have seen at least one instance of a young boy being suspended from school because they chewed a pop-tart into the shape of a gun! Think of all the other instances that students had lawful proceedings brought against them for equally stupid stunts . . . the only difference being this woman is an adult and they were children before the law. She needs to be kept as far away as possible from students, if really does not have any better reasoning that what this stunt would indicate. What if some kid took it in his/her mind to carry out this same act in the real world, using a real gun? Get rid of this cow! She is too stupid to be in charge of teaching children!

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  3. Would you want this fruitcake teaching your children???? Not me! I don’t care if she was kidding or not. I also wonder if the child that brought the water gun to school was expelled like a lot of idiot school administrators would do today????It’s time for the left to grow up, accept that President Trump IS the president and give him a chance.

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  4. “It’s no big deal.” Yeah, you try that same action Jaime and see how well that “zero tolerance” policy works for you, kid. Hint: it won’t.

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  5. If she did not use the water pistol herself, i suspect that she would have arranged for the expulsion of the student from whom she conficated the water pistol.

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  6. I thought “squirt guns” were outlawed in schools? Is this teacher above the law? Seriously! Is she?

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  7. The anti-Trump are losing their minds, am so sorry for them…whew

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    • Sorry but I can’t have ANY sympathy for the deliberately brain-dead. All they have to do is seek the truth and they’d know it. It’s readily available. But they refuse to, choosing, rather, to follow the masses, instead. So be it!

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  9. Is this nutcase muslim?

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  10. Hey, careful with the double standards here people! Whereas schools should not be gun free zones, she has the right to carry a gun, real or fake; Whereas the 1st A must be protected, she has the right to protest and wish the POTUS dead; Whereas she is an Art teacher, she has the right to do this, it’s called a “happening” – definition: “A happening is a performance, event, or situation meant to be considered art, usually as performance art;” Whereas she is a libtard leftist liberal, she is entitled to squirt that gun and shout all she feels like; Whereas she is a Art teacher, she can be creative in teaching her students; Whereas she is free to chose to act this way, she is also responsible for doing so and must answer for it; Now, on the other side of the room, Whereas parents put their students in schools run by a failed public system, they should know they are placing their kids at risk form contact with all sorts of sometimes good but more often then not, sick minded individuals, liberals, frustrated socialists and commies; Whereas parents pay taxes, which support schools, they have the right to ask that she be removed; Whereas kids can be arrested, suspended, etc., for making a gun shape out of a pop-tart or with their fingers, and that is inane, said Art teacher should not be treated equally; However, let her try a stunt like this and pull a plastic gun at the POTUS and I very much doubt she will be standing for more than a few seconds before the POTUS’ security entourage shoots her dead for being perceived as a deadly threat to the POTUS. It’s called consequences and responsibility.
    If parents do not want their kids exposed to this cr@p, they should homeschool them and keep them out of the filthy pits public schools have turned into. Alternatively, parents can campaign for a return to decent education, put an end to the likes of no child left behind crap, etc., and we can hope that President Trump will drain the public school system swamp also! #myPresident!

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  11. Indian-American as in from India. If she’s not a citizen (not just a permanent resident alien either) prosecute her and put her on a slow boat back. There would have been legal action if it had been odumbo she was railing against.

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  12. “Trump came out and she shot at him, but like, it was just a water gun. It’s no big deal”.
    Okay,so the kids think it’s acceptable to do a spontaneous mock assassination,while yelling “Die,Die,Die”? We can say,”at least it wasn’t a REAL gun” and “At least it was just a video she was shooting at,but if,in the future,there IS an attempt to shoot the President,the teacher’s little skit could be considered relevant enough to get her arrested and held until the “real” shooter is caught. Notice that a LOT of the “excuses” for her actions have been said regarding mass shooters in the past;”He was such a nice young man.”Wouldn’t harm a fly.”,”He pretty much kept to himself.”,” always there and supports my classmates, my peers.”,etc. etc. etc.-speaking to “normalize” a pretty serious behavioral problem, So,as “innocent” as this MIGHT be,are the S.S. Agents willing to let it slide? Isn’t her play a little like taking a bag onto a commercial plane and saying to the passengers,”I’m going to DC to blow up the White House.” (Of course,with the Airport Security like it is,they’d turn the plane back,evacuate it on the runway and arrest you. They really don’t see the humor in this stuff…) You could then say,”It isn’t a bomb,just a radio.”,and say,”I didn’t mean it-it was just a joke.

    I doubt the Secret Service and FBI would forgive and forget.

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  13. Petition signed!

    It is very true many parents who can home school their children now as well as private schooling.

    Here is the thing which people should come together, think about…..regardless we still pay for the public school system as do many who don’t have children and wondering why they are paying into a defunct system producing dumbed down, emotional reactive children who can not properly read, write nor understand basic math even.

    How it is that in order to even get those basics mastered they then have to go to a college which also often does not help but incurs even more debt and does not guarantee any type of employment. A high school diploma used to really mean something, you earned it. A basic 2 year college education really meant you worked your ass off for it, and so on….

    What a racket eh?

    This is a dis service to everyone who wants decent lives for their children, common sense, the ability to really think and question, critical thinking. It destroys perseverance and patience instead filling that void with instant gratification, radical emotional displays, destruction.

    There is not one person not affected by this type of so called ‘educational, waste of time, money hard earned(which is our literal life and time we can never ever get back once it is gone), brainwashing, political, agenda. Not one person and their family not affected by this dis ease.

    Parents seriously need to check into every single aspect of what their children are being so called taught, by who, the policy and so forth. They need to be pro active in questioning their child what they are being taught and what they are not, they need to ask about homework, the time spent on this and so forth.

    Parents need to seriously understand…their children are theirs and not a states, a system or a governments. They are in fact the producers and owners and responsible in every way until that child reach’s legal age set within their domicle state.

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  14. Fire her and return her whence she came.

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  15. And yet this teacher was forced to retire: Teacher, 70, Forced to Retire After Displaying Confederate Flag During Civil War Lesson.

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    • DCG . . . Excellent point in fact, where Progressives live by one set of rules, and others just plain get crucified!

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    • That mah dear is called a modern day witch hunt, witch hunts come in different guises, always have. It is always done by so called do gooders, control freaks and such.

      I am happy to see this person is an age of retirement but….then again that is an assumption on my part….things could be different! I see also the so called free state of later gone by years pretty much does like the old country of America does now. One really had to watch their peas n qsssss

      Funny thought just came to my mind of outfitting them all up like puritans….that is not very nice of me but for some reason kinda sticks as well as pharisees of Jesus’s time. Just kinda reversed in a odd way I suppose.

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  16. Well lookee here: “she is an Art teacher, she has the right to do this, it’s called a “happening” – definition: “A happening is a performance, event, or situation meant to be considered art, usually as performance art;” Whereas she is a libtard leftist liberal, she is entitled to squirt that gun and shout all she feels like; Whereas she is a Art teacher, she can be creative in teaching her students;”

    I agree in general w/this statement. However, it’s usually the case that a true performance artist seeks publicity for the event, and puts up Internet & other adverts. She did not; that leads me to conclude she doesn’t belong to that category, and instead did this on her own as a private citizen. Therefore she will suffer the consequences of her flawed thinking & emotions.

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  17. Unfortunately, at my middle school, the teachers might not be displaying this in front of students….but are doing so in front of and TO other teachers who admit to have voted for Trump. It has caused a huge SILENT RIFT in our staff….and it was the NON-Trump zealots who confronted Trump voters, up in their faces…won’t sit with them at staff meetings, and so on…pretty much like the “Dems behaving badly” that we are seeing by the Soros-funded constant street demonstrations every day for one thing and the next.

    IMO…besides so much else, these “Dems behaving badly” are historical dunces….idiots….having NO HISTORICAL CONTEXT to their present perceptions….and they should GET SOME CONTEXT before their ulcerative colitis perforates and lays them up for a LONG LONG time. To wit: There has never been, is not NOW, never will be any president of the United States that performs the horrors upon his own people and other nations like Hitler did, no matter HOW MANY supposed “celebrities” claim so for Trump. No matter whom is president (EVEN OBAMA), we have lived through it—including 4 assassinations, many presidents who died in office (in which ONE–Harry Truman, assumed the office with only scant months as a VP, and only a high-school diploma, with WWII still in progress—AND held the button to the world’s first Atom Bomb in his hands). We survived Clinton’s impeachment, Nixon’s resignation, Ford’s unelected presidency b/c Nixon’s VP was in Federal prison at the time…Warren Hardings scandals and inexperience (he was basically a newspaper editor-turned president), Wilson, the racist—who was the original Obama (failed) globalist, a Civil War, slavery and the abolition of slavery, the presidency of Buchanan that probably hastened the Civil War (and for which I can’t for the life of me figure out how Jimmy Carter “beats him” as the “worst president ever….”), and even a president, Tyler, who served in the Confederate government….

    You name it…we’ve HAD IT…..the good, the bad, the ugly…and we are STILL HERE! Hollywood and Dems behaving badly—TAKE NOTE!

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    • I am sorry to read how you are treated by ‘fascist’ at your school and for the others. Some have left to move on to creating their own tutoring for church’s and so forth. It’s an idea.

      I disagree although understand and acknowledge this part of your writing:

      ‘There has never been, is not NOW, never will be any president of the United States that performs the horrors upon his own people and other nations like Hitler did’

      I have very good friend from the former ussr as well as turkey and a new couple who fled cuba, as well as china and korea.

      Those places and history’s do not get known very well for reason’s some will never allow it to be known.

      As to germany and after the war, few people know or understand dresden and the brutal rape as well as the family’s who refused to go into that regime. I know because a side of my family fled from that shit.

      War is always ugly and rarely shy. I hate it with all my heart but will defend if I must, even crying when doing so.

      I hope the best for you but I feel this is harassment and you have a legal right to defend yourself, but would look for other alternatives as the witch hunts have begun and no rational explanation to a frothing monster will truly help….

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    • Dear CalGirl ;
      Wow, do you ever have a load of onerous BS to deal with at yr workplace! And I thought it was bad when my wife Anna [deceased] taught back in 1966, came home and gave me her ‘woe list’ of insults & injuries of the day.

      At least back then, no matter how politically polarised the instructors [I’ve learned not to use the vile word ‘teacher’] may have been, at least they were professional enough to keep their private & public lives separate. Now it seems the ‘progressives’ have declined hugely to the point of near-tipping into the ‘No deposit, no return’ abyss of Hell. So sorry for yr predicament.

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      • The biggest problem I will say to people defending this “ART(?)” teacher is when she did this in front of her students she was actually teaching them to HATE! This type of hate will grow as being acceptable and will be used against other students some students do not like. As if there isn’t enough problems in our schools today with out a teacher teaching more hate! The sad part about this is if the student that brought the water gun to school had used it to playfully squirt another student he would have been expelled and probably arrested for banishing a gun!

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    • “it was the NON-Trump zealots who confronted Trump voters, up in their faces…won’t sit with them at staff meetings, and so on…”

      Not only are the behaviors unprofessional and contrary to liberals’ self-description of tolerant and pro-diversity, those behaviors constitute “hostile work environment” and should be brought to the attention of your school’s principal and school district superintendent, with a reminder that hostile work environment constitutes legitimate grounds for a lawsuit.

      I mean this seriously. I urge that you and other harassed faculty members compose a collective memorandum to your superiors, quoting the school district’s manual on what “hostile work environment” is.

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      • I fully agree with you. Not only is this becoming a hostile work environment but the fact that the principal and the school board has not stepped up to put a stop to it shows that they are CONDONING these actions. That would automatically, in my opinion, put them in the law suit also.

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  18. I hope she gets psychological counseling. Seems a bit mental… to me.

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  19. Technically , she had on her person a loaded gun , in a ” gun free ” zone ”
    Why is she not behind bars ? ……….If this would have been an Obama opposer , never mind

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  20. I wonder if she’s a Second Amendment supporter.

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  21. So hold on…… a ten year old boy makes a gun with his thumb and index finger and it’s considered “threatening” enough to get him suspended, but this loony snowflake does this in a classroom setting, toward the President mind you, and it’s OK? Liberals = Hypocrites – One and ALL!

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