Five illegal aliens arrested for the December execution of Jill Sundberg in Washington state


Jill Sundberg: Murdered by illegal aliens

From NBC (George, Washington): Arrests have been made in connection with the shooting death of Jill Marie Sundberg, age 31, whose body was found 1.5 miles west of Silica Road around 12:25 p.m. on December 22nd, 2016.

A team consisting of Grant County Sheriff’s Office Detectives/Deputies, Interagency Narcotics Enforcement (INET) Detectives, U.S. Marshalls, all worked together during the investigation and subsequent arrest of:

  • Gustavo Tapia Rodriguez, and alleged shooter, age 39, charged with murder in the first degree and kidnapping in the first degree;
  • Ambrosio Mendez Villanueva, age 25, charged with murder in the first degree and kidnapping in the first degree;
  • Julio Mendez Villanueva, age 25, charged with murder in the first degree and kidnapping in the first degree;
  • Fernando Marcos Gutierrez, age 33, been charged with being a material witness along with immigration charges;
  • Salvador Espinoz a Gomez, age 24, charged with being a material witness, and possession of a firearm, drug charges, as well as immigration charges.

According to multiple witness accounts, the victim, Jill Sundberg, was in an argument with the alleged shooter, Gustavo Tapia Rodriguez, at the Shady Tree RV Park, on the evening in question. Shortly after the argument, she was reportedly taken against her will to the location where her body was later discovered. She was reportedly shot 13 times by the alleged shooter.

Sheriff Tom Jones said, “This was an immense collaborative effort between responding agencies. Our sincerest thanks to all and continued prayers to the Sundberg family for their senseless loss.”

More on this story:

Sundberg’s body was found just days before Christmas along Old Vantage Highway, and this week deputies arrested five people for her murder. Now her sister, Robbi Sundberg Rubio, is speaking about Jill’s death for the first time.

She says hearing about the arrests was tough, but it was the best possible thing they could have heard. “I mean I know it doesn’t bring her back,” said Rubio, “[but they’re] not out on the streets anymore.”

Deputies say Sundberg was kidnapped and shot 13 times after getting into an argument with one of her killers. Her sister says their family is especially grateful to the deputies for their hard work capturing the men responsible.

Other details surrounding the murder of Sundberg are still under investigation as her family continues to search for justice.

Grant County Chief Deputy Ryan Rectenwald verified the killers were illegal aliens. He called it an execution-style murder. Here him discuss this story here.


16 responses to “Five illegal aliens arrested for the December execution of Jill Sundberg in Washington state

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  2. pop pop pop pop pop
    case closed.

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  3. And why is it that various city officials believe that they are justified in setting up their municipalities as “sanctuary cities!” These are the kinds of happenings that cause us the common citizen to suffer due to illegals being present. I am so glad at least in this case, the law officers caught the perpetrators.

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    liberals thrive on stirring emotional reactions for Godless, immoral, or other wise questionable issues, but are coldly silent when real tragedies expose their stupidity.

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  5. I expect Trump will have something to say about this. So sad.

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  6. Another good reason to vote the liberal scum out of office when their main concern is to not take care and protect the people.
    I am glad they found and arrested the illegals, but we shall see what happens next.
    There are way too many of these crimes happening and yet, we still have those that think open borders are just peachy.
    Look at what is happening in Chicago, gangs from Central America with their drug running has taken over and nothing is done and the people are just fine.

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  7. I am in complete agreement with President Trump on deporting these criminals, WITH ONE PROVISO: IN BODY BAGS. I’m sure he’s on it. (Maybe certain capital crimes can be in Federal jurisdiction, as illegal aliens are under Federal jurisdiction as it is?)

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    • Steven . . . with the recidivism rate of illegals . . . I can only concur that removing them in body bags is the only way to deter their reentry to this country.

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  8. Prayers to her family and the many others who are without and missing their loved ones.

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  9. Another sad story of a life lost b/c, for 8 years, the Administrative arm (law-enforcement—the executive branch of our government) OBAMA, did not do his job…but, instead, picked/chose which US Gov’t. laws he would or would NOT enforce according to his OWN whims or beliefs, and NOT according to the directives of the US Constitution that dictated HIS JOB….

    Obama was a BIG TIME adult obstructive, finger-wagger, preacher, scolder (oppositionally defiant—-a diagnosis NOT allowed to be assigned until after age 18…I THINK SOMEONE DROPPED THE BALL ON THIS–as it was not US TO WHOM HE PREACHED/PUSHED BACK…but our sacred CONSTITUTION) to the administration of the laws he pledged to administrate/uphold…which was his MAIN JOB—the laws set forth by the Constitution…and the laws already set forth by the US House of Rep/the Senate…and signed into law by others…or even himself. Instead….he abandoned the duties of his oath of office….and opened us up to the miasma of foreign invasions, murderers, “catch and release” terrorists, and so on..of the last several years.

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  10. If they aren’t eligible for capital punishment, they should throw away the key AND make them work toilet detail for the rest of their lives.

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  11. Thank God for Trump. Eight more years Obama policies and we would be living in Mexico where are this is every day behavior.

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  12. Hey, maybe those Womxyn march people can go and protest the arrest of that lady’s murderers?


  13. Bails for the five men who were arrested in connection with the December murder of Jill Sundberg have been set.

    The three main suspects in the murder, Gustavo Tapia Rodriguez, 39, of Quincy, Ambrosio Mendez Villanueva, 25, of Quincy, and Julio Cesar Albarran Varona, 25, of Quincy, have been charged with first-degree murder. Each of the three men had his bail set at $1 million.

    Two other men, Fernando Marcos Gutierrez, 33, of Quincy, and Salvador Espinoza Gomez, 24, city of residence not listed, are currently charged as material witnesses in connection with the incident. Their bails were set at $100,000 apiece.

    Sundberg’s body was located on Dec. 22 near a rest area on the Old Vantage Highway, near George. Police records indicate she had been shot several times in the head and a piece of cardboard was found secured to her body with a knife, which reportedly contained a handwritten message in Spanish. A total of 13 .40-caliber shell casings were found near the victim’s body.

    Grant County Sheriff’s Office investigators were able to make contact with a man who claimed he was with the three main suspects on Dec. 21. He claimed Sundberg and Tapia Rodriguez got into argument at the Shady Tree RV Park, near Quincy. He described witnessing Albarran Varona hold Sundberg’s hands behind her back and put his hands over her mouth when she screamed for help as he led her to Tapia Rodriguez’s GMC Yukon. Tapia Rodriguez drove the Yukon to the Old Vantage Highway and pulled off at a rest area.

    Albarran Varona got out of the SUV, still holding Sundberg’s hands behind her back, and allegedly kicked the back of one of her legs, causing her to drop to her knees. Tapia Rodriguez then allegedly shot Sundberg in the head and continued shooting her as she fell onto the ground. The witness claimed Mendez Villanueva grabbed a piece of cardboard, put it on Sundberg’s body and “plunged” a knife into her.

    Source –


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