FedEx Driver Stops Leftist Punks From Burning American Flags

On Thursday, January 26, a FedEx courier, Matt Uhrin of Cedar Rapids, rushed into a group of protesters who were burning American flags on the Iowa City pedestrian mall in front of the Old Capitol Mall and tried to extinguish the flames, sparking a confrontation.

Here’s a video of the incident:

Here are a couple of screenshots:


FedEx issued this rather noncommital statement on the Iowa City flag burning incident:

“FedEx has reviewed the facts of the incident and interviewed our courier to better understand what took place. As with all personnel issues, we are handling the matter internally.”

Please sign a petition asking that Uhrin keeps his job. Click here.


FedEx driver will keep his job!

H/t CP


17 responses to “FedEx Driver Stops Leftist Punks From Burning American Flags

  1. The cops really let us down sometimes. The ‘demonstrators’ were violating some burning ordinance, not a word about desecrating the flag?

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  2. If these anarchists are so proud of “burning our flag” why are their faces covered? Because they are cowardly idiots who know what they are doing is wrong and don’t want to get caught.
    It’s about time – Trump has empowered American patriots to take back our country from these clueless idiots.
    Kudos to the true American, Matt Uhrin, if Fed Ex knows what’s best for them they better keep him on the job!

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  3. “FedEx driver stops leftist punks by burning American FAGs”


  4. To any and ALL punks that would burn the American Flag. If you hate it here sooooo much LEAVE. In 99% of all the other countries in our world burning the countries flag will get you beaten AND thrown into prison!

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  5. Bless this young man, so few are willing to stand up for what’s right. I did hear him say he didn’t agree with Trump, so who does he support? The others are fine with flag burning. Trump is the only one that has spoke up against it.
    Then some of the punks were tossing out words like illuminati, etc. do they even know what they are saying?
    They were being led by the middle aged woman that is probably living off the backs of those that made us free and believe in our flag.
    Exactly what point are they trying to make? What did that flag do to them?
    They claim to want to be free, but burn the flag that represents freedom.

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    • These young people, like most of the demonstrators, don’t know US and world history, have had a compromised education, only listen to the MSM and use words and phrases that are completely inaccurate for the context they are spewing. Their scrambled, undeveloped and immature brains are not capable of discernment. As far as older demonstrators go, the 60 and over bunch, I just don’t understand how they lost their minds since they grew up in a time where they should have had a decent public education and have experienced the gradual shifts toward NWO policies and loss of freedoms over the years. It’s like invasion of the body snatchers!

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      • ABSOLUTELY greeworxx!!! I’m feelin’ the same thing, esp as an art, art history, & US History/World History teacher for nearly 3 decades total. Here’s how they “lost their minds” over the last 16 years—which takes in the age group to which your refer…(even tho’ I supported SOME things George “W” did) When the “W” Bush “No Child Left Behind” mandates swept over us (and NO ONE took a calculator into those formative meetings to show how….in less than a decade, ALL AMERICAN SCHOOLS would fall into the PIS (I call them “piss schools, ” forgive me) Program Improvement Sites…..b/c you had to make percentage improvements, or after 3 years of NOT doing so….be thrown into the “PIS” category…..(my school was highest achieving in the district for years…and for this, b/c we could not raise, theoretically, from 99% success rate on year-end tests into the 103% success rate—-which was not statistically possible on these measures…..we, like many, fell into the PISS ZONE…which is what SANK—along w/other things I won’t go into here— “No Child Left Behind” eventually.)

        But what of this for the history ignoramouses? Well……during No Child Left Behind…and EVEN UNTO TODAY with Obama’s “Race to the TOP,” which meant 8 MORE years of this madness…. if a school’s population, (with many different measures, population measures, timelines…etc etc ad nauseum)….is slow to show progress…THEN….MY DEAR FRIENDS…

        …..those kids who are “low” in Math and Language Arts, receive double blocks of those subjects and, for the last 8 years….DO NOT GET ANY WORLD OR US HISTORY. Period. Not in their schedule. They DO have PE….but also do NOT have any elective, like art or music…where….there STILL is much HISTORY taught through the genres of music or art & the social/political reasons that spawned them.

        So, among other reasons, dear countrymen….there has been LITTLE to no History —US or other—-in many American school districts….This has been going on for a combined 16 years betw Bush and Obama…..which means…there has been maybe 2-3 generations of American public school grads whom did not study ANY US or World History in middle school…and probably got one year of each in HS…IF…….These people are NOW voters (or non-voting protestors in the streets just now….as we are oberving….). I BET not ONE of them could name the branches of government or their functions…or what an ammendment is…or why the electoral college exists…..(other than “it’s not fair!)…yatta yatta…

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  6. Burning the flag is a crime. Those punks are on video and could be prosecuted.

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  7. 11,261 signatures
    Goal: 10,000

    WOOOOOOOOOOOO hoooooooo!

    if you haven’t signed please do so and pass this around…moi important!

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  8. I am absolutely against burning the American Flag. I’m against burning any flag, unless it’s Nazi Germany’s flag, North Korea’s flag or Communist China’s flag. Be that as it may, the regrettable Supreme Court decision declared flag burning to be free speech. You and I may not like it, but it is what it is.
    That being said, Mr. Urhin handled this situation like a pro, and regardless of the law, it boils down to what some call “moral suasion.” Matt Uhrin was able to confront these goons successfully, and when these things happen, that is what really matters. And more than a flag is at stake here: These punks have to be confronted, time and time again, so they are put on notice. That is where it’s possible to change their behavior.
    I am glad Mr. Uhrin has kept his job. I hope President Trump can put in a good word for him soon.

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    • Here’s the thing….
      If shit like this continues, the next thing you know others who are messing around with our country’s flag will think it’s okay to take yours…off your land, your house, your vehicle and beat the crap or kill you over it!

      Think I’m kidding? Remember if you know about the stars n bars? It got people hurt, dead, etc and is still a problem for those who want that flag.

      And if others want to bitch about their rights and burning the flag….think about this…the guy in north Korea. He never stole the damn banner either.

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  9. FED EX would be fools to reprimand this man. He’s a hero and this just gave them a lot of positive publicity. If they insist on it, maybe we should investigate as to ‘what brown can do for us’ (UPS)

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  10. I’m in….


  11. Matt Uhrin MY MAN 🇺🇸 MY HERO

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