Hellywood reaches new low with ‘Kuso’ (sh*t), grossest movie ever made

Score one for Hollyweird!

Hollyweird reaches a new low with the movie Kuso when, over the course of last weekend, a “large chunk” of the audience walked out of a premier screening of the movie at the Robert Redford-founded Sundance Film Festival.

Kuso is the Japanese word for shit.

Zachary Fox, who worked on the film, responded to the Sundance walkouts by playing the race card: “White people walked out of Kuso because it wasn’t 50 years a slave, bye hoe” — a reference to the movie about slavery, 12 Years a Slave.


Roisin O’Connor reports for the UK’s Independent, Jan. 26, 2017, that Kuso’s official plot synopsis describes a collection of semi-connected short films that chronicle the lives of the mutated men, women and children of Los Angeles after an earthquake.

Various scenes are said to feature a man having sex with a talking boil on a woman’s neck, genital mutilation, and a doctor, played by singer George Clinton, who keeps a medicinal cockroach in his anus.


Kuso‘s director Flying Lotus, a rapper who is fixated on death and the macabre whose real name is Steven Ellison, said he approached Clinton for the role by texting him: “Would you mind showing your butthole on camera?” However, a representative for the film said Clinton’s “real ass” does not appear in Kuso.

In a review for The Verge, Chris Plante calls Kuso “the grossest movie ever made“:

“I’ll start with the footage of an erect penis being stabbed…. Kuso is a collection of semi-connected short films chronicling the lives of the mutated women, men, and children of Los Angeles, following the earthquake to end all earthquakes. But that’s not really Kuso’s story, let alone its point … its creators are mostly interested in one thing: producing the grossest film ever…. A large chunk of the audience left my screening early, when a boil-covered woman choked a man with a strap until he covered half her face with semen…. Some gross-out films are one-note, but Kuso finds new ways to test viewers’ fortitude. Some folks stuck around after a woman chewed on concrete until her teeth disintegrated, but still peaced out when an alien creature force-yanked a foetus from another woman’s womb… then smoked the tiny corpse.”

Despite the fact that Kuso has neither artistic nor social merit, Plante reports that the movie’s trailer has already been picked up by a number of music sites and has attracted tens of thousands of views.

A reader of the Independent article perfectly identifies what’s wrong with Kuso. JohninRedding wrote that the movie:

“Proves the belief that the end product of liberalism is a society without any morals. This has been the direction man has taken every time they denounce God and decide they know best how to live life. We have an evil bent to us and no amount of human laws will deter us.”

Shun this movie like the plague, because it is the plague.


32 responses to “Hellywood reaches new low with ‘Kuso’ (sh*t), grossest movie ever made

  1. Can’t IMAGINE why people are so upset by this “film”. (sarc)

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  2. Best way to defend your “art?” Call the viewers raaaaaaacist. About what I would expect from a demon possessed libtard.

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    • Ezekiel, Habakkuk, Isaiah, Jeremiah and the Apostle John all prophesied about a future nation Yahweh calls the “Daughter of Babylon” [D-B] here’s ljust ten of over 100 characteristics that fit America like tailor made gloves and the majority America only: 1. Has a mother, America-England. 2. Rises up in a wilderness, marching through and taking the land from others. 3. Has no King a form of government where the people have a voice. 4. Has a place where all the kings of the Earth meet, the U.N building in NYC is the only place. 5 Yahweh calls D.B the Hammer of the whole Earth, America is Economically and Militarily. 6. Is a nation made up of all races of people and many Jews America fits this better than any other nation on Earth. 7. Is the Hindermost of the Supper Powers or the youngest nation. 8. Mounts its defenses up to the heavens, America has NASA and the most advanced Air Force in the world. 9. Is wealthy nation, it’s citizens live better materially than other nations, it is home of the great merchants of the world, America has been the leader in technology, growing food, cattle, and long list of commodities. 10. Has many lakes, rivers and rivers that divide the land, deep water ports, America has the greatest amount of fresh water than many nations combined. here is an 11th one, Yahweh says that D-B was a golden cup in His hand but she changes, filling her cup with Abominations, America is for sure becoming morally bankrupt, no need for me to list them. Yahweh told His prophets that D-B would be invaded by Fanners before her demise, Fanners are aliens the bad kind, they’re likened to Caterpillars and Locusts because they’re so destructive, the prophets even list the countries they come from, all of which are Muslim countries, Persia is one of those countries which is Iran today, this for sure never happened to ancient Babylon. The majority view is that the “Daughter of Babylon” will rise up in Iraq, which means another America will rise up, this would be laughable if it weren’t so serious, the Catholic church is the second largest view, when the Scriptures are very, very clear the Daughter of Babylon” is a singular powerful nation. I would love to be proven wrong but the Scriptures are just too clear in describing America. Oh! about blaming all the shed blood? Yahweh is describing a powerful goddess, a Kosmocrator fallen angel who has many names: “Queen of Heaven” “Mother of Harlots” Isis. Ianna, Aphrodite, Ishtar, there are symbols of her in Washington, DC and she stands in New York Harbor.


      • I had trouble understanding why our forefathers would belong to Freemasonry, but from my research it was later taken over by two men, Weishaupt I forget the other’s name who rewrote everything, they called themselves the “Enlightened ones or the Illuminati, these people are Satanists believing they will rule with Satan, like Christianity only it’s Satan instead of the true Messiah the one we call Jesus. The Scriptures teach us that members of Satan’s army can get control of mans governments. Look up Albert Pike’s book: “Morals and Dogma” Pike was a Confederate General who claimed he could summon Satan for advice, I believe he did because of some of his predictions that came to pass.


  3. Your comment on this abomination of filmmaking allows me to not to have to attempt to duplicate it. Keep fighting the good fight. Evil thrives when good people say nothing.

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  4. I wouldn’t watch junk like that cuz I am a crapist!

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  5. I hadn’t heard of it, but thanks for the forewarning. It sounds disgusting.

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  6. Leeann Springer

    This is a new low for Hellywood, for debauchery and evil. There should be an “indecency warning” category on it. It should be banned entirely and everyone involved arrested. This is just too putrid to share to my page, but I will warn people about it ,and they can read about it for themselves. I wish we didn’t have to share the planet with such abominable creatures from hell. Leeann

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  7. This is smut/trash and people need to STOP WATCHING TV

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  8. And I thought that Al Pacino made a movie worse than “Pink Flamingos” when he starred in “Angels in America”!
    Albert Camus once remarked that once men lose all belief in God, they then proceed to commit the worst crimes possible.

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  9. This is a natural progression from the toleration of rap music and stretching the First Amendment beyond acceptable limits
    on the pain of being labeled racist. It is time, for the sake of future generations, to shut this trash down.

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  10. Depraved useless cancers of society.

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  11. And [Jesus] said, “What comes out of a person is what defiles him. For from within, out of the heart of man, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, coveting, wickedness, deceit, sensuality, envy, slander, pride, foolishness. All these evil things come from within, and they defile a person.” (Mark 7:20-23)

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  12. I go to youtube on my rook and quarry christian movies. I am sick of Tom with Tom, Tom & Sue, Sue with Sue, blood thirsty savages, etc. I got rid of Dishnet!!!!!! There is a whole world of DIY from soup to nuts, christian movies, etc., on youtube. I refuse to pay for smut!!! Why pay a big chunk of money for very little watched.

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  13. Good for those walking out. We can only be dragged into this filthy abyss of dapravity if we participate,
    Stand up, walk out, turn off, don’t buy, anything it takes to stop this gross misbehavior.

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    • Glenn47 . . . you are absolutely correct. Until people are willing to get up and walk out into the fresh air, Hollyweird will continue to dump S _ _ t on our heads to no end. The joker who made this trash piece is an imbecile, walking out has nothing to do with being racist . . . he was just embarrassed and humiliated that people so to speak called his piece of work a POS! Which it is/was if the items wee shown as was described. Perhaps he needs to return to film making school.

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  14. Well. The title said it all. It’s not art, it’s shit. And he is still wondering why people refuse to watch shit for over an hour?

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  15. At last, a movie that is a paean to our Bizarro New World Disorder! Well, it was inevitable, seeing how EVERYTHING is now relative, and therefore is art to someone, somewhere….

    But our own classic Gothic writer, Edgar Allan Poe, wrote a fitting poem, ‘A Paean’, about this very movie:

    How shall the burial rite be read?
    The solemn song be sung ?
    The requiem for the loveliest dead,
    That ever died so young?

    Mmm… charming.

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  16. Want to bet that Madonna and Ashley Judd find this piece of trash “uplifting”? A total misuse of our God given free will.

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  17. From what I read about this so called EXCUSE for a movie, the people that walked out did not do so because they were being raciest. It was because this movie was a piece of worthless garbage that has no appeal or worth!

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  18. As sick and disgusting as this “movie” sounds sadly someone will make one even more evil and sickening than this one. It’s typical for the ones who really are the true racist to call anyone who doesn’t agree with them a racist.
    I don’t understand how God can continue to let humans be so evil.

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    • RJ, Anan is right GOD doesn’t “continue to let humans be so evil” HE continues to allow us to have free will because HE Loves us and wants us to LOVE HIM in return and not be forced to love HIM. One day each and every one of us humans hopefully will come to realize this and change. Remember Satan doesn’t have to kill us or hurt us to hurt GOD. He only has to tempt us to do his bidding and not GOD’S wishes. This hurts GOD because we choose to turn from the face of the true GOD and follow Satan by living lives devoid of GOD!

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  19. RJ:

    Free Will is the greatest gift and the greatest responsibility.

    God continues to let us be so evil so that we can and will reach the point of drowning in our own “Kaso.” Then, and only then, will we be willing to humble our pride, and accept that we are His creatures, and give Him His due.

    I think that our time left is very short.

    Forget guns, prepper supplies, nice jobs, votes or social esteem. We have lost. The only thing that will save you is repentance and abandonment to God’s will.

    My guess is that the ONLY reason we are having a “Trump” moment is as a last ditch effort to waken the left from their stupor, or convict them beyond a doubt. If they see that “not everyone thinks like them” they might have a chance to rethink their own position…and perhaps be open to the graces the God so ardently wants to give them. But, I suspect the die is cast.

    We had all better be ready.

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  20. This kind of filth “is not healthy for children and other living things”


  21. My friends and I left Clockwork Orange. Non stop violence.Yeah, there was a moral to the story but ..took too long to make .Overkill for real.


  22. Again, absolutely sickening in every way, and most importantly, demonic.

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  23. Until people are willing to get up and walk out into the fresh air, Hollyweird will continue to dump S _ _ t on our heads to no end. N building in NYC is the only place.


  24. I was not blessed with children in my life but I recently was observing three children and could not help but notice the stress levels they were displaying in their thought and behavior. The lists of added unnecessary stress the ruling elite is subjecting to children in school and in media and with infliction of war is heartbreaking. You can add the gruesome drug epidemics to the mix. In a sane mind obscenity would violate life and would not be a freedom.


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