Director of news site Ethan Fedida wishes early death for President Trump

The United States of America was founded as a republic in which political leaders are chosen via the ballot, not the bullet, and disagreements handled and resolved with debate and a pluralism of views and opinions, not with violence or threats of violence.

But in the aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s loss and Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election, her supporters are showing themselves to be cruel, hateful and criminal losers who resort to verbal and physical assault and harassment of Trump’s supporters. See:

The Left have also issued death threats against Trump and his staff. See:


Benny Johnson reports for Independent Journal Review, Jan. 26, 2017, that Ethan Fedida is Director of Social Media at Ozy, a California-based news website that recently received $20 million from the venture capitalist group, Axel Springer. Fedida is a former Social Media Editor at Huffington Post and still has a byline there.

Two days ago, Fedida (@ERFedida) tweeted his wish that the stress of the presidency would kill President Trump, 70, “faster”:


Fedida cried when Obama left office:


Some journalists and writers on Twitter have discovered their actions have consequences:

Please help to make Ethan Fedida accountable for his tweet wishing an early death for President Tump by contacting the following:

  • Fedida’s employer Ozy Media:
  • Axel Springer is the Berlin-based venture capitalist group that recently infused with $20 million. Axel Springer’s chairman and CEO is Dr. Mathias Döpfner. To send him a message, go to Axel Springer’s contact form here.
  • It is a crime to make death threats against the President of the USA. Report death threats to the FBI:


18 responses to “Director of news site Ethan Fedida wishes early death for President Trump

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  2. Real funny a**hole.
    You now have a few million new enemies
    Try to have a nice weekend.

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  3. Some are sicker than others. What a creepy bastard.

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  4. OK Ethan, you have showed your A$$ and had your 15 minutes of fame. Now crawl back into the hole you crawled out of and shut up. I’m sure President Trump can deal with the stress!

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    I have yet to hear any one who could express a rational, reasoned, logic supported, comprehending, argument for their adversarial stance to any of Trump’s voiced policies and plans.

    Though most of us, I’m sure are waiting and hoping for results, his detractors seem motivated merely by ignorance, hate, and emotional immaturity.

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    • Kevin J Lankford

      I meant this comment for the “angry libtard” story above……But I guess it works alright here.

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    • You’re absolutely right!Typically,they argue from a purely emotional,fear-mongering and badly misinformed viewpoint,and any serious attempt to discuss anything rationally makes them move into foul language,personal insults and threats,followed by changing the subject to something they don’t like that WE do-ALSO badly misinformed.
      It occurs to me that just the list of articles referring to the poor behavior of the Liberals posted at the end of THIS story,when properly vetted and verified,would prove beyond any doubt that Liberals ARE insane and should NOT be allowed to walk free among us. They should CERTAINLY not be allowed to vote or hold any Political Office.

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  6. He cried when Obozo left office, what a bag full of donuts!…I am thinking of making a list, and little Ethan of the very big mouth will be #1, and he better hope I never have to use that “FU_KING LIST!”

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  7. Whatever you say it goes to you, Trump is in the WH for a reason.

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  8. Proves once again, lefties aren’t interested in the country just getting their leaders into power. If a liberal should say he’s for peace, he means war; if he’s for life, then he supports death. Funny how the majority of them never run real consumer oriented businesses, where they deal with the public day to day, have to meet a payroll, fill out the necessary required gov’t forms, allow gov’t inspectors free access to business operations, keep up with the latest gov’t regulations all while dealing with that diverse work force they constantly talk about?

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  9. I think Trump is one of those people that thrives on stress that would probably kill wussies like Fedida.

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  10. Yet another threat to add to your list as reported on the Gates of Vienna website. I realize it is from a German TV show, but we know the Moslems are all connected via the net and what is proposed in one country can easily be a call to action for one of the brethren here in the U.S.: On the ARD Press Club show on January 22, 2017, the Die Zeit publisher Josef Joffe names “murder in the White House” as a means to remove the new US president Donald Trump from the office.

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  11. The butt-hurt goes on and on and is accelerating at an amusing if not alarming pace.

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  12. LOL – A Fedida sounds like a menu item in a Mexican restaurant.

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  13. Kind of hard to admire a guy that admits of owning 8 pairs of onesies.

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  15. About 8 years ago I began to pray that the media, hollywood, entertainers, and liberal academia would be so show for what they are, that the public would never trust them again. I believe this is an example of answered prayer.

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