California lawmakers want third-gender option on IDs


From Fox News: Democratic lawmakers on Thursday introduced a bill supporters say would make California the first state to add a third gender option on state identifying documents.

State Sen. Toni Atkins’ bill would add a non-binary gender marker option for driver’s licenses, birth certificates, identity cards and gender change court orders. The San Diego Democrat says SB 179 would also simplify the process for changing one’s gender on those documents.

Transgender people face discrimination in their everyday lives when they use IDs that do not match the gender they appear to be, Atkins said. The legislation would help transgender people and those who do not identify as either male or female to obtain official documents that match their gender identity, she said.

SB 179 would end the requirements that a person get a doctor’s sworn statement and appear in court even if no objections have been filed when petitioning to change their gender on official documents. The bill would also allow minors to apply for a gender change on their birth certificate.

This legislation would be the first of its kind in the country, said Jo Michael, who works with Equality California, a group that advocates for LGBT rights and is co-sponsoring Atkins’ bill.

“As a person who identifies as transgender and is non-binary, this piece of legislation is important to me on a personal level,” Michael said during a press conference on the bill. “For the first time, Californians could have accurate gender markers that truly reflect who we are.”

The federal government does not offer a third gender option for official documents such as passports. The issue drew national attention in November when a federal judge asked the U.S. State Department to reconsider its decision to deny a passport to a Colorado resident who does not identify as male or female. Government lawyers argued that moving beyond two gender choices on federal documents would hamper officials’ ability to verify identities and backgrounds because they rely on state documents including drivers’ licenses and birth certificates with only male and female gender options.

The California Family Council, a conservative Christian group, opposes adding gender options beyond male and female to state documents, the group’s CEO Jonathan Keller said.

“We believe government documents need to reflect biological facts for identification and medical purposes,” Keller said in a statement on SB 179. “Laws like this will simply erase any meaningful gender definitions, if being male or female is completely divorced from biological facts.”

Sen. Scott Wiener is coauthoring SB 179 and said he thinks California should lead the way in enacting protections for transgender people.

The trans community is under assault in this country. California needs to go in the opposite direction,” the San Francisco Democrat said. “When they go backwards, we go forwards.”


17 responses to “California lawmakers want third-gender option on IDs

  1. They should call the third category “It.”

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    As I have said many times, we just too many perverts holding too positions of authority. Not to mention to many positions held by those of foreign interests infiltrating our government through its all to lax immigration enforcement that ignore this countries true laws and intent.

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  3. Biologically, there is no such thing as a third gender, except for extremely rare hermaphrodites.
    But if one defines “gender” as a state of mind — which is what the Left do — then there’s no limit on the permutations and number of possible genders, which also completely warps any meaning that the word “gender” has.

    All of which conforms to the satanic creed of “Do As Thou Wilt,” which I submit is at the root of the current fad. From here on, expect the Left to trod even more bizarre routes of “identity” and “identify politics”, to the point of madness.

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  4. LOL – I realize California is a beautiful state and all, but every time I read about the lunacy that goes on out there, I am sooooooo glad I live in Georgia. 😀

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  5. “The mass delusion that we are inculcating on the question of transgendered people … would impose on society at large an obligation — possibly a legal obligation under civil-rights law, one that already is emerging — to treat delusion as fact, or at the very least to agree to make subjective impressions super-ordinate to biological fact in matters both public and private.” National Review’s Kevin Williamson

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    • I completely agree with National Review’s Kevin Williamson, in that this is a crucial question –not only from a philosophic PoV– in that it requires us to go beyond a temporary suspension of disbelief, and instead agree to permanently acquiese in a delusion, one that is supposed to become our consensual reality. This is wrong, wrong, wrong, and have I mentioned that it is just plain WRONG?

      And LOOK at that charming butt-ugly ‘person’ who is TWO genders, but which one at what time and situation we do not yet know… now let a 12 year old cope with that!

      Time to re-read ‘Ideas Have Consequences’ again.


  6. This is insanity for sure but knowing the nuts that run the state it will likely pass. One thing that really concerns me beyond the obvious, is that this bill gives them the right to change the sex on their birth certificate. This is a denial of biological gender and seems to me a giant step towards a dystopian reality enforced by the State. I’ve heard many stories about tranny’s trying to date passing themselves off as the opposite sex. Will they try to use the birth certificate to ” prove” their biological gender? …because we don’t have any idea how real or unreal the parts look after they have had the doctors mess with them. Frankly this is one reason why I think they have a high murder rate. Someone gets pissed enough after they have been tricked into having relations with them….which BTW makes them basic homosexuals doesn’t it?

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    • As a Californicated American ( I am NOT from here….I am from Mid- Atlantic (PA) by birth….but grew up fr middle school onward in upper South —Washington D C area Md/VA)…pretty sure, Lana, that this WILL pass into law in CA. Since I have been inundated as a MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHER these last 3 or more yrs w/unexpected/ unprecedented statistical proportion of “transgender children” students in my classroom since all this bull became front & center in Obama administration …&, I might add…NONE of my “transgender students” are stable, happy kids, EVEN when “allowed” & 100% supported by parents/teachers/schools/teachers to “transgender” (they are still self-destructive, depressed, withdrawn, emotionally unstable–NO MATTER Their 100% support—). They remain tortured, difficult kids.

      Pretty much, my observation is that these kids are not “accepted” b/c they act “WEIRD” & depressed & anti-social…..NOT b/c they are transgender …..which most of my 11 & 12- year old students DON’T KNOW ABOUT or recognize OR even CARE ABOUT YET at this stage in their lives. So many of them have not YET been visited by the “hormone fairy” (as I call this middle school phenomenon…..)…they just accept kids for whom or what they present publicly every day. When you act weird & tortured & depressed ….NOT too many middle school 11-12 or 13-year-olds are drawn to you to make friendships—it’s beyond their “specs” so young to be able to handle if it is NOT on their “horizon” (which, for 99.9% it is NOT—TOO MUCH TO TAKE IN) And….despite the by-law mandated school support, the parental support, the medical support…yatta yatta…these tortured kids do NOT make the emotional transition THEMSLEVES, even if it is the one they demand of their parents, peers, doctors, schools, teachers, and society at large…….what’s to be done?

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  7. “Confused as hell” or “libtard,” perhaps?

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  8. So,..OK, since we open the door to more than 2 genders, then, perhaps their could be a gender called ,..’Bio-Female”,.. A Bio-Female would be a female with a vagina, as opposed to a,..’Transgender-Female with a penis,.
    And sense a Bio-Female is not the same gender, as a Transgender- Female then the, bio-females with vaginas should have restrooms & sports teams of their own,..& of course Transgender-Females, with penises, should have restrooms & sports teams of their own,.
    It makes sense to me,.
    Ya think,.?..

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  9. Dumba$$’s if you ask me. Maybe these Dumbocratic lawmakers aren’t sure what gender they are anymore.

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  10. DNA doesn’t lie. Insanity will never make sense.

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  11. I’m still trying to figure out why the funny farm escapees that run Mexifornia are working SO hard to appease such a small minority of their population by making WRONG things RIGHT by Law,declaring bad laws to be good,and declaring abominations normal. Since Trump’s building a wall or fence on the Mexican Border,we should just make the Western end of it turn North at the Eastern Border of Ca.,go along the State Border to Oregon then go West to the ocean. I’d GLADLY give California to Mexico,since half of Mexico already lives there,and help the good,law abiding residents move to Nevada or wherever they want to go.

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  12. Thanks, but I think I will pass on this. There are two sexes, male and female. Each built that way to do a certain job. Anything different is just wrong, period. It really is very simple. You deviate from the way you are suppose to be and it becomes a mental problem.

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  13. Not too far off will be the UFO’s, those that claim to be from different stars in our galaxy, or different stars in other galaxies! And lets not leave out the Center Earth People, they will need document changes as well, And aren’t we due for a visit from Planet X, Nibiru is soon?…

    —A the mental door is opening somewhere in the complex halls of bureaucracy…And some bureaucratic pinhead is envisioning the creation that a whole new government bureau, and will the agents wear Black, I doubt it?

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