Draining the Swamp: Mass exodus of senior staff from State Dept.

President Donald John Trump is living up to another campaign promise — Drain the Swamp.

The State Department is notorious for being a bastion of liberal bureaucrats, even in Republican administrations. It is also a corrupt bureaucracy.

Recall that Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, was head of the department for 3+ years (2009-2013), which she used as a personal “pay-for-play” fiefdom, while she took foreign policy orders from George Soros. See:

Recall also how uncooperative the State Department was in the FBI’s investigation of Hillary’s illicit private email server. See:

According to an FBI document, the State Department’s “7th Floor Group” is referred to as America’s “shadow government”. (See “FBI confirms U.S. has a shadow government“)

So if any federal bureaucracy’s swamp needed draining, the State Department is top of the list.


Daniel Halper and Bob Fredericks report for the New York Post that yesterday, January 25, on the same day of Secretary of State-designate Rex Tillerson’s visit to Foggy Bottom to introduce himself, four senior State Department officials resigned. All four were long-time staffers who had served under both Democratic and Republican administrations:

  1. Patrick F. Kennedy, long-time Undersecretary for Management who had been with the State Department since 1973; named in an FBI document as a member of the State Department’s powerful 7th Floor Group. (No relation to the Kennedy clan.)
  2. Assistant Secretary of State for Administration Joyce Anne Barr.
  3. Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs Michele Bond.
  4. Ambassador Gentry O. Smith, director of the Office of Foreign Missions.

Acting State Department spokesman Mark Toner said:

“As is standard with every transition, the outgoing administration, in coordination with the incoming one, requested all politically appointed officers submit letters of resignation. These positions are political appointments, and require the president to nominate and the Senate to confirm them in these roles. They are not career appointments but of limited term. These officers have served admirably and well. Their departure offers a moment to consider their accomplishments and thank them for their service.”

The Washington Post reported the four had all resigned rather than serve under President Trump, but a source close to the White House denied that. The source told the New York Post:

Pat Kennedy was fired. He may be saving face and pretending that he resigned but he was let go. The poorly performing senior leaders at State will also be pushed out. You should expect other ‘resignations’ there, too.”

Even before the departures of Kennedy, Barr, Bond and Smith, the swamp at the State Department already had begun draining. On Trump’s inauguration on January 20, two other State Department officials left:

  • Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security Gregory Starr, who retired.
  • Director of the Bureau of Overseas Building Operations Lydia Muniz.

Already, there’s hand-wringing over the mass exodus:

  • David Wade, who served as State Department chief of staff under John Kerry, said: “It’s the single biggest simultaneous departure of institutional memory that anyone can remember, and that’s incredibly difficult to replicate. Department expertise in security, management, administrative and consular positions in particular are very difficult to replicate and particularly difficult to find in the private sector.”
  • Ambassador Richard Boucher, the State Department spokesman for Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, said the mass exodus will make it harder for Tillerson to hit the ground running: “You don’t run foreign policy by making statements, you run it with thousands of people working to implement programs every day. To undercut that is to undercut the institution.”

In other drain-the-swamp news, today — a day after Trump announced plans to build a wall at the Mexican border and hire 5,000 Border Patrol agents — U.S. Border Patrol chief Mark Morgan is gone. It is not immediately clear whether Morgan quit or was canned. (See “President Trump fulfills more promises: build wall, defund sanctuary cities, rebuild infrastructure & manufacturing, work toward energy independence“)

UPDATE: AP reports that according to a U.S. official who spoke on condition of anonymity, “Morgan said he was asked to leave and decided to resign rather than fight the request.”

See also:


21 responses to “Draining the Swamp: Mass exodus of senior staff from State Dept.

  1. So much winning in such a short time!

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  2. I for one am thrilled. Even if Tillerson cannot “hit the ground running,” I hardly think that a man of his caliber will be left behind for long. Better to have the excess garbage set adrift than to continue to carry this baggage. Can you imagine the savings in dollars for the American people? This is a really great thing. Is this Patrick Kennedy by any chance “the Patrick Kennedy” of the Kennedy clan?

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  3. In more “drain the swamp news”. Witty
    But I heard from another unamed source that all these individuals claimed in separate interviews that their sh*t didn’t stink. These claims are unconfirmed


  4. I STILL talk to people who haven’t checked out Trump’s history of doing what he says he’ll do,and they doubt he’ll “accomplish” anything. I have no doubts. Besides,he’s ALREADY done more to HELP America than Obama did in 8 years.

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  5. When “institutional memory” represents self-serving, corrupt individuals who have been working for the shadow government to bring down the US and Europe, then it becomes irrelevant and those individuals have to be removed.

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  6. OK, But what do we make of Trump serving the Jews/Rothschilds/Zionists/Israel? Our Country has been INVADED and CONTROLLED by this parasitic group


    • Well,since he’s only been in office for less than a week,I’m voting for giving him some time,see what he DOES. He may not be able to fix the whole Government,but I’m betting he’ll give it 100% of his effort. Since corruption is all based on GREED,I think the general idea is to make the fulfillment of Greed in our Government inconsequential.

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  7. Well, it is a good start. Another 25% or so, we may have a handle on it. We know all these departments have run amok for 8 years and do need drained.
    We have redundant positions. We are top heavy in Chiefs, as well as too many Indians. When you have more Navy civilian employees than actual navy members, things need to be thinned out. You know all other departments are the same.
    With the right number of employees and everyone doing their jobs, no one would have time to think of ways to screw the American people.
    So many are just sitting there waiting for their 20/30/40 years and another 1/2 percent on their social security.
    I hope for a complete forensic audit of the government and the employees that are questionable.

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  8. LOL – Sheesh, I didn’t think anyone could ever clean up the hideous mess that is Foggy Bottom.

    That place is positively toxic.

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  10. Every time one of the LSM or career bureaucrats says that Mr. Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing or he’s doing it all wrong, I’m all the more convinced he does know what he’s doing. What ever they say you can believe the opposite is true. I hope Mr. Trump is just getting started.
    Drain the Swamp.
    Make America Great Again.

    Trump for President 2020

    Keep Improving America’s Vision

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  11. BTW: I’m stealing that pic. 😉

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  12. The Hillary and Barrack “shadow government” (a la Soros government…lest we forget)….did NOT KNOW what HIT THEM. They will take a little while to get their “sea legs” back…but, BE VIGILANT–they WILL return in some form.

    The staff is exiting…BUT…the “mother ship” is still out there pulsating….

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    • Now ya GOTTA love that ‘pulsating’!
      Oh CalGirl, where were you 45 yrs ago when I NEEDED you!?

      Jes jesting, but seriously speaking, tell me how much you love Ry Cooder, John Stewart, and the Bellamy Brothers? There, see, I TOLD ya!! Good on you for all that you post here.


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  14. Hit the road Jack, don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more, Hit the Road Jack and don’t you come back no more!!!!!

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  15. Yes. The State Dept. is the Government’s relations arm through which America relates to the rest of the world. When the Communist Party USA wanted to infiltrate FDR’s White House, they did so by filling up the State Dept. This is the FIRST place any President must go to and STERILIZE it in order to have an effective administration.
    My primary hope is that President Trump will STERILIZE the State Dept. of any and all BRITISH & SAUDI influences: They tend to stick to us like GORILLA GLUE!

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  16. dancingbanana Carrot Chilli Muffin PurpleBanana Pineapple Strawberry

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