NY mag writer Jonathan Chait defends his offer for a $100M bounty on President Trump ‘dead or alive’


From Wikipedia:

Jonathan Chait is a liberal/progressive commentator and writer for New York magazine. He was previously a senior editor at The New Republic and an assistant editor of The American Prospect. He writes a periodic column in the Los Angeles Times. Chait was born to an American Jewish family.

On March 2, 2016, Jonathan Chait @jonathanchait tweeted this:


That tweet has come back to haunt Chait after some bloggers recently discovered it, which prompted Chait to issue a denial: It’s a joke, folks!


What is a joke is his new fawning book on Obama’s “enduring” legacy, Audacity: How Barack Obama Defied His Critics and Cheated a Legacy That Will Prevail, which Chait is urging people to buy. Make sure you shun his book!

The tweets in response to his book are hilarious. Here’s a sample:

Perry: “His legacy will be his massive debt explosion. That will be remembered for a very long time.”

kiwitrump: “but most of all he’s really kicking himself for putting that computer-generated forgery from Kinkos on the WH website”

Karen Steffens: “I call Bullshit!”

TheaterCabinet.com: “what is the legacy????”

AROB/GTOWN: “Do you have anymore jokes, I gotta good laugh after this last tweet!”

Ron: “this will be found in the fiction section at Barnes and Noble”

Alex Ragen: “In 2 weeks, Trump will undo it all.”

H/t Kelleigh


17 responses to “NY mag writer Jonathan Chait defends his offer for a $100M bounty on President Trump ‘dead or alive’

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  2. An example must be made of Chait for his comments which constitue a threat. If anyone was to have made such an offer for schwacking Obama they would have been arrested. It is time to end the double standard.

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  3. Already sent it to the Secret Service

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  4. He needs a visit by some feds with guns.

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    • Dave . . . Yeah a lotta Feds, with really, really big guns! They ought to be marching round about his neighborhood day and night for a month or so. This crap is just beyond anything we have ever had to put up with before.

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  5. Trump should pay him a little visit and kick his ass.

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  6. Again, this is criminal activity, and both Chait and the Secret Service know it. It is also most likely fraud, as I have my doubts as to whether or not Chait actually has $100 million to offer or secure.
    Long Story Short: I am certain that all the death threats against President Trump—which began last year during the campaign—are being duly noted. And we know that Trump does not seek trouble, but he DOES NOT run away from it. So let Trump be Trump.
    The BIG PICTURE I see here is the Left, and how utterly POISONOUS they are. As I’ve said before, we have been and are witnessing THE INSTITUTIONALIZATION OF MENTAL ILLNESS. THIS is the Foundation of the Culture of Death, along with its EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS. The way I see it, The New York Times led the way on this Expedition to Doom on the Journalistic Front: They came to the Rubicon and crossed it, and thus began to believe their own bull crap. They didn’t care because they had a Sugar Daddy in Carlos Slim, its current primary investor. So this set the precedent for being nuts and getting away with it. Will New York Magazine, or the New Yorker, or any other venue follow suit? WHOM is Chait speaking for—himself or his employer?

    Meanwhile, on the Funding Front, the Left does have Carlos Slim and a number of others, foremost among them the execrable Nazi collaborator George Soros. He may not be the ultimate Head of the Snake, but he is one of the heads. If Trump’s Justice Dept. can decapitate him, they will have turned off a major money spigot. But, as this game of Whack-a-Mole proceeds, DOJ will have a number of other loonies to whack, California and its Moonbeam Governor being prominent. (New York’s Mafia Wannabe, Andrew Cuomo, is another!)

    In Donald Trump we have a Gibraltar of Sanity. BUT: He had better get on the job QUICK.

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    • Yes this is a criminal activity so I am wondering what in hell they are waiting for?!! These lefties may be just mouthing off, but it will not be long before some nutcase decides to act on it given the pervasive atmosphere that it is all OK. IF you or I said squat about Carlos or anyone else for that matter, the FBI would be at our door before we got off the computer or twitter! C’mon Trump, get your people out there and put a halt to this PRONTO!!!!!


  7. Throw their asses in jail and impose a heavy fine. A threat against someone’s life is a very serious matter and could become a reality if no attention is paid on time.

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  8. Chait is just another example of a criminal taking advantage of a weak situation created by Obama and Hillary’s lack of leadership in their own party after the election…The Rule of Law must be swift, balanced, and just!…When the government cannot be trusted to enforce it, the rule of the jungle takes over, and no one is safe. That is when the Citizens must step in to fill the gap. Arrest the criminals, including corrupt officials, and deal out justice! Until the government can again take over the job of enforcing the Rule of Law.

    Obama did not really smooth the way for President Donald Trump to assume his office, by word or deed. That is why we have these after shocks, and the mess in the streets! President Trump and his people have enough to do without having to clean-up what Obama should have taken care of immediately after the election.

    Hillary is also to blame for allowing her people to get out of hand, by her lack of action of word, and deed she encouraged it, along with Obama!…Hillary more than deserves to spend the rest of her life behind bars.

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    • “Hillary is also to blame for allowing her people to get out of hand, by her lack of action of word, and deed she encouraged it, along with Obama!”

      She set the tone by demonizing Trump supporters as “a basket of deplorables,” calling us racists, bigots & homophobes — over whom she meant to rule and from whom she expected our acquiescence as the governed.

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  9. There are SOME things you just DON’T joke about. In light of ALL the “celebrity” threats etc. against Trump,as well as those against True Americans,Trump Supporters,it’s time to treat these offenders as “Enemies of the State”,or “Domestic Terrorists” and deal with them exactly as we would treat any bomb planter or sniper/killer. And since we CAN trace this behavior directly to the Democrat Party,Democrats should be classified as Domestic Terrorists,and the Democrat Party classified as a Terrorist Organization. Make no mistake-they fit the accepted guidelines.

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  10. Joke or not, and I think he is serious, there are people that cannot tell the difference and might act upon it. These liberals have been given a bye for the last eight years and even back into their denigrating against President Bush. They have known all this time nothing would happen to them and even were encouraged in some cases.
    They have been conditioned knowing the right would just suck it up and roll over.
    I don’t think they have thought this through very well with the new sheriff in town.

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  11. I wonder if this clown would call it a joke if he was audited by the IRS for his last 20 years of tax returns and had government agents visit his landlord and employer. I’d find that very amusing-its all a joke don’t you know.

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  12. This is all so bizarre that it seems like theater to whip both sides into a frenzy.

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