Fast-food worker put menstrual blood & saliva on customer’s burger

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

When Barack Obama was elected to the White House in 2008, a portal to Hell was opened from which escaped an unending stream of demons.

Some demons are humans, as in the case of a sociopath named Sky Juliett Samuel, a fast-food worker in Columbus, Mississippi.


Katherine Rodriguez for Breitbart, Jan. 24, 2017, that Mississippi fast food worker Sky Juliett Samuel, 18, has turned herself in to police after she allegedly put menstrual blood and saliva on a customer’s cheeseburger.

Samuel was working at Jack’s Restaurant January 7 when she allegedly put menstrual blood and saliva on a cheeseburger she served to a drive-thru customer between 10:00 and 10:30 p.m.

A co-worker told her mother what transpired, the details of which started to gain traction once her mother posted about it on Facebook, WJTV reported.

The victim, who is unidentified, reported the incident to the Columbus Police Department, who issued a warrant for her arrest Friday. Samuel turned herself in Monday morning to the Columbus PD and was released after she posted $5,000 bond, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

Samuel is no longer employed by the restaurant, and if convicted, she faces up to five years in prison on a felony charge of “knowingly selling unwholesome food and drink,” according to Mississippi Code of 2013.

Jack’s Family Restaurant is cooperating with the authorities and is conducting its own internal investigation, as is the Mississippi Department of Health.

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29 responses to “Fast-food worker put menstrual blood & saliva on customer’s burger

  1. Who are these people and where do they come from? Who would ever think of doing something so sick? You have to wonder what her home life is like. Many years ago, a friend of mine worked at McDonald’s and she said she saw one of the guys urinate into the pickle container. I can’t imagine what else goes on in fast food restaurants which is why I don’t patronize them.

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  2. This behavior is unspeakably evil. That particular restaurant ought to fire the entire staff, and completely refurbish the interior. There is no telling what other disgusting practices the staff have engaged in. It is almost impossible that this filthy deed went unnoticed by others.

    People like Samuel do not belong in civilized society. I hope she gets the maximum jail sentence, and the unfortunate drive-through customer should sue the restaurant owners. Beware, everyone – this heathen is probably not the only one out there.

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  3. Too bad she’s black. The liberals never care if the criminals they create are black.

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  4. I hate to say it but this is nothing new. I managed fast food in the 70s and had to fire employees for this type of behavior.

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  5. It’s not just fast food. My kids put themselves through college working in food service in mid and high end restaurants and catering companies. The stories they came home with curled my hair.

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  6. Why don’t restaurant owners place hidden cameras where the employees work and let them know about it. Sad state of affairs today when you can’t trust the people who serve you.

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    • They do. And many do get fired. But just like everything else in life sometimes it’s not 100% effective. Sometimes they figure out where the cameras are located and find ways to defeat the surveillance.

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  7. How horrible! And how correct an observation that Obama opened a portal and flooded our nation with demons.

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  8. Excellent post, how we need to pray to be more pleasing to God so that He will hear, how we need to pray every day. Revelation/Apocalypse 12 is being fulfilled with the prophesied wrath of Satan attacking us in so many ways. We have one major enemy, one saviour.

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  10. These people must be demon possessed. Unfortunately, we can not see this with our human eyes. To be safe, we should all buy our food from grocery stores. I think food from a factory with such high volume manufacturing would make it harder for employees to tamper with the food. I’d prefer to take my chances with a TV dinner than with a restaurant.

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    • Leeann Springer

      This is why all fast food places need robot service. The robots are more human. People who do these horrible (beyond horrid) things should be flogged with a can pole in front of the public. They should not be allowed around other humans. Throw them in the alligator swamps and let nature take its course.
      P.S. We do not eat out; going on 20 years now.


      • Hey, we can’t let that opportunity to make cash off of your idea go by! Open a Circus Maximus, and charge a fee to throw pie’s at those in the stocks. Then sit in the stands, and watch the alligators having lunch!


  11. If/when she’s locked up, imagine what other inmates might do to her food when her story gets around. Karma.

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  12. I would love to know what her family thinks of this heinous behavior? I’m not so sure she should be out on bail!!! What if she were an HIV carrier? Anyone who is doing things that far outside what normal people would consider acceptable probably do not bother with safe/safer sex. She needs to be sent to an island where she can associate with animals such as herself. Even looking down the road . . . what employer would EVER, EVER employ her in the future. She is for all intents and purposes a lost cause.

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    • Personally, I was so nauseated after reading this post, that I had to let a couple hours go by before finishing what I wanted to write. Well, at least for all who need help with weight reduction . . . this is more than enough to deter a person from eating any food.

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  13. There’s a rubber room with her name on the door,somewhere….

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  14. After reading this, I had to wait awhile to respond, I was that sickened.
    She should be put into jail to serve exactly the same sentence as those having unprotected sex with people knowing they are HIV.
    She just made an attempt on someone’s life.

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  15. I want to vomit…one day someone will poison you…so horrible.

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  16. I never eat out .. never will. These are everyday events; we just don’t know about the sick things these employees do to food.

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  17. It is not an employee problem, if the hiring practices don’t allow problem people to work there. It is a management problem, if the management does not take steps to educate, and manage that problem out of the work-space! And I have heard of much worse than this back in the early 1970’s, by someone who was working undercover in restaurants to report this kind of thing.

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  18. Geeeez Louizzzzeeee! This is not the original reason WHY I don’t eat in fast food establiishments….or, for that matter, many restaurants….BUT NOW, I have an EXTRA reason for not doing so….. FYI….

    Many years ago, I was a manager for a direct sales company & had to regularly attend out of town “campaign introductions” in (usually) very nice tourist/spa/etc places. After one sales campaign in a very posh and old, respected, elegant Southern hotel/spa…..staffed heavily at the time by Haitians….I contracted cytomegalovirus…(cyto= cellular, megalo= bazillions times over, virus= you KNOW it….your cells have been overwhelmed with virus)…It is often fatal to the elderly, to the young, to the pregnant, AND, if you conceive a child while you have this virus in your body, and YOU survive, the child will NOT develop a brain, will be born blind, deaf….and die slowly within a few months. It is passed from one person to another through bodily fluids–just like AIDS, with..saliva, urine, feces, ejaculative. I got this terrible condition, which lasted almost a year until I overcame it…..soon after attending this business meeting where the Haitians staffed most of the food delivery/house-keeping jobs. What the heck do YOU think happened here? Very clear to me, if not to you, that some food handler did to me exactly what you have read about in this post. Some infected person spit into my food, urinated in my food, or ejaculated into my food….or at least, wiped their infected nose droppings onto their hand, and then handled my food, and etc….many scenarios….

    Furthermore….when I became pregnant with my second child—for which I had to WAIT for 6 years between first and second child due to all this….My husband and I were STILL in fear of whether or not this child (who already had to overcome an RH thing on my part)….and worry months on end, monthly blood tests and more….if this baby would be born with everything “normal” or just a “brain stem” due to the cytomegalovirus. My story had a wonderful ending…..but our local pharmacist and wife (by then, we’d moved to another State) experienced the OPPOSITE… birth to a sweet child who developed only a brain stem b/c his mother had, at some point, contracted cytomegalovirus…..born blind, deaf, and unable to process much of the world, this child died at a few months due to the cytomegalovirus contracted by his mother….mostly b/c the parents did not “know” that there was something out of the ordinary afoot…they just thought the mother had some “usual winter bug.” I suspected something “odd” due to my exposure to a diverse work culture…..through my job at the time….which proved to be the clue to solving my illness & GIVE warning that my husband & I needed to PLAN in order to deliver a healthy family…..even though it cost us MANY years that were NOT of OUR NORMAL EXPECTATIONS…..

    I don’t think that Trump will be able to keep out the people who brought this terrible and long-lived affliction to me and my family…..but I am all for TRYING to protect our citizens, such as me…who suffered for over a year & then had to carefully conduct life and future of my family around the problem , living in terror for my prospective child & again, how it would affect the future of all of us in the family….emotionally, monitarily, practically… every day forever, and forever for us…

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    • CalGirl, I truly understand how you felt and suffered, as we had to do the same w/our last child, now a perfect 32 yr old angel, before she was born. Due to the genetics of my birth defect [small hole between the auricles of my heart] my first born was a girl w/an undeveloped L ear [mouse ear]. My son was born 7 years later with at least 80% hearing loss, which baffled us for a long time.

      Finally, when my wife was expecting our 3rd & last child seven years later, the doctor had us go to the then new [33 years ago] Salvation Army Hospital for Expectant Mothers in Vancouver, BC, for genetics counselling, as there was a very high [70% or better] chance this child would have a problem. We also learned that, due to my wife’s relatively late age, there was a ‘good chance’ the child would have Down’s Syndrome. My wife had had an abortion when she was with her first husband, and it destroyed their marriage; we decided that wasn’t an option, and left it up to God.

      Melinda was absolutely perfect in every way, as if she was our reward for “keeping the faith”. It seems your patience and faith were rewarded as well!

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      • My goodness Joseph, you and Cal girl have been through the ringer. God saw fit to bless you both.
        Sadly, our with our culture here, our immune systems are unfamiliar with many of the cooties being brought here, look at all of them unheard of before. Viruses happening, and now we have people streaming in that know zilch about cleanliness. They have never been taught and could not care one bit.
        Many wipe with one bare hand and the eat with the other.
        We have the Chobani yougurt owner wanting to bring in and hire another 800 Muslims to work in his factory. Seems like some discrimination going in here, as well as all kinds of possible contamination. The same with south of the border. I have worked enough in restaurants over the years that cleanliness is not a priority. Think back to the multiple hep A infections.
        Our health departments are going to be over worked soon.

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      • Thank you Joseph for your testimony. My eldest son & daughter lost their fist born at nearly full term a little over 5 years ago. They are both older to begin with…& my daughter in -law is 7 years older than my son. When they conceived their second chance, they refused Amnio—and said that they were having a child, in the form that God sent them. We were so humbled. And then, like your Melinda, we recieved the most perfect baby imaginable….bright and beautiful, smart and w/energy to burn, exuding total health—she’s never had a sick day in almost 3 years….not even a cold. We keep praising God and praying for her future. We were so blessed at a time when no “reasonable” person of “science” would give them or us any “good odds.” It seems our families share a faith and a blessing!

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  19. So, What’s new,.?

    Jesse Jackson has stated that, as a restaurant worker he routinely ,..’spit’,.. on White customer’s food
    And Malcom X has stated that he routinely raped White women as an act of defilement & as a political , revolutionary act.

    So, clearly, this is the kind of thing White Society can expect when it allows Black African Negros to roam, free rang & feral, in polite White society.

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  20. Send this article to anyone you know who eats fast food. We stopped eating at those places a decade ago. Good thing too. WHY did that person even do that??? That is just so beyond DISGUSTING. What if she had AIDS or some other disease??


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