Chelsea Handler says Melania Trump ‘barely speaks English’


Chelsea has such an inflated ego. What makes her believe that Melania and Donald would grant her an interview on her Netflix show? And why isn’t Chelsea in Spain?

From Fox News: Chelsea Handler took a swipe at Melania Trump saying she wouldn’t interview the First Lady because “she can barely speak English.”

Perhaps the comedian, who does not hold a college degree, should do her research first. The First Lady speaks at least five languages, including English, French, Italian, German, and Slovene.

This isn’t the first time the “Chelsea” host has gone after Melania Trump’s accent. She shared several tweets over the course of the presidential campaign making fun of the First Lady.

Handler told Variety she wouldn’t interview President Donald Trump for her Netflix show either even if he personally requested to be a guest. “I don’t respect either one of those people,” she said.

Handler then launched into a speech about “divisiveness” not being “the answer” and the need to “reach across party lines.” An interesting appeal considering Handler’s comments about the President and First Lady.

“Divisiveness is not the answer,” Handler explained. “And I think to get that message, we have to reach across party lines, forget your party. I’m registering as an Independent. I’m not gonna be a Democrat anymore because it’s too divisive. This isn’t working, this two-party system.”

When asked what she would tell the President if she saw him at Sundance. “F–k off. I mean, gross.”

A rep for Handler did not return Fox News’ request for comment.



21 responses to “Chelsea Handler says Melania Trump ‘barely speaks English’

  1. Maybe the New First Lady doesn’t want to lower herself to appear on a trash talk show as she is too busy doing more important things.

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  2. Chelsea Handler, an Ashkenazi Khazarian, and the bullying Left now stoop so low as to make fun of a woman who is not a native speaker of English, being born in Slovenia of humble parents, who came to the U.S. as a 26-year-old adult and legally applied for and attained U.S. citizenship. Handler would never make fun of Melania’s command of English if she had come from Mexico or Africa or (name your 3rd world country with non-whites).

    And yet Handler, this vile hateful creature, has quite a following, with 5 best-selling books, the first one a chronicle of her one-night stands. In 2012, Time placed her on the list of its 100 Most Influential People.

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  3. If she were a conservative, the left would claim yhe picture is racist. What a pos she is.

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  5. High schoolers across this country, raised on MTV, rap, violent video games and whatever they plug in their ears and walk around with, barely command the English language. Never mind any foreign languages. In Europe, most young ones whose native tongue is not English, speak and write better English than a graduate of a common core public high school here.

    I had never heard of this woman until now. If she is a role model for many, we need divine intervention.

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  6. let him complain to Arnold Schwarzenegger about “barely speaking English”

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  7. The more she talks the more she shows her true colors and she is burying herself in her own hatred….she shall reap what she sows…never knew who this supposedly “influential” person was but now that I do, she is going the way of the “Dodo Bird” ….self implode you silly creature!

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  8. This garbage show needs to be taken off the air. Shut the slut down.

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  9. The first I heard of this walking disease on society was here. I guess I have dodged the bullet until now. I have found nothing redeeming about her, only repulsive behavior.
    I am also going to drop a note to Netflix, being a customer for over 14 years.
    I shudder to think of the impact she has on young people.

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  10. Who is this creature and why should I care? My garbage man is of more value to society than this odious pile of parrot droppings.

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  11. I thought she OD’ d years ago. Oh well…maybe next week.

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  12. Melania has more class in her pinky than Handler has in her whole worn-out body.

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  13. She’s very influential. I’m influenced not to associate with anybody like her.


  14. Pretty much Handler proved/keeps on proving SHE does not speak proper English. Period. What is HER problem? Born here? Language-challenged? English Language Idiot? (Hey…a new moniker for those born here who have low fluency & a small vocabulary in their OWN tongue ie, ELI…English Language Idiot—-which, in any public school today would mean she’d be sent to a remedition class—and NOT be able to have an elective of DRAMA or art, band, computers, chorus, dance, etc….UNTIL she could work her way out……) Can she match the First Lady’s command of several languages?….Handler can’t even converse in decent ENGLISH, let alone 5 or 6 or 7 languages…ON THE PUBLIC STAGE, NATIONWIDE, & INTERNATIONALLY. Looks like her glass house is in shatters….

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  15. I’d never heard of this woman until I saw her name here during the late stages of the election. At the time I thought she was Chelsea Clinton’s ‘Handler’, as I’m not at all ‘up-to-date’ on TV crapola. It’s beyond me how anyone who is so blatantly stupid and ill-natured could possibly have gotten as far in life as she has, but perhaps her flaws are grounds for ‘success’ in this Bizarro New World Disorder that has descended upon us.

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  16. dr of many things

    Handler has never married. No kids. She has written about her two abortions. In fact, she is so self-absorbed that she writes mostly about Chelsea Handler. One well-written book chronicles all of her one night stands and sexual encounters, a veritable chronology of an empty life and lack of self-respect. Her hardened heart beats despite her outward humor as a comedienne. She is to be pitied, then ignored. Melania has more class and intellect in her pinkie than this sad gadfly.

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  17. Unbelievable…

    Chelsea Handler on Twitter: “I just want everyone to know that I’m currently in Paris trying to make sure they don’t fuck up their election like we did ours. #lordswork”

    Link –

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