Transgender activists claim ‘p****hats’ alienated the transgender community by suggesting ‘a vagina is essential to womanhood’


Apparently an understanding of biology isn’t a requirement for having extreme butt hurt.

From Daily Mail: An estimated three million participated in women’s marches across the United States on Saturday, and all with a clear message – P***y is power. That message, struck a negative chord with activists in the transgender community, who are upset that the march was not as inclusive as it was set out to be. 

Marie Solis, a reporter for, wrote an article that criticized the Women’s March, commenting that the march presented a clear message that ‘having a vagina is essential to womanhood’.

Saturday’s event to oppose the newly inaugurated President Trump was largely a white, cisgender march, and had too many pink-clad women carrying signs with female reproductive organs, according to Solis.

She said that a fight is brewing between TERFs – ‘Trans-exclusionary radical feminists’ and transgender women, or non-binary individuals. 

Solis wrote that ‘the saturation of vagina-related messages and imagery set the tone for a march that would focus acutely on genitalia at the expense of the transgender community.’

Many of the signs that were carried at the protest had messages that said ‘Py grabs back’, ‘Resistance is Fertile’ and ‘Py power’, sending a clear and oppressive message to trans women, that they do not count.

The signs, it seems, were largely in reference to President Trump’s infamous comments made during an Access Hollywood taping in which he talks about women in derogatory terms, saying he ‘grabs them by the p***y.’

Solis’s article argued that TERF’s equate womanhood with having female reproductive organs, and that this brand of feminists believe that ‘trans women are actually men in disguise trying to infiltrate their spaces’. 

She also commented specifically on the prominence of the ‘p***yhats’, which were created by two women in Los Angeles and became the unofficial accessory of the Women’s March on Washington. Solis said that the hats set a tone for the march that ‘would focus acutely on genitalia at the expense of the transgender community.’ 

She interviewed a variety of women (trans or not) who took issue with this. One non-binary student from Ohio, Sam Forrey, and zir girlfriend Lillian McDaniel, a trans woman, commented that safety was a factor they had to take into account when deciding whether or not to attend the march.  Forrey told Solis that because legally McDaniel is registered as male, she worried that if she were to be arrested she would be placed in a jail with other men.

Though McDaniel initially intended to attend the march irregardless of these safety concerns, she said that she was turned off when she realized people were using that as an excuse to invoke ‘genital based womanhood’.

McDaniel said: ‘I think it ended up being a white cis women march, there were other marginalized communities there, but it didn’t seem like they were the focus.’

However, Solis does credit the marches for their inclusion and feature of trans women, such as Laverne Cox in Los Angeles, and Janet Mock in Washington.

Cox spoke at the Los Angeles march, commenting on North Carolina’s House Bill 2, which requires state residents to use the bathroom that coincides with the sex listed on their birth certificate, reported Solis.

Cox said: ‘If you are a girl like me, a woman like me, a transgender person like me, you live in a country that shames you, that stigmatizes you, that discriminates against you and criminalizes you.’


20 responses to “Transgender activists claim ‘p****hats’ alienated the transgender community by suggesting ‘a vagina is essential to womanhood’

  1. Oh, boo hoo… will they have some cheese with their whine?

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  2. Civil War in the Left! I love it!

    On a more serious note, the Women’s March on Washington shows the Left’s double standard: They emphasize the female’s biology (uterus, “pussy”) when it suits their purpose. Otherwise, we are to subscribe to the propaganda that biology doesn’t matter and we must surrender to mentally-ill people who invent their own gender.

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  3. The LGBT movement (bowel movement really) is a synthetic operation that was organized to destroy the ethics of our society-it is time to END this perversion, Obama actually had a gay STASI surrounding him, just lke the Nazi SS, homosexuals have been employed in the military also-homosexuals in this ‘weaponized’ form are capable of ANY evil act against the population, this is not fearmongering this is HISTORY repeated; along with this LGBT perversion it has opened up the floodgate around the nation for Satanism, the symbolism of Satanism in our society-END IT NOW

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  4. ” Having a vagina is essential to womanhood ” ………Well duhhhhhhhhh !!!!
    That’s a no brainer ! ……Or would the trannies rather have both parts so they can screw themselves ?

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  5. Bwahahahahahahaha Now the rats are attacking each other. I LOVE IT!

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  6. “cis”, “terf”, “Py”, “zir”, “trans”: all codespeak from grandiose narcissists…

    it is amazing how a female’s vagina can allow the flow of menses, the passage of children, intercourse with her husband but yet, according to males in drag, who have prostates (including laverne “cox”, and no female has ever had a prostate), they believe having a vagina doesn’t make you a woman.
    What an insult to women who endure monthly menstrual flow (and cramping from the uterus muscles), intercourse, and childbirth, even breastfeeding because women have fully developed and functioning mammary glands.
    I guess they figure if they think it, so it shall be…
    kinda like the little engine that could, but instead of “I think I can. I think I can”…it is “I think I am. I think I am”.

    reading the article in this post reminded me of a picture of a parable I saw some years ago that showed 2 groups of people. Both groups had really long spoons taped to their arms so they could not feed themselves.
    But, one group was well fed and happy and the other group was starving and miserable.
    A question was raised, ‘What is the difference between the two groups?’
    The answer was: the well fed group fed each other (in Heaven) and the miserable group were too selfish to consider feeding anyone but themselves (in Hell).
    I see Christians as the well fed group and feminists, transgenders, lgbtqrst, et al as the miserable group completely focused on themselves and leading one another straight to hell.

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  7. “…Sam Forrey, and zir girlfriend Lillian McDaniel….”

    Did anyone else notice how insane the above is?

    Sam=non-binary, male who doesn’t like being a male anymore
    Lillian=Female Impersonator

    This sentence is the epitome of insanity. It may be fun to mock this, but in all seriousness this is utter madness. When a society legitimizes this we’re in major trouble.

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  8. For 1000s of years, all mammals’ sexes were determined at birth by the presence of either an innie or an outie.

    In 2017, however, somebody finally noticed “a clear message that ‘having a vagina is essential to womanhood’”

    This, they say, is “progress”.

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  9. Also: we’re all familiar with “penis envy”, right? (Thanks, Freud, for that deep thought).

    This is the first instance I think I’ve seen, however, of [literally] “pussy envy”.

    Can there be a better metaphor for how emasculated our country has become?

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  10. EXCUSE ME, but the last time I looked all women have a vagina so it would seem that a vagina would be essential to being a woman. Just because you call yourself a woman doesn’t make your one without those essentials!!!!!

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  11. I always thought that the vagina was essential to womanhood, along with two X chromosomes! But we have to listen to a lecture from a tranny? GROUCHO MARX couldn’t make this up! Neither could Freud!

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  12. This is fantastic news. Now that the dogs have lost the fight they’re turning on each other. Don’t just let em have at each other. Encourage it. It’ll keep em out of our hair and make them even more irrelevant.

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    • Yes, YKW….hoping this latest “thing” keeps them entertained for a little bit (& semi-occupied fr being in “our” faces) b/f they find some other “injustice” to scream at each other about….Can’t wait for the male genetalia hats to show up at marches wearing a pink uterus hat atop :)……if you can imagine that. Pretty sure it will materialize something similar to this at some point.

      And just a little aside….all of this “euphemism,”symbolism, & abbreviated references for groups or adherents or categories…the average citizen who is just slogging along making a living NEEDS a “cheat sheet” to be able to translate the articles about these things….Just sayin…if you need a cheat sheet in order to speak with your neighbors, co-workers, and people at the grocery store….or watch the nightly “news”’s a sad and losing ending. Not saying it will all “Go Away,” but, eventually, people in general will just yawn and brush it off and treat it like, “OK…been there, done that.”

      People who hate Trump supporters who can’t understand why Hillary lost, take heed…here is what went through our minds in the ballot box:

      Among myriad other things—Take your gender-bending medicine….change your genetalia with surgery, Hide out if you are illegal and make your own way without killing me or my kids or anyone else, and provide for your kids, leave your illegal drugs at the border or at home if you are legal (don’t spread it out in the neighborhood or into the schools—don’t care if you KILL yourself, but DO CARE if you are sucking innocents in), & don’t expect me to pay for your college b/c at nearing retirement age, I’m STILL paying for MY higher ed. along with my husband’s and my own kids’ college…b/c that is what I chose to purchase on credit instead of a Mexican Riviera cruise or vacation…or a BMW….or the latest fleeting fashions…….or even a smart phone (I STILL have a flip phone b/c I use it as a PHONE only). I’m taking care of my aged mom, too. Leave me alone with my miserable IRS tax return prep… grocery shopping and bills…my aging parents and young adult children or my grandchildren…my house that needs to be cleaned b/c I work 10 hours a day or more for an 8-hour a day job…then spending 2 more hours coming and going in the CAR just to get there and back….and then take home work on the weekends…..All I do is work and sleep, I can hardly use the rest room or take care of other personal things…Most days I eat yogurt for every meal b/c that’s what I can grab out of the ‘fridge. I take care of my teeth, health check ups, house and car maintanence and repairs, family issues on my “vacation.” And, you want ME to pay for your sex change or your $1.59 birth control pills or your OOPS abortion????? I can’t EVEN hardly fit any kind of sexual experience into my daily schedule. I keep wondering how you all do this? I can feel your pain, but please, leave me alone with MY PAIN…and you go manage YOUR pain any way you can without me.”

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  13. Aggrieved parties should conduct a study and write a paper on the results. Look for it in JAMA or Lancet.

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  14. …alienated the transgender community by suggesting ‘a vagina is essential to womanhood’

    Er, since when was one not required?

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  15. Trannys are NOT REAL WOMEN but pretend wannabes. They have NO RIGHT to say they are women. They are nothing more than two silicone tits with a freaking kickstand.

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  16. Wow…



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  17. So, they are gay men, who hate women because they have a real vagina instead of having to pretend their anus is one. This makes them so mad for anyone to point out that an anus is not a vagina. We are supposed to pretend they are women and teach our kids that they are, and that an anus can be a vagina, so when the gay and transgendered males make sexual advances towards heterosexual males they will have been taught since they were boys that to turn them down is bigotry. These people can piss off with their hate of real women and trying to change culture so that they can score sexually.

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  18. I read a blurb, a while back, by guy who was a bio/male but, who identified as a female.
    The point of his blurb, was, that, he considered guys who would not date him, just because he had a ,cock,instead of a pussy, were just ignorant hicks,.. because, they,..were locked into the silly notion, that a female should have a pussy, rather than a cock..

    Oh pleeeze,..may G-D have mercy,…


  19. Research has shown that Transgenders have a 41% suicide rate, as compared with 5% in the normal population. No, every cell in their body has male DNA. All their physiology is based on male DNA. It’s sort of like I would wake up one day and say, “I think I was meant to be a linebacker”. Then I would file a class action to get my medical ideations paid for by the government, when actually I was just delusional. Great posts by everyone.


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