Gun-shaped house key almost ruins couple’s cruise trip


Fer cryin’ out loud…

From Fox News: A Florida couple’s Carnival cruise vacation was almost ruined last weekend as they attempted to board the ship because one of them was carrying a 2-inch house key shaped like a gun.

Henry Echevarria, a deputy sheriff in Pasco County, Fla., was boarding a cruise ship in Port Canaveral with his wife Lisa Jan. 15 when a ship security agent halted them at the entrance.  “He pulls out my key and says ‘Oh, here’s the problem,” Echevarria told WTSP.

As a law enforcement official, Echevarria says he understands routine security procedures but was shocked that such a small item would cause an issue. The deputy sheriff says he tried to explain that there was no way the key could be used as a weapon.

“First of all, you can’t even get your finger in the hole if it was a gun and you can barely get a finger around the grip,” he said. “They say I can’t have it. I can’t get on the boat. I either need to get rid of it take it back or not cruise.”

But ship security stood firm and, left with no choice, Echevarria elected to have the key placed in the ship’s safe until returning back to port. But the law enforcement official says the cruise line’s unusually strict policy could have harmful security implications for customers. “They [Carnival] have my address, they have my key, all they need to do is make a replica and next thing you know they could be at my house,” he said.

After his vacation, Echevarria says his key was returned but told that he has tried reaching out to the cruise line for an explanation.

“So far the one time I called to speak with customer service, “John” kept trying to blame the security company and would not get that the supervisor from Carnival was the one who ultimately took my house key and placed it in a safe at Port Canaveral,” Echevarria said.  He also says he’s sailed with Carnival before and never had an issue with his house key.

Carnival may not have contacted Echevarria to resolve the issue but in an emailed statement to, Carnival’s vice president of corporate communications Jennifer De La Cruz, reiterated the cruise line’s prohibited items policy which bans “all firearms including replicas, imitations and their components.”

“While our Prohibited Items Policy does prohibit “all firearms including replicas, imitations and their components,” a house key shaped like a firearm is not what is meant by the term ‘replica’ and the key should not have been retained,” De La Cruz said.

“We contacted the third-party company that provides security services at the port in question to discuss the matter and initiate corrective training so this doesn’t occur in the future.” Echevarria says he still awaiting a reply from Carnival.


8 responses to “Gun-shaped house key almost ruins couple’s cruise trip

  1. This lunacy has to stop.

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  2. Paranoid non-thinking bureaucracy, a legacy of the last 8 years…

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  3. If this clown ever leaves this job , the T.S.A. will hire him in a New York minute

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  4. Whose idea is it to force this utter stupidity on America? I don’t suppose they realize that this craziness in the US has been fodder for much ridicule and laughter at America’s expense in Foreign Countries worldwide….

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  5. Have the people who run Carnival Cruise Lines been drug tested?

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  6. Just thought I’d contribute a “side story” or two….high-lighting about how stupid this stuff has become (esp while we allow illegals of any country to pour through our southern border….OR, just ship them in as “refugees” from our enemy states ; (You are only as strong as your weakest link………):

    Almost immediately after 9-11, when air passengers lined up around the block w/first security checks (no shoes, all the baggage x-rays, etc)…..I had to fly coast to coast, & back again. Being an art teacher, I often carry odd tools into my classroom for one reason or another. And then……LONG after the fact….the round trip flight coast to coast, just after the worst terror attack in US history…I changed my purse due to my “seasonal” habit & found I’d flown that round trip, through securities up the ying-yang w/a brass hollow-handled hammer in my purse ….which meant,not only was I carrying a “lethal weapon” in the the hammer itself, but, you could unscrew top of the hammer handle & dump out OTHER tools, like very sharp screw-drivers, & exacto knife. Very “lethal tools.” Remember, the 9-11 terrorits took over the plane with box-cutters! OMG. I could have been thrown in jail/put on a no-fly list forever…which would have been horrible for me b/c ALL my relatives are “back East” which means….alive, sick, or dying …or dead….I often have to go to/fro….for family concerns.

    At the risk of boring all….something of the same thing happened when I was called to serve on a jury for a murder trial. I found at some point (before the x-ray scanner did! Thank God!) that I’d been carrying a HUGE set of butcher’s sheers in my purse into the courtroom every day!!!!!! I can’t recall how many days this happened before I re-searched my purse & found/removed them…….

    and, PS…I routinely travel with those “keys” that hook onto your key ring, but if you take them off, they open up into a little saw, a tiny knife blade, etc….they look almost exactly LIKE the “offending” key of this article–without the “trigger.” I use them almost every day in my art classroom to slice open packages (boxes, or wrapped sets of 50-count construction paper—when, consider, I have almost 200 kids a day going through my room….so…on a day I introduce a lesson with new paper for all…I’m opening 4 new pkgs. minimum of this….etc–so, they are so “normal” and “overlooked” by me when preparing to fly. No one has ever stopped me b/c I forgot them….or made me “ditch them” at any airport…..San Diego, LAX, John Wayne, Sky Harbor in Phoenix, Sacramento, any place in Washington State or Oregon….SLC, Denver, St. Louis, Dallas-Ft Worth, Atlanta, Dulles, Reagan, BWI, Philly, Pittsburgh, O’Hare, JFK, or some small regional connections I won’t mention b/c I don’t think it’s THEIR problem, and I don’t want you all to know EXACTLY where I travel to and fro 🙂

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  7. Oh, how far we have drifted from sanity.

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