Tuesday Funny! Women’s March on Washington

Seen at the anti-Trump Women’s March on Washington, Jan. 21, 2017:


Here’s another “feminist” with Trump Derangement Syndrome yelling “Grab the patriachy by the balls!” at the unveiling of a waxwork of Donald Trump at the Madrid Wax Museum, Spain, January 11, 2017:

By the way, this is the official Women’s March on Washington poster:


Delusions of grandeur and drama queens all rolled into one.

Dog eyeroll

Puffed up with their anti-patriarchy bravado, it is ironic that 56 of the 403 groups of the Women’s March on Washington are funded by a man, George Soros.


36 responses to “Tuesday Funny! Women’s March on Washington

  1. I can’t imagine one guy in the country that would touch any of them with a ten foot pole.

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  2. Holy Smoking Vaginas, Batman ! I am so tired of these women. They think they’re so great, yet they’re the mc nuggets at the bottom of the Soros food chain,

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  3. I saw the face and body of the woman with the t-shirt, and there’s no way it will ever happen with her. She should have used the money she spent on nasty tattoos for Jenny Craig. Decency has gone totally down the drain when women think disrobing in public is a good thing, but then who taught them this filth…Madonna! Yep, she even said she would give blow jobs to Hillary voters. She’s from the dregs of society, just like Ashley Judd. I wonder how proud Judd’s mother is of her today.

    Lewd, crude, vulgar and classless, all of them seem demon possessed by the false narrative of Democratic Socialists.

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  4. And they want “respect”? For what?

    There was a time when this type of activity was considered INSANE.

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    • It still is considered insane by those with ethics, morals, education, and a working pre-frontal cortex which inhibits making such a fool of one’s self so publicly. I suspect many on the wacky end of demonstrators have damaged their brains through abuse of certain pharmaceuticals and natural products. Or a generalized hatred of having anyone tell them what they can & can’t do. And some were undoubtedly just there to cause trouble w/o agreeing with the Left. Sadly, there are also very uncouth folks on the far right side of the spectrum of political (etc.) ideologies. They just (mostly) tend to hide it better.

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  5. There ain’t enough rubber gloves in the world to touch that. Why would anybody think that FATtoos would make them more attractive, even if that were possible. Ugly people may deserve respect . Not so much ugly attitudes.

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  6. Was she also from I DA HO??

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    • Oh no-do not degrade Idaho-ians! I live in North Idaho and believe me the majority of us are Republican and horrified by this women’s march crap. The State name does give us a bit of trouble tho. Usually we ask; who da ho first and in reply say; I da ho! lol…all in good fun.
      Unfortunately we do have quite a bit of Idahokies but I think they tend to also be Conservative and 2nd amendment supporters.
      I escaped from occupied CA to this outstanding State that they are trying to ruin by shipping in the refugees for the meat packing and yogurt factories in Boise and Twin Falls. Trump will be fixing that I am sure 😉


  7. Idiots. What a joke watching them nervously babble unintelligible nonsense whenever asked the DREADED QUESTION, “Aside for the pussy comment, tell me why DT shouldn’t be President.” Prob the 1st most of them have shut their damn mouth all day!
    I can only imagine what it smelled like for the poor bastards stuck between them, while they held up their 1st grade signs & yelled at men.
    I’m pretty sure it’s exactly what hell looks like.

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  8. That blimp has only two chances that any man would touch her kitty . Slim and none . And Slim just got out of town on a train after seeing her . Not even Stevie Wonder would touch that cat ………..

    They say when you lose one sense , the others make up for it ……His nose would pick up on that stench from a mile away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. I have never seen so many FAT UGLY women together at once since OBOZO”S Inaug.
    Just grosws.

    Go on a diet you pigs

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  10. Yeaaah, why didn’t they chase Obama’s chopper to gripe at HIM for doing NOTHING for them for 8 years?

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  11. That poster for their Women’s March is disgusting. No sane woman would choose a female photo/art with THUNDER THIGHS to represent them (ie, FAT thighs, lol!).

    Here’s 2 more memes I saw this morning…

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  12. And I’d like to add a few more levels to this one…

    Daughter: Mom, I want a pajama-boy as President, like Obama was.

    Mom: Well, dear, there’s still too many men around with too much testosterone. They all wanted Trump.

    2 & 3:

    Daughter: That’s it????

    Mom: Yes, dear, for at least 4-8 years. So run along now, go say Hi to your father.

    Daughter: I don’t like Daddy. He’s too alpha, too much testosterone like you said.

    Mom: Yessssss, I knowwwwww (as she drools — like a hypocrite!)

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  13. Tweets by Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii on Jan. 23rd re the “Women’s March”… (my comments in parentheses):

    –Why are women afraid of a man who has more female executives in his companies than male?

    (Because they actually believe he spends his days going around the offices & grabbing every woman’s you know…)

    –Women’s March Protesters: “Today was a new awakening!”
    After 8 years of Obama, women still need a new awakening?

    (Obama lulled them to sleep. Then they awoke to the fact that Obama left them high & dry, so they attack the new person vs. the ones they are really mad at, Obama & Hitlery.)

    –I don’t get it. Hillary finally turns out a crowd AFTER the election?

    (lol, that’s my favorite one.)

    –@HillaryClinton has “had women’s backs” for 30 years. Why do they have all the same problems they had 30 years ago?

    (See above re Obama, ditto.)

    –I thought women wanted to be treated as equals; then they protest wearing vagina hats pointing out our differences. I’m confused.

    (Right. If they wanted to be equals, they would have worn d**** on their heads.)

    –If we have a “Men’s March” what the hell are we supposed to wear on our heads?

    (Trump costume-masks, of course, along with blue suits & red ties… A million men in the streets dressed like that would seriously freak out the MSM & the Libtards.)

    –Sometimes just annoying the press is a worthy end unto itself.

    (Well, there you go!)


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  15. The Womyn left a bunch of trash behind, including all their signs, which one tweet said it was Trump supporters who helped clean up the mess!

    Other tweets reading today, one person referred to it as a #PigParade. Another person said, “What shall we call them? Deplorables is already taken.”

    The reply was: “Call them Ignorables.”

    (Good one!)

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    • Es typico! Honestly, the penultimate poster is perfect Russian Modernism from the 1920s–30s. No surprises there.

      For a really good roasting of these pigs [forgive me, my dear pigs for taking you down to their level!] one need only read Israel Shamir’s blistering article, http://www.unz.com/ishamir/yuletide-trump/ a truly delight-filled sassy article from the ALWAYS worthwhile Israel Shamir.

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      • “poster is perfect Russian Modernism from the 1920s–30s. No surprises there.”

        Brilliant observation!

        American socialists like the Women’s March on Washington, being abysmally ignorant, think Socialist Realism art to be glamorous. But there was no glamor in the 1920s-30s in the Soviet Union. It was a truly hellish time of the extermination of the kulaks (private landowners) and the kangaroo Great Trials when Stalin turned on and killed 1/3 of his “comrades” in the Communist Party.

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  16. LOL – Grab it?

    Hell, you probably couldn’t even get to it.

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  17. How old is Soros? (80-ish?) What is his health outlook at this time in history?

    Can anyone testify here as to whether or not he KNOWS he is mortal and will be dead soon, never having achieved, through any measure, or through any special “group” of people whom were “advised” that they’ve been “injured” in one way or another….or through ANY amount of monies invested by him…..that he will NEVER EVER effect the American electoral system…or the governing of these crazy, disparate American populations whom ultimately VOTE WITHOUT HIM IN THE BALLOT BOX….in private, without his monies (EVEN if they took the money first…Ha Ha….). He will NEVER EVER achieve his goal of anarchy or leftist domination. PEOPLE WHO MADE MONEY LIKE HIM….DON’T EVER give up the same capitalist principles that made HIM a bazillionare…… I’m still waiting for half of HollyWeird to board planes to Pakistan or Iraq or even Canada (who will not take them…b/c the PATH to Canadian citizenship, like most places in the world, is far more tough/strenuos than OURS…they’d live and die without “making it,” MONEY OR NOT).

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  18. These women demand respect by throwing their own dignity into the dumpster.

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    • It would be fine by me if ALL they did was put what dignity they’ve left into a dumpster, but too often we learn it is an infant they put there instead! And I’m NOT making this up, sad to say. As for the satanic Soros, for me he is is cut from the same ‘useless eaters’ cloth as one of his mentors, David Rockefeller, now 103+ yrs old, with the world record at 7 for his latest heart transplant. You did NOT misread that: his SEVENTH. Ain’t money grand? Look at all the good it can do, says Soros.


  19. I really want to see them do that in moslem neighbourhood, or they are too scared to get slapped around by violent men there.

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  20. A “don’t grab my pussy” shirt. Too funny!! It must be that sow’s way of telling the world she’s nothing but a cunt.


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