Puppies Found Alive Five Days After Deadly Italy Hotel Avalanche

puppies rescued in italy.png

From NBC News: Emergency workers on Monday rescued three puppies from a destroyed Italian hotel that was buried under tons of snow by an avalanche, bringing joy to searchers who’ve had little reason to hold on to hope.

Italy’s fire brigade found the three white sheepdog pups five days after an avalanche triggered by a series of earthquakes buried the Rigopiano Hotel in Farindola, Italy, last Wednesday. The puppies were found in an air pocket in the hotel’s boiler room, the brigade said.

Rescue workers were holding out hope for survivors as more than 20 guests and workers remained missing after the avalanche. Authorities raised the death toll to seven on Monday, according to the Associated Press. Nine others have been rescued from the rubble.

The three rescued puppies are the offspring of Nuvola and Lupo, two sheepdogs who also lived at the hotel, officials said. The litter was born on Dec. 4.

Lupo and Nuvola managed to escape the avalanche alive, the brigade said, and were found in Farindola on Friday by a bartender at the hotel who knew the dogs well and was not working on the day of the incident.

The National Animal Protection Agency (ENPA) in Italy told NBC News that Nuvola and Lupo were currently with a friend of the missing hotel’s owner, and they were working on getting them reunited with their puppies.

The hotel’s owner is still missing.


7 responses to “Puppies Found Alive Five Days After Deadly Italy Hotel Avalanche

  1. Beautiful Dogs-I’m so glad they survived! Maybe they could be trained as search/rescue Dogs.

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  2. Wow, scary! I was just reading up on avalanches much earlier this morning, as a matter of fact, because I was thinking how mountains are safer to live in since there are no tornadoes nor hurricanes in mountain areas. Then I remembered in the old days how the ski patrol guys would shoot off rifles early in the mornings at the tops of the mountains to jar any possible snow that was ready to “come loose” & possibly cause an avalanche. But these days (I learned per wiki) they use much more “sophisticated” means, throwing dynamite from helicopters into the snow, using RF/Radio-Frequencies to jar the snow, etc.

    I also didn’t know how/why avalanches occur. Of course in this Italy disaster, it was EQs that jarred the snow (they were having EQs in August & October already). But normally, I learned that “old rotten snow” turns to a sugar-like grainy substance. Then when a ton of new fluffy powder snow falls on top of it, it can’t cleave to the sugary stuff, so there’s a separation there between them. And at any time, if the ski patrol guys don’t FORCE the new fluffy snow to go ahead & avalanche itself, it could come loose later on its own & “drown” skiers.

    Evidently there are “layers” that they could look at when they dig down into the snow to tell how dangerous any area might be for an avalanche.

    More people than I realize end up dead due to avalanches. Mostly “hot rodder skiers” who go off the beaten paths on their own; but even ski patrol guys & women end up trapped in them, too. Very sad. I was reading a few of their stories earlier today. One ski patrol guy, only 38 years old, was only buried in less than 10-inches of avalanche snow but suffocated anyway. 😦 Maybe he was knocked out & unconscious. It said avalanches can go speeding down a mountain at 200mph, snapping trees like twigs & flipping entire cars.

    Anyhoo, those are the cutest puppies! White as snow! Glad they & at least some of the guests (not very many people were there to begin with) have survived. Below are a few photos of the hotel, before & after…

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  3. The Italy hotel before the avalanche… per maps, it was sitting right near the base of the mountain…

    Hotel after the avalanche…

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  4. What a wonderful ending. A little ray of sunshine for the people there. I pray they continue finding survivors.

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  5. Those puppies are precious. They were watched by a guardian angel.

    A tragic accident at Lake Tahoe today involved explosives to trigger an avalanche.


    “A ski patrol member was killed in an accident involving explosives used to intentionally trigger an avalanche at a Lake Tahoe resort where more than 20 feet of snow has piled up during winter storms over the past three weeks.”

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  6. I’d take all three of these babies in a heart beat. Send them! My giant mid-life Blonde Breeder Lab (a rescue who’s mothered my rescued kittens, etc) would be their mom/raise them to be her companions on our half acre here in So CA….) I know this won’t happen…but that’s how I feel about this. 🙂 So SORRY for these people and pets.

    We lived in Utah at high altitude (over 6,000 ft) for 6 yrs & down-hill-skiied at the local places within 100 or more miles, but weekly or more, cross-country skiied back canyons w/our kids/friends within our immediate area. We knew to get ourselves IN our cars & on the way home out of the canyons, etc before early afternoon… before the sun had warmed the snow banks into “looseness,” , but before the sun set/killed us w/immediate sub-zero temps (sun goes down in those environs at winter’s height at/before 4 PM–and BOOM! You go from a solar-heated air temp/snow-glare, to DARK & below zero in MOMENTS)….so..somewhere between noon & 2-ish…as the solar effect softened the snow banks hanging above us…& before the sun went down & FROZE us before we could reach shelter. These were razor-thin time lines… but… you learn…& live (!). Again…soooo sorry for this disaster and hoping for God’s peace to be upon the victims and their families.

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