If women have the same rights as guns

Seen at the Women’s March on Washington, D.C., on January 21, 2017:


If women have the same rights as guns, the woman holding that sign will be:

  • Banned from all federal buildings, including post offices.
  • Banned from all banks.
  • Banned from schools.
  • Banned from most restaurants and shopping.
  • Banned from flying.
  • Banned from Chicago, New York City, Washington, D.C., and many other cities.
  • If she’s short or quiet, there is a $200 ($5 for oddities) tax stamp, fingerprint cards, passport photos, and a federal background check.
  • Some states will require her to travel in the trunk.
  • Some states will outright ban her if she looks scary or has certain “features.”
  • Some states require her to be locked in a safe at home or not in use.
  • Some states controls how much food she can have.
  • California requires a background check whenever food is bought for her.
  • She can be bought and sold, with an FBI background check and waiting period.
  • She will be demonized and attacked for being who she is.
  • There will be unceasing outcries to outright ban her.

Since I’m a caring person like liberals say they are, I sure hope the woman in the protest march has her dream come true!

H/t maziel.


32 responses to “If women have the same rights as guns

  1. These ignorant women are an embarrassment to our country.

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  2. This is GREAT!!! Sending it to all my friends.

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  3. Ignorami/ignoramuses as you prefer. Depraved, vulgar display by people pretending to be American women. The women’s marches internationally, (e.g. UK) had nothing to do with the election of President Trump.

    The dishonest media, CAIR and 50 Soros backed groups concocted another “fairy tale” to bolster their failing attempts at disparaging President Trump. Let them continue to expose themselves as farcical.

    Snowflakes are beautiful, each one unique; these idiots are more like hailstones. Who chose snowflakes, anyway?

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  4. I just saw on the news that Chelsea Handler was criticizing Melania Trump, stating she could barely speak English. Of course, the idiot didn’t know Melania speaks five languages. I only know of Handler and have never seen or read any of her work, so I checked out who she is. Yea, she’s had success as a comedian, work in TV and as an author, most of it displaying her vulgar work. Her mother was born in Germany, yet she would say such a thing about Melania. By the way, Handler has had two abortions and wrote a book about her one-night stands. Yet, so many of our young people waste their time and money idolizing this POS.

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  5. Actually Melania speaks 5 languages FLUENTLY. She has knowledge of at least 3 more. She has more class in her little finger than any of the hollyweirdos that have been disparaging her. These bimbos know little beyond their own little world. They have less than a clue.

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  6. Like I have said before, these females do not speak for me.
    I am not sure what that woman wants with her gun rights. Does she want to be regularly be wiped down with gun oil, or ride around on someone’s hip or under someone’s armpit, or displayed on a rifle rack in the rear window of someone’s pick up truck.
    Maybe she should have been a little more clear with her dreams.
    I don’t think these women clearly thought through this weekend display.

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    • I’m not sure about all your points, Glenn, but in my heyday “wiped down with gun oil” sounds pretty good to me and the gals I hung with, although it won’t be ‘gun’ oil but something they select! LoL & sarcastic [kind of, sort of]….


  7. I had to laugh at this one even though it’s true. I also hope their dream comes true. Should be interesting.

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  8. Kevin J Lankford

    may be she just wants every one to have the right to keep and bare women.

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  9. So clueless about gun laws. Must be a lazy womyn because she could easily do her homework on the internet to determine a gun’s “rights.” But that wouldn’t get her picture taken, now would it?

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    • Haha DCG normally I don’t pay attention to the tiny pictures by each commenter’s name, but I just happened to notice yours. Beautifully ironic, considering the topic of this post!

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  11. Looks like these women have a terminal case of cranial-rectal inversion!

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  12. Add to the list, if she happens to be very short, with a very bad reputation, also known as, or nicknamed “Sawed Off,” or if you will….”Old Betsy, Old Bessy. Old Smoky, Old Liz, Old Zulu, Blunderbuss, Pepper Shaker, Her, Shoulder Buster, Pappy’s Stand-By, Gat, Old Trusty, Smoke Stack, Spray Gun, Dead Eye, Meat Gutter, Bad News, and on and on!”

    Then many federal, and local restrictions apply, and she cannot be legally married to hardly anyone outside of law enforcement, and the military.

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  13. In most europe countries guns are illegal, does she really want that? lol.

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  14. AMAZING analogy! And, RIGHT ON! Thank YOU!

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  15. Oh, and PS…forwarded to all my NRA associates for our “joke of the day.”

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  16. These people are too stupid for words.

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  17. I guess this idiot never heard of the old saying : ” Be careful of what you ask for , you just might get it ” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  18. This obviously was not taken at the women’s march in DC – she’s wearing a tank top.

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  19. “Travel in the trunk!!” BWAHAHA!!!!!

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  21. Thank you Dr. Eowyn. Your response is perfect.


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