WANTED: Woman who set a Trump supporter’s hair on fire


The woman who did this criminal act has been identified. See “Woman who set fire to Trump supporter’s hair is identified“.

The D.C. Metropolitan Police Department is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and indictment of the person or persons responsible for this crime. Call police at 202-727-9099. , or submit your tip to the TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411.


According to the legal dictionary, whereas assault is an act that creates an apprehension in another of an imminent, harmful, or offensive contact, battery is a harmful or offensive touching of another. The main distinction between two being the existence (battery) or non-existence (assault) of touching or contact.

Both Assault and battery are offenses in criminal and Tort Law; therefore, they can give rise to criminal or civil liability.

Setting someone’s hair on fire is battery, which can lead to serious bodily injury or even the death of the victim.

This morning, our DCG posted about an anti-Trump protester in Washington, D.C., who lit a Trump supporter’s hair on fire.

Here’s the video:

Below are screenshots I took from the video:


If you know the identity of the firestarter, contact the FBI:

H/t FOTM‘s Lola



30 responses to “WANTED: Woman who set a Trump supporter’s hair on fire

  1. Of course, CNN is silent about this.

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  2. This really makes me angry! I don’t like feeling this way, but this crap has to stop. This criminal needs to go to prison!

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  3. Liberal Love: so respectful !

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  4. I just hope that the authorities will be able to catch this woman. It is sad what people will do when worked into a frenzy by being part of a crowd. They will do thing that they would never do if they were out there all alone.
    The sooner this goon is locked up the better.

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  5. This Chick is toast

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  6. Contact FBI ???? Don’t think so…. Those Homo’s would probably find a way to prosecute the victim.


  7. Further, could there people promoting division in our country, preparing programs and paying people to carry out harm, even an end, to our democratic ways developed from the time of the Constitution?

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  8. I went frame by frame and the girl in the yellow jacket next to her is a witness. She’s looking down to her right as the perp’s hand reaches through to light the victim’s hair and the perp looks to be smiling. The perp is looking directly at her own hand as she lights off the victim’s hair. The one in yellow saw exactly what happened and she needs to be found too. And the Good Samaritan should be praised for saving the victim from serious harm. This needs to go viral. Send it to your local news. Send it to the national news and send it to all your friends with the same request. All out retribution against this type of behavior is the only way to stop it.

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  9. No doubt they will catch the deplorable libtard.

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  10. The girl in yellow jacket was in on it. You can see that blue hat said something to her just before the incident. Then she looks down and makes room for blue hat’s arm. They are both wearing very similar hand marked tea shirts so my best guess is that these two are mates. Directly afterwards yellow jacket starts to shout and create a scene so as to distract people from blue hat. I hope that both are identified soon and brought to justice.

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  11. If anyone needed more evidence in just how despicable these people can be, look no further.
    I hope she is found and prosecuted to the fullest extent, no hand slapping here.

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  12. I still think that with the right Prosecutor there is more here than Assault and Battery.
    There is battery by Arson (fire) so that is going to bump it up to Aggravated Battery if nothing else. Setting someones hair on fire is serious attempt to maim or kill, not just attacking someone with your hands.

    Depending upon the local DC laws there are probably several ways to bump this up. The girl was not hurt, but only because her hair did not catch fire completely before the guys beat it out. The intent was clear, to burn her hair off, regardless of the danger to maim or even kill her.

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  14. She shall be roasted…they are losing their mind now.

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  15. Democrats behaving badly…criminally even….but, will anything EVER be done to stop them or even slap them on the wrist…even after saying “I’ve thought about blowing up the White House? NOOOOOOO. I suspect they will be in this juvenile, evil, criminally damaging temper tantrum for at least the next 4 years because their candidate did not win (and MAYBE it’s just because they did NOT VOTE!…and YET, they feel “entitled” to rage against the outcome….).

    I know one thing for sure…I will NEVER EVER again buy or watch anything perpetrated by either Madonna or Ashley Judd. I never was a Madonna fan…but I did think Judd was talented and even maybe was speaking/coming from the same place I was coming from (humble beginnings, working her way up…out of the “common people” )…but NO MORE….She’s “one of them,” the Hollywood “elite” who has lost contact with the real “common man” in this country and thusly, she cut me off like an amputated LEG. THE MINUTE you compare anyone in this country who has NOT killed 6 million people in a quest for power and control (like Hitler) you LOSE THE ARGUMENT COMPLETELY. YOU ARE DONE…STICK A FORK IN HER. NO One from this country has ever done this or EVER WILL. CRACK a history book sister……go to a Holocaust Museum you uneducated, insulting twit……..

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  16. Two thoughts:

    You may have noticed or suspected by my name, “Jurist”, that I’m a lawyer. Accordingly, feel free to ask me for a legal opinion anytime (certain rules of ethics may forbid me from answering, but not often). That said, this video appears to show a 100%, no-legal-defenses-apply, instance of tortious Battery. The injured party should prevail without any real legal resistance. Whether the defendant can/will pay is another story altogether….
    Sadly, criminal Battery requires a greater level of harm. Arresting someone over such a slight is highly unlikely to happen.

    For what it’s worth, there will one day be a day of judgment whose legal standards will be unassailable.

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    • “feel free to ask me for a legal opinion anytime”

      Thank you, Jurist, for your standing offer. Much appreciated. 🙂

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    • “Arresting someone over such a slight is highly unlikely to happen.”

      So willful (premeditated) intent to harm doesn’t count?

      In his “spare time,” Trump should find out who that mentally deranged girl is & take a few big guys in black suits with him & show up at her door one day, sit her down & give her a stern lecture. That might put the scare into her if there’s no law against willfully putting a lighter to someone’s hair & nylon jacket & igniting them (smoke is proof of fire).

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  17. The fat jewish man with the pink hat and the black man to the thug attacker’s left, appear to be conspirators.


  18. It would have been nice to see someone give that witch a left hook on her fat jaw . Or , at least put her ugly ass down on the ground , and detain her till the cops arrived ( with as much force as needed , hopefully a lot of force would have been needed) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………………..

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  19. On a somewhat similar assault… I didn’t follow the online news re Richard Spencer getting punched. Evidently, whoever was helping to identify the guilty party has been banned from Twitter:

    In that brief article Saboteur also includes a tweet that says Madonna has deleted her tweet re blowing up the White House.


  20. Could they be agents-provacetuers? Paid agents to create riot, unrest? The red-shirts in Bangkok also claimed to be peaceful protesters when in fact they were violent villanous …

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  21. On the YouTube comments, which have been deleted, someone named the woman and has a screenshot of a tweet by one of her friends. The pic shows a little puff of smoke and the tweet says “cooking bacon” at the protest.


  22. So what happened? Was it her? Did she get arrested/sued?


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