Please sign petition to keep Satan statue out of Arkansas state capitol

Satan statue in Detroit, Michigan. See "Detroit goes to the devil".

Satan statue in Detroit, Michigan. See “Detroit goes to the devil“.

Letter from John Horvat, Vice-President, Tradition, Family and Property (TFP),

On Wednesday, in Little Rock, a subcommittee of the capitol grounds committee will meet with members of the Satanic Temple. They will decide whether or not to allow a large Satan statue on government property.

Here’s how it all started: The Arkansas state capitol allowed the Ten Commandments on public property. This monument reminds Americans of the foundation of our laws and morality.

The Satanists were unhappy with this. So they are trying to counter the Ten Commandments Monuments with a Satan statue of their own!

In fact, they have proposed to ship a large statue of Baphomet (a half- human, half-goat devil) to Little Rock and to plant it on the state capitol grounds.

Some claim that this will ensure true “freedom” in America.

But what freedoms are Satanists reaching for…what are their ideals for our society?

We don’t need Satan in America. We don’t need “After School Satan Clubs.” We don’t need Satanic “invocations” at our town council meetings.

And we surely don’t need Black Masses!

So, for all of these reasons, please:

Sign the petition to tell Arkansas politicians to reject Satan!

We must hold to our Christians ideals.

We must fight and pray. And as good people at Harvard were successful in cancelling a public “Black Mass” on campus, so too we should take a stand against Satan here and now in Little Rock, Arkansas.

But God only gives victory to those that actively do His will.

Therefore, we should pray and raise our voice against the Evil One.

May America ever remain one nation under God!

Thank you, and God Bless!

Here’s the petition to keep the Satan statue out of Arkansas’ state capitol:

To: The Honorable Mark Martin, Secretary of State Arkansas State Capitol

I reject the Satan monument at the Arkansas State Capitol. Satan is the ultimate enemy of mankind. To erect a public Satan statue will bring down God’s wrath and drive away His blessings from Arkansas and America. Please don’t let this happen.

The petition’s signature goal is 45,000. The current count of signatories is 40,133. Please sign the petition and help publicize it via email and social media. To sign the petition, click here.

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17 responses to “Please sign petition to keep Satan statue out of Arkansas state capitol

  1. Sad, very sad. Back when this country was founded, these so called people wouldve been burned at the stake.

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  3. What else can we expect from the state that gave us the vile Tyson Poultry Farms [TPF], birds saturated in antibitotics, growth hormones, and WHATEVER else it takes to slaughter at 12 weeks or LESS? But very best of all, the Evil Duo of Duplicity & Deceit [DDD] not only cancelled the fines levied against TPF, but passed laws EXEMPTING TPF from further punishment for NEW violations. Ain’t it grand what money can do for Big Business? And did I forget to say that Tyson was their first really big multi-millionaire donor?

    Moving right along, a neutral website, The Top 100 Corporate Criminals of the Decade [], reports that Tyson ALWAYS makes their yearly list of the 100 Worst Corporate Criminals [how could they miss the DDD?]; but here’s what’s worse:

    “To compile The Top 100 Corporate Criminals of the 1990s, we used the most narrow and conservative of definitions — corporations that have pled guilty or no contest to crimes and have been criminally fined.”

    “…pled guilty or no contest to crimes….” Now ain’t that a peach? The great lesson here is that CRIME PAYS –if it is BIG enough.
    And thanks for all the fish, DDD!


    • I don’t understand the venom you heaped on the state of Arkansas, where many good decent Christians, including FOTM’s joandarc, live:

      (1) It’s the Satanic Temple that’s the evildoer here, not the state of Arkansas.
      (2) The state of Arkansas is NOT Tyson Chicken
      (3) The state of Arkansas is NOT Bill Clinton.


  4. This is not what our Founders meant when they said freedom of religion. We were founded as a Christian nation. Our Founders did not want a State Religion and persecution of those that refused that church.
    Writers of that time said, “Freedom to worship God in the manner of your choice.”
    This is not an exercise of Freedom of Religion, but simply Freedom to be Stupid. We don’t burn them at the stake any longer, but that doesn’t mean they can pollute Public Property with their celebrations of perversions and evil.
    From a pure philosophical standpoint, if God did not Exist, wise people with the hope of establishing a civilization would have to “invent” Him.
    It is foolish for “Atheists” to object to the belief in God, for if He does not exist, how can others’ belief harm them?
    But the idea of allowing public worship of Satan leads to many recognized evil practices. As well as a total denial of any moral responsibility. Destructive to any society. To tolerate it bad enough, but to publicly condone it is destructive, I don’t care what the “apologists” claim.

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    • Kevin J Lankford

      As I understand it also, Christianity is the established religion our Constitution is based on. No other religion is compatible. Their intent was not to allow the church be or to rule above the government, but to set moral guidelines in which to aspire.

      Just as every other principle enshrined in our Constitution, “An Establishment of Religion” phrase has been misrepresented over time to be interpreted as any conceivable ideology one might wish to claim as religion. We do know evil proceeded the word of God long ago, and is at work here and now.


  5. TY for posting the petition.

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  6. I am just stunned that they would even give any consideration of meeting with these people.
    What is the current status of the Ten Commandents? Didn’t they make the judge take them down? It is exhausting keeping track of all this evil.


  7. I attempted to sign the petition, and either it’s closed or the link doesn’t work.
    At any rate, I can understand josephbc’s point, in that there is plenty of corruption in that State, as there is in New York, also. I have bookmarked

    But I do see your point, Dr. E, that the issue of the statue is the point of this post.

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    • Steven, it was that way for me too, so I hit “submit” again, and then I saw that I had received an email from John Horvat thanking me for signing, so our signatures did go through. I just sent an email to Mr. Horvat alerting him to the malfunctioning “submit” button. 🙂


  8. I bet Bill Clinton is paying for the statue too. I will definitely sign the petition. Only thing ‘good’ about that statue of Ba’al is to knock it down or keep it away in the first place. Pray for the misguided souls who are trying to get this into the state capitol. God help them because they need all the help they can get before they become crispy critters in Hell.
    Geez, this is a bit like CERN where they have that evil statue of that evil Hindu goddess there, as they did that ‘mock’ sacrifice before they turned it on and then caused that weird creepy cloud formation in the sky.


  9. PS: I went to sign it, and once you hit ‘send’, it comes up “page cannot be displayed’, but when I checked the petition count, it was up one from before I signed, so I’m guessing they are going through, but maybe there is some sort of error on the confirmation side of things? Just FYI.


  10. If the Arkansas State Capitol building is legally forced to allow the satan statue to be erected, I would make damn sure that a flock of pigeons establish their home on his head.


  11. This is Exactly Why There is a Separation of Church and State!
    You open that door, and you invite Baphomet to step through!

    “I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church & State.”
    President Thomas Jefferson


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