Pajama Boy Approved: Bernie Sanders inspires menswear in Balenciaga’s latest collection to hit the runway



From Daily Mail: None of the US presidential candidates this year were exactly known for their fashion sense, but one has emerged as a clear style muse for a high-end designer. Whether it was his politics or his supporters’ rally style, Bernie Sanders nspired Balenciaga creative director Demna Gvasalia’s latest collection, which he showed at Paris Men’s Fashion Week on Wednesday.

The designer sent models down the runway in jackets, sweaters, and blankets baring the Balenciaga name printed to look suspiciously like Bernie’s logo.

At first look, several outfits that came down the catwalk seemed to be adorned with actual Bernie merchandise. Upon closer inspection, however, it becomes clear that Gvasalia reworked the red, white, and blue underlined logo from his campaign to say Balenciaga instead. On some pieces, he also included the year — 2017.

Besides paying homage to his campaign logo, the styling of some of the collection seems to reference Bernie’s as well.

One model wore a seemingly oversized, ill-fitting blue suit, while others wore their Bernie sweaters and jackets over button-downs. A few looked like ‘Bernie Bros’, teaming their Bernie/Balenciaga merch with athletic sneakers and hoodies. Several of the men also rocked nail art with the logo on their fingers, and there were hidden pins that also had the design.

And while it is unclear whether the political pieces will sell, Twitter users who have spotted the collection certainly seem intrigued. ‘This is every millennials fashion dream, and I’m basking in it,’ writer Laurise McMillian tweeted.

‘Balenciaga x Bernie Sanders. Sign. Me. Up,’ wrote one man. Another joked: ‘Who would’ve thought that Balenciaga x Bernie Sanders would be the hottest collab of the year?’ 



24 responses to “Pajama Boy Approved: Bernie Sanders inspires menswear in Balenciaga’s latest collection to hit the runway

  1. Bernie Sanders is a fashion muse? Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

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  2. My word. I seem to remember Bernie Sanders as a bit disheveled and generally in need of a comb. Who knew?

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  3. These designers are mostly fags. They make women look like teenage boys, so the de-masculinization of men should be no surprise.
    I saw some pics on the Internet of some Euro-fag designs that were even worse than this crap.

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    I think even Carol Burnette could improve on their sense of “style”.

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  5. That is some of the TACKIEST clothing I have ever seen. Slooped shouldered weak looking excuse for mens (?) clothing!!!!!!

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  6. I can not imagine women being attracted to men wearing such a mesh-mash of weirdo clothing! It rather gags me, I certainly hope that younger woman will feel the same way. Let’s face it, to some degree, we do dress to be attractive to the opposite sex . . . but this bunch of drivel just don’t get it!

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  7. These adult, fully-grown men are being dressed in these ill-fitting clothes for a reason. They look like young boys whose parents bought clothes for them a few sizes too large. Why make adult men look like little boys? Well, to answer that one, let’s ask the big question: is Demna Gvasalia just in love with designing provocative garbage, or does he actually like this stuff? On top of it all, is he gay? If so, then it’s safe to say he’s another James Alefantis.

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  8. The pajama boys need to take lessons in SWANK from Roger Stone… Within the first minute of this AlexJones video from DC they discuss Stone’s Inauguration Day attire… Love it!


    Yes! 😀

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    • I enjoyed the rest of the clip as well. Roger is a class act. Thanks.

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      • You’re welcome, they were fun to watch together. 🙂 A 22-inch size neck for AJ, wow; some women have waistlines that size! In the YT comments for that video, one guy wrote that Roger with his top hat looked like the guy from the Monopoly game, lol! 😀

        Here’s another photo of Stone dressed for the nighttime Inaugural Ball events… snazzy!

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    • Please pray for the continued recovery of Mr. Stone. Being poisoned with polonium is no walk in the park, and he still very well may be plagued with health problems for the rest of his life. He still may die. This is horrible.

      I have listened to Alex Jones for seven years now, and I have been listening to Roger Stone ever since the campaign. He’s a really good man who provides great intell and a good human being.

      Please pray for his and for Alex Jones’ continued personal safety.

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      • If you have a copy, read Chapter 1 from the book by Daniel Estulin “Shadow Masters”. He goes into detail about the first guy poisoned with Polonium. And, it’s not Russia that did it…more like Clinton buddies.


  9. Here’s a photo of Roger’s Inauguration Day shoes, lol… they look like Old Colonial shoes with the bows!

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  10. Sorry guys, I like for my men to at least have as much testosterone as me.
    But who knows, the way mob mentality is going these days, may mean big sales.
    As for Bernie being a influence, the guy couldn’t even comb his own hair.

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  11. How gay.

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    • It reminds me of Bertolucci’s superb movie ‘The Conformist’, mstly overlooked until recently [2014] when it was restored and re-released. I saw it when it was first released, and have never forgotten its intensity.

      To quote a perceptive reviewer, “…this kind of film, which is meant to illustrate a psychological and political phenomenon that is still very much with us, in which an individual surrenders his autonomy, his sense of right and wrong and his ability to tell truth from lies, and willingly enslaves himself to a dominant ideology.” []

      A great description of what’s wrong w/the entire Democrat Party system, and all Broom Hilda-Soros followers. This creep is Fashion Designer to the Fascists….


  12. David Bowie summed it up best in his song “Fashion”: “We are the goon squad and we’re coming to town!” Ditto Bob Dylan: “Is there a hole for me to get sick in?”
    Hey! Where is Glen Beck? I want my money back!

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  13. Reminds me of that movie “Easy Money” where Rodney Dangerfield inspired the “Regular Guy” look, ha ha ha! Though I’d rather go with that movie’s styles than this crap. This is more of the ‘Just rolled out of bed after shopping blindfolded at a thrift store look”.

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