Like, actress Kristen Stewart, like, will direct, like, a gun control film

This is painful. And I’m sure the short film will be just as excruciating as listening to this genious.

h/t Twitchy



21 responses to “Like, actress Kristen Stewart, like, will direct, like, a gun control film

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    Like…uh..uh….um…like is there…like….some sort uh….like subliminal message….like..there???

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  2. Kristen, go back and listen to yourself. Then do a little research outside of your bubble. People who own firearms aren’t evil. The leftist indoctrination you’ve fallen under is.

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  3. And absolute “TWEEKER,” note all the strange movements!
    Here is her future

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  4. Babbling lib/prog bullshit. Zero understanding of anything she is trying to talk about. A “confused parrot” that watched too much MSNBC.
    I think an Original Idea, and a drink of water would kill her, dead as a door-nail.

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  5. Many celebs have this same speech impediment. Unless they are parroting a memorized script, the ability to speak coherently with words actually strung together to verbalize a concept alludes them.

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  7. Its not only celebs it is practically our entire youth! I’m 61 and I find myself doing it – like – too much. I hate it and consciously try not too- that is the difference they don’t care and have no idea of how stupid and unintelligent they actually sound. They can’t read or write cursive now so no biggie decimating the spoken word.

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    • I suspect their heavy use of connective words relates to serious inferiority,a lack of self worth. They fear that if they stop talking or pause to plan their next sentence,they’ll be judged irrelevant and ignored.

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      • TJ, is that a nice way to say she’s dumber than a box of rocks, knows nothing of what she talking about, and scared spitless that someone (everyone!) will see it?
        Good job!

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        • Actually,I’m just saying that people who often add words like “ya know”,or “like” or “uh” throughout their speaking have probably “lost their right to speak” i.e. someone else has taken the floor,when they’ve paused,curtailing their ability to complete their line of thought. By constantly linking their commentary with these “fillers,they’re clinging to their “turn” to talk. I notice Obama is very much prone to this speech pattern,subconsciously showing his insecurity at public speaking,and his fear of being considered not worth listening to. (In his case,though,it’s totally justified.) I’m not educated in this,it’s just my personal observation.


  8. So this incoherent, inarticulate 26-year-old actress is now a director? HA HA HA HA!

    From Wikipedia:
    “Stewart attended local schools until the seventh grade. As she became more involved in acting, she continued her education by correspondence until completing high school.”

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  9. Who is Kristen Stewart???

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  10. Loser with a capital L

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  11. Dingbat!!!!!!

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  12. She has absolutely no credibility, she couldn’t even stay true to her boyfriend. I would suspect she travels with body guards.
    I put her in the same category as the self worth is overrated nutzo Jennifer Lawrence, that thought she was so cute making fun of an Hawaiian artifact she rudely sat on.
    I don’t know what is in the water out there in Ca., but I suspect they need a zero water filter.

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