A libtard’s idea of comedy: “Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter”


The edgy womyn Katie Rich and her comedic tweet.

From Daily Mail: A Saturday Night Live writer has been blasted for declaring 10-year-old Barron Trump will become ‘this country’s first homeschool shooter’ in a now deleted tweet. 

Katie Rich fired off the tweet on Inauguration Day, only to delete it three hours later and set her account to private after she faced a barrage of criticism. The comedy writer was branded ‘scum’ by Twitter users who called for her account to be blocked while others urged NBC to fire her.

Just after noon on Friday, Rich wrote: ‘Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter’.

Critics slammed the writer for her ‘tasteless’ joke and called her ‘sick’ and ‘disgusting’ for targeting Trump’s youngest child.

Sam Janney, tweeting under the username @PolitiBunny, wrote: ‘Kids are off limits…and the internet is forever. Shameful @katiemaryrich’

Dennis ONeill wrote: ‘@latiemaryrich what’s your problem. Do you get off picking on little kids? No wonder SNL is garbage these days. You work for them.’

Some Twitter users demanded that she apologize, while several others called for NBC to terminate her contract.

Rich deleted the tweet hours later and set her account to protected, even though that seemed to anger some social medias even more as they continued to berate her online.

The 10-year-old, who accompanied his family to Washington DC this weekend, has been thrust into the limelight as the first son to live in the White House since John F Kennedy Jr. But Barron will be staying put in New York with Melania Trump until he finishes out the year at the Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, where tuition starts at $44,120 for those enrolling in pre-K.

Read the rest of the story here.

And let NBC know what you think of Katie’s “comedy.” Contact NBC here.

FYI: As of midnight last night, Katie’s Twitter account no longer existed. Gee, I wonder why?


23 responses to “A libtard’s idea of comedy: “Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter”

  1. This dofuss is not only tasteless and mean, but got the facts wrong.
    But that’s OK in ‘LibTARD Land’ because she is anti-gun and anti-Trump.
    Propaganda uber alles!
    And they call us “Nazis” for believing in the Constitution, patriotism, and America??

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  2. I went to the NBC link you provided, but their drop down box of categories to choose from as ‘the reason for your comment’ did not have a category labeled as, “I think both NBC and its employees suck.”

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  3. Do we need any more proof that the Lion’s Share of hatred in this country comes from the Left? And not only that, they’re so childish about it, too. Shame on YOU, Katie! Shame on YOU for picking on a ten-year old kid, and Shame on YOU for not being able to refute an unpleasant (for you) fact with reason!

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  4. So now this slut is a hero?

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  5. When I first became aware of this awful situation last evening, I went to the NBC web site and told them to get rid of this woman. No one should be picking on a child. This really shows just how little commonsense or functional social training these leftists have had. I thought Barron was extremely sweet as he exited the limo and waved to the crowds. Do we expect him to have the polish of an adult . . . I don’t think so! But, he was pretty dog-gone polished for a 10 year old. Given time he will have a name in society, whereas these dogs who have railed against him will remain dogs whose names we don’t even remember!

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    • Guess I was not done . . . the real thing that mystifies me is . . . How many people amongst even this group (FOTM) have some type of malady, impediment, blemish, imperfection, anything that we feel diminishes us–even just a little bit. I would bet that that number is rather high, because as I have gone through life, I see that our Heavenly Creator, in His great wisdom, did not make any of us absolutely perfect . Who cares if Baron is autistic?? He seems to be a very handsome, polite, well put together young man . . . . . . the only REAL FLAW HERE are those who feel it is their right to broadcast any faults they seem to feel need to be exposed to the world. It is rather apparent from a Spiritual stance that the flaw is in them, not in this young boy. And then these POS decry that Trump is the author of hate!

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      • Here,again,I’m sure we’ve all noticed the Leftists’ tendency to accuse US of any number of unscrupulous, illegal, unconstitutional, unethical, DEPLORABLE acts,while themselves doing those same things, and far WORSE. It’s the practice of the strategy of redirecting ones self from suspicion by accusing everyone else – I honestly don’t see how they can sleep at night.
        COME ON KARMA-THERE’S your target….

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        • Called “Transference”. It is a Marxist/Leninist tactic to always accuse your opposition of doing what ever bad things you are actually doing. If you get caught, you can claim “He/she/it/they did it, TOO!” and that is supposed to be an excuse.
          Like the kindergarten bully, “I just hit him back, first!”

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      • Well done Auntie, well done.
        Imagine her comments if the right had dared to say anything like this about the Obama girls.
        Double standards and hypocrisy seems to run rampant among the liberals.

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      • I have flaws and are certainly aware of them. I think many FOTM readers do as well. Taming ourselves is the first step toward presenting a living sacrifice to God. One flaw I do not possess is to demean or attack children (in fact I tend to over indulge them). Children are not involved in political, social or cultural debates except for the concern of how these matters effect them. I leave all politicians children alone. This excuse for a woman went too far out of bounds, beyond taste and far beyond decency. She may think of herself as cutting edge, brilliant, hip and witty but she is merely a lowlife hack. Now, once these kids come of age and decide to enter the public arena they are fair game. I gave that courtesy to Chelsea Clinton and the Obama girls. So did many. Trumps child is no different and I expect that same standard from even the Left, although I doubt it will happen because the Left constantly reminds us it has no scruples and no sense of shame. We’re a rare and dying breed, Auntie, but until the last one of us dies we will insist upon decorum.

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  6. Katie Rich. Who’s dat?
    Just a sick, vile, and very unfunny way for this so-called comedienne to make a name for herself. Let’s make sure she sinks back into oblivion.

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    • Absolutely, more than willing to oblige. I think I will place several calls to NBC during this coming week to complain about this dog. Dr Eowyn, you are correct . . . who is Katie Rich? Until she was stupid enough to supposedly expose Barron she was a nobody, now she has proven that she is a nothing! Let it remain that way. I am sure there are other aspiring talented young woman who could easily fill her job. That would leave her free to slither away into obscurity.

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  7. TELL SNL  NBC  and their SPONSORS  we are tired of seeing bulling and especially bullying of 10 year old Barron Trump sign and share the petition.  https://www.change.org/p/nbc-saturday-night-live-nbc-fire-katie-rich-and-stop-bullying

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  8. Har, Leftists funny… funny-looking, that is.

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  9. It’s time to take out the garbage at Saturday Night Live!

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  10. I haven’t watched SNL in twenty years, and I have never heard of Katie Rich.

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  11. Glad there was such a back lash! Shows there is still a moral majority, thank God. She sure did close her account fast, hee hee! What’s the matter, doesn’t she like constructive criticism? Ha!

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  12. SNL writer Katie Rich who posted offensive tweet about Barron Trump has been suspended indefinitely by NBC.


  13. Evidently another retarded comedian (from same “tribe”) had made a similar remark posted to his twitter on 1/21/17…

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