Trump is right: NATO allies are not paying their fair share

Throughout his campaign, President Donald John Trump had said that one of the things he’ll do as POTUS is to make fairer and better “deals” with supposed U.S. allies — in Asia (Japan, South Korea), and in Europe (referring to our allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO).

In the case of America’s NATO allies, they are supposed to pay at least 2% of their GDPs as their “fair share” in defense costs — except they’re not.

Rick Clough reports for Bloomberg, Jan. 18, 2017, that “Donald Trump is right to say America’s NATO allies aren’t paying their fair share,” which you can see in the map below.


Whereas the U.S. pays more than our “fair share” as a member of NATO (3.6% of our GDP), the vast majority of NATO allies pay less than their fair share:

  1. Albania: 1.2%
  2. Belgium: 0.9%
  3. Bulgaria: 1.3%
  4. Canada: 1%
  5. Croatia: 1.2%
  6. Czech Republic: 1%
  7. Denmark: 1.2%
  8. France: 1.8%
  9. Germany: 1.2%
  10. Hungary: 1%
  11. Italy: 1.1%
  12. Latvia: 1.5%
  13. Lithuania: 1.5%
  14. Luxembourg: 0.4%
  15. Netherlands: 1.2%
  16. Norway: 1.5%
  17. Portugal: 1.4%
  18. Romania: 1.5%
  19. Slovakia: 1.2%
  20. Slovenia: 0.9%
  21. Spain: 0.9%
  22. Turkey: 1.6%

In all, only four NATO countries pay their fair share:

  • Estonia: 2.2%
  • Greece: 2.4%
  • Poland: 2%
  • United Kingdom: 2.2%

Not only are our “allies” not shouldering their fair share, instead leaving it up to the United States, as usual, to fork up more than our share, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization itself should be mothballed, being a relic of the Cold War against a communist Soviet Union that no longer exists.

Bloomberg‘s Clough observes:

“He [Trump] reaffirmed his skepticism about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and his readiness to make deals with Russia, in European media interviews published last weekend. Trump isn’t famous for his policy consistency, but those positions have held fairly steady — leaving European leaders wondering whether they can still rely on the American security umbrella.

‘Let’s not fool ourselves,’ German Chancellor Angela Merkel said last week. ‘There is no infinite guarantee.’

So Merkel’s Germany, and many other European nations, are boosting military budgets.

[…] the prospect of a European arms-shopping spree is a win-win for suppliers. Investors have noticed: From Raytheon Co. to Lockheed Martin Corp. to Thales SA, defense contractors have hit all-time highs since Trump’s election. […]

Germany, which spent 1.2 percent of GDP on defense last year according to NATO figures, has announced the biggest increase in 25 years — an extra 10.6 billion euros ($11.2 billion) through 2020. France has approved increased outlays for 2017. Altogether, 19 of NATO’s 28 members have boosted military budgets in the past 18 months, according to a Bank of America Merrill Lynch report.

[…] The new administration isn’t all upside for defense contractors. Trump has already called out companies like Lockheed and Boeing Co. for their high prices.”

And both Lockheed and Boeing, even before Trump was inaugurated as President, already made concessions:

But neo-conservative Bill Kristol whines that he finds Trump putting America’s interests first to be “vulgar, embarrassing and depressing”.

See also “Pence says transition team returning 20 percent of budget”.

H/t ZeroHedge


14 responses to “Trump is right: NATO allies are not paying their fair share

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  3. If we build an alliance with Russia, NATO is going to be pointless to waste money on because it was invented to defend against the Soviet Union. Russia isn’t Soviet anymore, they learned from their mistakes, whereas western liberals clearly have never had the opportunity, and hopefully never will.

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  4. IMO of course Trump is correct about NATO.
    IMO Russia are both adversaries of the U.S.A. (for different reasons) and I am confident that is how polices with each of them will be crafted by the Trump Administration.

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  6. Russia under the Czar was not an adversary of the United States. Russia under the ‘soviets’ was made to be an adversary, of course. How else were we to have an ‘arms race’ while at the same time engaging in a transfer of technology to the soviets? And all the while the MSM told everyone we were in a ‘cold war’, while proxy wars happened across the globe so that all that expensive military hardware could be used to help depopulate the world of deplorables.
    Antony Sutton wrote 3 volumes on this topic. The first is titled “Western technology and Soviet economic development, 1917 to 1930”. This first volume appears to be available here:–Western-Technology-1917-1930/Sutton–WesternTechnologyAndSovietEconomicDevelopment1917To1930.pdf

    Also, the Black Book of Communism is a good resource. This info from as well as a review of the book is quite interesting:


  7. Great report, thank you.
    It is a sad day that one of the poorest countries, Greece, is doing more than their fair share.

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  8. So, basically, Estonia, Greece, Poland, United Kingdom, and the USA, ARE NATO….even IF their votes are outnumbered by deadbeat “tenants?”

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  9. The NATO charter is obsolete. It contains neither conceptual nor specific reference to cross-border terrorism. Written for different times, it must be updated to reflect the composition, level of commitment/responsibility, and disparate goals of existing members. Membership should be trimmed if necessary, or at a minimum “tiered” in accordance with the above guidelines.

    Current actual contributions are grounds for voiding the entire treaty. Again, our goals are altogether out of kilter with reality. NATO needs a major revamp.

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  10. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this important post. President Trump is an experienced and successful businessman with a keen sense of perception and equity. He will take care of this inequity and bring about justice in this matter.

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  11. Nice post. Nice to see a conservative view besides my own on here. I was about to delete word press because it seemed all I could find were hateful post about conservative people.


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