Spike Lee Not Using Chrisette Michele Music Due to Trump Performance


Chrisette takes the high road while Spike continues to display his butt hurt.

From Yahoo: If Chrisette Michelle was hoping for a slot on the soundtrack to Spike Lee’s upcoming Netflix TV series adaptation of his 1986 pic She’s Gotta Have It, she can forget it. The Grammy-winning R&B singer drew massive criticism today after belatedly revealing that she had accepted an invitation to perform at inauguration festivities for incoming President Donald Trump, including from Spike Lee himself. Lee took to his Instagram, stating that he had considered using Michelle’s song “Black Girl Magic” in the Netflix series but, in light of her decision to perform, has changed his mind.

To be fair, how much of a done-deal the use of Michelle’s song actually was is unclear. It admittedly sounds more like Spike Lee likes the song and was considering it but hadn’t actually licensed it yet. Even so, it was a big symbol not only of the criticism heaped at Michelle, but at the cultural fight over who is, and who isn’t willing to be associated publicly with incoming President Donald Trump.

Shocking no one, the vast majority of popular artists fall into the latter camp. That’s especially true for African American artists, thanks in no small part to the president-elect’s campaign, which relied heavily on well documented support from white nationalists and, let’s be honest, well-documented implied reciprocal support from Trump and his team for the same (this statement is, in my opinion, more propaganda/butt hurt from Yahoo).

Michelle is as it turns out fully aware of that unfortunate context, but insists it’s important to reach out nonetheless. “We Can’t Be Present If We’re Silent,” she said in a message posted to her own Instagram today, explaining that while she is devastated over the election results, she hopes for “peaceful & progressive conversation,” and that she is “willing to be a bridge.”


10 responses to “Spike Lee Not Using Chrisette Michele Music Due to Trump Performance

  1. Poor whinny a-hole. Change his diapers and give him a new sippy cup. One day these hollywood jerks will realize that the world does not revolve around them. It is a shame because i DID enjoy some of his movies!

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    • The very word “entertainment” means you are being put under or entering under an animal skin. (Think 3 ring circus and tents.) Like the animals which used to be wild, you are being slowly broken of your natural inclination to ‘wildness’ (read, self-preservation) and trained to think differently and to act differently.

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  2. Never seen a Spike Lee movie, deliberately, and never will.

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  3. Any relationship to Spike Jones?

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  4. I met Spike Lee once, many years ago, just before “She Gotta Have It” came out. No words were exchanged. He came out of a building on Montague Street in downtown Brooklyn, gave me a “die in a fire” look and moved on.

    Yes, Lee does know how to make a movie, but that doesn’t mean they’re any good. The police chokehold scene in “Do the Right Thing” was complete and utter B.S., even by New York standards, as the NYPD has all but outlawed the maneuver (despite what happened to Eric Garner in Staten Island). Long Story Short, Lee is peddling a trite and worn-out mantra of “Damn the White Man” (as does Al Sharpton), and his target market is shrinking. I am confident he knows this. So now the question becomes, why does he keep playing the same old broken record? Is he rabid? (The question is rhetorical!)

    I will state this plainly. You may recoil in horror! There are many great, decent black folk out there. We’ve all dealt with them. Yet there remain SUBCRETINOUS GOONS like Lee. Glowering and saturnine, they would cling to the intellectualized hatred of Susan Sontag (whom I also met), if they could understand her, let alone read her. And that hatred was encapsulated by Sontag with this sentence of hers in 1965: “The white race is the cancer on human history.” WHY does Lee harp on for year after year with this demented alienation? I believe Sigmund Freud had the answer. SPIKE LEE IS MAD AT LIFE BECAUSE HE IS NOT WHITE.
    There’s your answer.

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  5. I would guess that ‘Spike Lee’ has had some schooling since his mother was a private school teacher who took him to museums and his father a jazz musician. (See notable biographies dot com.) He attended Morehouse College and the Tisch School of the Arts at N.Y.U. There is no mention of his having graduated from either –which is curious. How do these famous people seem to be able to jump tall buildings in a single bound?
    So I wonder why it is that he writes as he does on his social media accounts? Are we to believe he does not know how to spell?
    Or can we safely assume he’s another black person donning the pimp persona in order to keep blacks spinning in that same orbit? Not very egalitarian of you ‘Spike’. And smells of agendas which are different from the one you purport to champion.
    As a point of interest, Brad Pitt and Spike Lee are distant cousins. The Daily Mail ran an article on May Day 2010. And TMZ wrote on it on March 6, 2014. And that’s what we’re permitted to know…

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    • “I would guess that ‘Spike Lee’ has had some schooling since his mother was a private school teacher ”
      Looking at his illiterate spelling,I’m sure his Mother is SO proud of him. He IS successful in his field,but,as much of the Celebrity realm has,he has DEVOLVED himself to the writing skill level of an average 6 year old. WHY?
      If he can’t write without using a modified incarnation of E-Bonics,why in the world should I afford him any credibility?

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  6. Real name Shelton. That ain’t no damn homeboy name

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  7. Spike Lee, a guy that deserves no respect. After the Trayvon case in Florida where he gave out addresses, which almost got innocent people killed, he should be in jail.

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  8. Spike Lee sucks bilge water!

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