Rick Owens’ insane menswear at Paris Fashion Week

Richard Saturnino Owens, known as Rick Owens, 55, is an American fashion designer from Porterville, California.

He is married to a demonic-looking woman named Michele Lamy who is his “muse”.

Rick Owens

The following are some of Owens’ menswear seen at the 2017 Paris Fashion Week:


This is my favorite! ↓


Reporting for Fashion Times on Jan. 22, 2017, Jayne Mountford writes that Rick Owens has been called “the godfather of brutal chic” and that “In his show notes Rick Owens asks some challenging questions and describes eloquently what his collection is all about”:

“Change can be ominous but isn’t evolution inevitable? Do we really expect to live forever? or might we gracefully go the way of the dinosaur?

Balancing control and collapse is what I’ve built my aesthetic on —- discipline versus indulgence, immortality versus its defeat, architecture versus wilderness.

Fashion’s evolution has expressed ideals of beauty through exaggeration like stretch jeans, stilettos, bustles and panniers. I’ve used volume at the pelvis to construct the effect I think panniers were intended for.

Shapes in thick cotton moleskins and wool suiting are tight and controlled at the top, gradually expanding at the hips to drag and melt tree trunk-like into the ground, shearlings are the simplest of shapes, or twisted and draped into cascading blobs. Bombers are in pirarucu, a Brazilian eco-friendly fish hide with prehistoric-looking scales. Parkas are cut in falling apart mohair or black suburban nylon, twisted and stretched to the floor. Looks are anchored by Adidas pro model shell toes.”

laughing boy

For the 2015 Paris Fashion Week, Owens debuted a line of men’s wear that are dresses with peep-hole cut-outs exposing the genitalia. See my post, “New menswear is a dress with a cutout exposing your penis“.


37 responses to “Rick Owens’ insane menswear at Paris Fashion Week

  1. All I can do is laugh.

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  2. Lovely

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  3. I think there was an error made here in the article. See that last photo with the gold puff fabric? I don’t think that wasn’t part of any fashion show. I think you accidentally pulled the photo from the Women’s March on Washington file by mistake. Sure looks like one of them, anyway, sans pink knit hat.

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  4. It’s the new “Street People” line. Fugly is the new Black.

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  5. Even the worst designers on Project Runway can do better than this garbage. Puke.

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  6. I suggest using that last photo as a subject for an upcoming caption contest.

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  7. From what I have been able to pick up, in my cab travels over the years, is that fashion is basically an IDEOLOGY-RELATED “INDUSTRY.” The prevalent Leftist ideology undergoes its various satanic and saturnine and idiotic transmogrifications and gyrations, and the fashion industry functions as a public siren as to what is going on on the inside,
    From what I have noticed in these photos is a harkening back to The Hunger Games, of a social Darwinism of brutal survival that the Oligarchy has prepared for us all, and these catwalk tangos are a designer’s “thinking out loud” of wish-fulfillment. It is a sort of (false) intellectualized bread and circuses not for the elites, but for the wannabes. In other words, HORROR IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER!

    If I may quote Captain Kurtz from “The Heart of Darkness,” “Kill all the brutes!”

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  8. Nihilism for ‘men’ at its best, or at its worst, depending on whether you’re a true man. Even the sodomites I know wouldn’t wear this shtuff. Well, I’ll take that back, there may be a couple.

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  9. Great!
    A Zombie
    An Asian Gangsta
    A Moonie
    A sleeping bag that puked
    Ashton Kutcher
    And a star wars character

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  10. Not to put too fine a point on it, but how sure are we that “…demonic-looking woman named Michele Lamy” is indeed a woman? S/he strikes me as a transgender the same as Michele Moose, though my eyesight’s not as great as two years ago. Still, s/he looks plenty damned weird to me, sure as Hell.

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  11. How many R – E- A- L men in this world are going to actually pay money to wear these creations. There is a severe divide from what a designer shows at a clothier show, and what people are actually willing to put down their cash for. I cannot honestly feel that any man who is free from pervasive mental illness would actually wish to portray himself in this manner. Unless, he is an asexual being . . . ain’t No Women want to see a man lookin’ like that!

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  12. I think “Fashion” is all about socially forcing people to dress a certain way,in order to be “fashionable” or Cool. It’s a CONTROL thing. That’s never been a part of my world-I KNOW I’m not cool,and I don’t care. I REFUSE to wear something I think looks stupid just so others will say I’m

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  13. Note in this avatar photo my work T shirt while visiting good friends of considerable wealth and fashion, which indicates how much I’m concerned for ‘cool,’ wtH that is at this time.

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  14. Well, someone certainly opened the window and tossed all sanity out.
    You would think with how critical most fashion critics have been over the years with great designers, that someone, anyone, would laugh this guy out of the building.
    This is how far we have fallen in a few years.

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    • On your final sentence I vaguely recalled where all this crapola originated: Kurt Cobain and his ‘grunge’ affectations. Here is an excellent starting point for insights: http://www.vogue.com/868923/kurt-cobain-legacy-of-grunge-in-fashion/. And from VOGUE, no less, the former home to Audrey Hepburn and Catherine Deneuve.

      To erase any possible lingering doubt before you spend $200 to buy a new pair of blue jeans that looks to be ready to become rags, “…there’s something very appealing about that sense of being comfortable in one’s skin and embracing a less-than-perfect ideal,” says music and culture writer Julianne Escobedo Shepherd. “Not only did he make it okay to be a freak, he made it desirable.”

      Mmm, yes, ‘desirable’, that’s the word for it! Perhaps as was Cobain’s self-destruction, brought on by his same penchant for a terminal lack of self-esteem?


  15. I think Mr. Owens is telling the world that we will soon be living under bridges and in refrigerator boxes.

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  16. Oh,another thing “Fashion” accomplishes-it tells the world that you can wear stupid styles that you can’t actually DO anything in (except void your bodily functions),BECAUSE you’re now so successful that you’ll never NEED to do anything,you can HIRE people to do that menial stuff…

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  17. Yeah, go ahead, wear that stuff to a job interview…ahahahahahhaha

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    • HA HA Christian! WE’ve been friends w/a couple for 30 years whose youngest son is very capable, with a good college degree to recommend him….but who will NOT back off of his condition of employment at interviews that he NOT cut his hip-length dread-locks. Most important thing to him, evidently. He’s now almost 40 and still stuck in this same goove….& has had only temp jobs cleaning CA park or CA city park walking trails for the last almost 20 years…….His jobs last for a few months at a time b/c, for instance, he will just disappear/run off to the latest social protest…..Black Lives Matter…..the recent pipeline protest (until, of course, the weather turned too cold….)…and so on….

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      • “His jobs last for a few months”

        CalGirl, that may be deliberate. My socialist friend Stephanie prefers that way of life — work for a few months, get laid off, then collect unemployment “benefits”. When the “benefits” run out, she would get another job for a few months, get laid off, and get back on unemployment, etc. etc.


        • While such people do exist, their behaviours are so self-destructive that no matter how above-average ‘bright’ they may be, they’re not smart enough to avoid a slowly incremental social, then personal, suicide. I do understand this may indicate someone who’s chronically depressed. I’d hoped that at least their parent[s] or friend[s] would make at least one attempt to get help for such a lost soul.


  18. The first thing I thought of was Janet Jackson’s stage costume now that she’s a Muslim. If you go to youtube and look for Janet Jackson LA Forum 2015 you can see what I mean.

    Also, I bet my last dollar Mr. Owen’s “wife” is male.

    Finally, I loved that photo you saved for last. That looks like someone who got in a fight with a mattress (including bedding) and lost.

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  19. Hmmm, better keep clear of any machinery with exposed moving parts. That clothing will wind right into any moving part, and drag the poor sap right in there with it, with a slap, slap, slap!


  20. Didn’t read the article- don’t know what it’s about- No disrespect, Dr.E.-!! I’m just relieved that my first reading of the headline was a misread, and that BUCK OWENS does NOT have an insane menswear line in France! Whew!! 😂


  21. “Fashion” reflects one of the saddest indictments on human nature and intelligence.It shows how easily the masses can be conditioned and led. “Fashion Guru” says …”Cool people will be wearing “this” next season….” so all the lost phelbs…vainly searching for some way to boost their falling image of themselves… blindly adhere to the incessant babblings of theses social manipulators….spending their hard earned on the same cloth …cut in a different way…year in year out.Heavy Sigh.


  22. Hideous and Ugly crap! The first thing that comes to mind and my vision is people who choose to wear sleeping bags that have been cut up arbitrarily. Absolute stupidity!


  23. Looks like pajama boy meets skirt boy meets special snowflake dipsh*t butthurt weasel boy stuck in a perpetual time warp with the boy in the bubble banished to a separate, limited reality occupied by exactly 2 highly disturbed and depraved entities – ricky and “michele”


  24. Next he will wear flour sack for clothes.


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