Hollyweirdos at Anti-Trump Women’s March on Washington

On January 21, the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, an unknown number of women descended on D.C. to march against Trump and for their “reproductive rights,” i.e., their “right” to commit murder of unborn human beings.

I won’t bore you with their predictable and tiresome rhetoric, an account of which you can read here.

The need-to-know information are the names of the Hollyweirdos and other “celebrities” who attended the march, so that you and I can shun their movies, TV shows, and music.


I culled the names below from Daily Mail and Page Six. Most of the following were at the D.C. march, except for a few who marched in New York City or Park City, Utah:

  • Jessica Chastain
  • Cher
  • Miley Cyrus: marched in Los Angeles.
  • America Ferrera
  • Jane Fonda: marched in Los Angeles
  • Whoopi Goldberg: marched in New York City.
  • Chelsea Handler: marched in Park City, Utah
  • Ashley Judd: said in a hysterical speech that “Hitler Trump” has “wet dreams” about his daughter Ivanka.
  • Scarlett Johansson
  • John Kerry, Obama’s secretary of state, now out of a job.
  • Alicia Keys
  • Padma Lakshmi
  • John Legend
  • Madonna: In a speech peppered with the f-word, the fellatio-obsessed singer sang “Donald Trump suck a d***”. Oblivious to the irony, she called the march a “revolution of love” while declaring she wants to “blow up” the White House.
  • Mary McCormack
  • Helen Mirren: marched in NYC.
  • Michael Moore
  • Chloe Grace Moretz
  • Cynthia Nixon: marched in NYC.
  • Yoko Ono
  • Julia Ormond
  • Ellen Page
  • Rosie Perez
  • Emma Roberts
  • Julia Roberts
  • Amy Schumer
  • Gloria Steinem
  • Amber Tamblyn
  • Chrissy Teigen
  • Charlize Theron: marched in Park City, Utah
  • Bella Thorne
  • Emma Watson


42 responses to “Hollyweirdos at Anti-Trump Women’s March on Washington

  1. Is this really about abortion rights . . . an awful lot of these women are strictly menopausal, and are hardly in need of abortion services.

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  2. this was a worldwide event. How did it become an anti-Trump event? (Okay, it became one in the US by way of the mentally ill liberal hypocritical intolerant haters, but what about the rest of the world?)

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  3. Right out of the gate, these women do not speak for me.
    They look ridiculous. Really a pink vagina in your head while marching down the street and they want to be taken seriously?
    While watching Watters today, he was out there and from a lot of his interviews, it seemed like this parade had a whole lot to do with being an extension to a gay parade. Not sure how abortion rights and gay women work.
    They have put labels on President Trump that are obvious lies.
    They claimed they want equality, but neglected to admit that Trump pays his women staff well, as well as having the first woman lead his campaign, while Clinton as well as Obama paid their women staff much less than the men in their staffs. Where was their anger then?
    Oh lord, please deliver us from these misguided females. Nasty is what I saw.

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    • “They look ridiculous. Really a pink vagina in your head while marching down the street and they want to be taken seriously?”
      Thank you! Pretty much covers it for me. These women are nuts, duped by the Media and their own Hysteria about getting Hillary elected.


  4. And after they go home, Trump will still be POTUS.

    Basically, they are a bunch of women too lazy to buy a party hat.

    All they are doing is ensuring a democrat won’t be POTUS for the next fifty+ years.

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  5. Haven’t the hollyweirdos figured out most of America doesnt care what they have to say. Madonna, that washed up skank ho, should be arrested for making a terrorist threat against President Trump.

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  6. My coworker brought her 9 and 11 year old daughters to march amidst all the pro abortion talk. This was really embarrassing. These women really had no clear message, just wanting attention.

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  7. Thank for the list of baby killers so I won’t go see any of their movies any more. Shame all their mothers didn’t chose to abort them, but them maybe there moms were real women that didn’t allow them selves to get knocked up so they would need to murder their unborn children!

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    • David . . . you certainly tell it like it is! There is something to be said for young woman who do not allow themselves to get knocked up on a whim. At least they do not have to go in search of an abortion.


  8. These bimbos are seething with rage and it’s not going to do them one whit of good. And what are they angry about? I doubt seriously the the abortion or ‘the queers that deserve their rights what ever that is’, genie will every be put completely back in the bottle. HOWEVER, the government doesn’t have to condone it, much less finance it. And all this bathroom stuff is just about as stupid as you can get. Why should 99.999% of the population be inconvenienced or even put into danger so they can have right to void where ever they wish. Giving them what they want is what is destroying this country. The need to SHUT UP.

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  9. Geez, I used to love Helen Mirren, but if she’s that stupid then she’s on the “never watch again” list too…the rest of them I never liked anyway and never watched…what a bunch of stupid women.

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  10. Truly, they all proved themselves to be what Rush Limbaugh called them, ‘Feminazis’.


  11. My comments were so disgusting I deleted them.

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  12. This is just my thought at the moment, an opinion that has no legal weight in Amerika these days: killing a human child in the womb is not the same as putting an unwanted, excess kitten or puppy down due to “convenience” and “over-population….but all the same, it’s STILL A KILLING and still a “solution” just as sad and stupid and wantonly cruel/hideous…..the mark of vapid human failing and irresponsibility in many quarters. For this to be claimed a “right” by those who champion it, only emphasizes the foregoing all the more.

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  13. What is a little confusing is the fact these women scream it is their right to abortion. I have seen no evidence that any of these would ever want to be a mother. You can give birth, but it doesn’t make you a mother.
    Why don’t they just save us all grief and have a tubal ligation.
    They tell us we have no right to an opinion about their actions, but they demand we pay for their choices.

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  16. I added more names to the list: Miley Cyrus, Jane Fonda, John Legend, Mary McCormack, and Julia Ormond.


  17. How can Americans (or any people for that matter) object to the mockery these people make of their most fundamental beliefs and still buy tickets to their movies and concerts, watch them on TV and fawn over them as geniuses in their fields? How can you rationize that? These people hold us in the highest contempt and make it quite plain they are diametrically opposed to us! I once liked Dolly Parton but when she declared Hanoi Jane to be a ‘dear friend’ that killed any regard I had for Parton and, by default, her talent as well. Are we that void of principle and conviction?

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  18. I refused to click on any of the MSM articles about this Women’s March vs. Trump fiasco. I figured FOTM would cover it. I’d rather give you the page views. 🙂

    What exactly is their pathetic problem? Oh, they don’t like the heterosexual, non-pajama-boy, alpha-male w/lots of testosterone President. BooHoo. They still don’t have “equality” after, what, 100 years already, since women began voting? Well, I’d give up, chickadees! “The head of the woman is the man; the head of the man is Christ.”

    And their other gripe: “Women’s right to choose” — I loathe that saying. Why don’t they just say what they really mean, “I want the right to murder the unborn.” The Lord also has a “right to choose”… He’ll be making His choices at the White Throne Judgment vs. the women who insist on perpetuating the heathen practice of killing babies. (And all the willy-nilly beta males who agree with those Jezebels!)


  19. A comment at the Breitbard article about this gives a little history re the pro-abortion “movement”:

    Down with Marxism VonFisch, 9 hours ago, wrote:
    …the main movers and shakers behind the pro-abortion movement are Jewish:
    –All four original organizers of the influential National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) were Jewish.
    –Dr. Etienne-Emile Baulieu, who invented the abortion pill, was Jewish (his birth name was Blum).
    –Paul Ehrlich ‘fathered’ the overpopulation myth in “The Population Bomb” which ignited the anti-natalist movement.
    –The radical feminist movement, headed by Jewish women like Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan, was a staunch driving force behind the pro-abortion movement.
    –Lawrence Lader, (co-founder of NARAL) also founded Abortion Rights Mobilization (ARM), which sued the IRS to revoke the tax-exempt status of the Catholic Church for opposing abortion.
    –The Anti-Defamation League objected to the Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold the federal Partial Birth Abortion Act.
    –Simone Weil, former French health minister who led the drive to legalise abortion in France, was quoted as saying: “We are out to destroy the family. The best way to do that is by attacking its weakest member, the unborn child”.
    –Nancy Kaufman, CEO of the National Council of Jewish Women, says Abortion is a Jewish issue.
    –Powerful Jewish lobbies advocating abortion:
    –American Jewish Committee
    –American Jewish Congress
    –B’nai B’rith Women
    –Central Conference of American Rabbis [Reform]
    –Federation of Reconstructionist Congregations
    –Hadassah Women
    –Jewish Labor Committee
    –Na’amat USA
    –National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods [Reform]
    –National Council of Jewish Women
    –New Jewish Agenda
    –North American Temple Youth
    –Rabbinical Assembly
    –Union of American Hebrew Congregations [Reform]
    –United Synagogues of America [Conservative]
    –Women’s League for Conservative Judaism

    I’m sure there’s many Gentile groups on that same boat. Society is so far gone I don’t think there’s much hope, even with Trump’s great speech, these bimbos are just too far gone in the head; so deceived, so corrupted in their thinking, so void of understanding something as SIMPLE as RIGHT vs. WRONG. SMH & groan in the spirit.


  20. Isn’t it amazing that these same women still worship Bill Clinton, a serial philanderer, constant groper, rapist, and used his power of office to have his police bring him women to ask for sex or oral sex. Young women that he didn’t even know. This is documented facts, not speculation, or “jokes”.
    But Donald Trump, joking on the availability & immorality of women in entertainment, speculated that as a ‘star’, he could “grab them by the pussy”, and get away with it. And he is “the bad guy”?
    Is this because women in entertainment simply hate him telling the truth more than a ‘real abuser’? Or is it all liberal politics, and about “abortion rights”? Or is it simply a demonstration of the power of propaganda by the Lib/Prog Media Establishment?
    This is a total inversion of Truth. And Reality. A ludicrous denial of facts.
    Political Theater totally divorced from reality. Totally illogical. An absolute triumph of Propaganda over Truth and all these stupid twits are feeding it, as well as feeding on it.
    And doing it in the name of “Feminism”? Foul-mouthed sluts, acting worse than common prostitutes, for “Feminism”? This is simply childish rebellion, a temper tantrum because Hillary didn’t win.

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  21. Another beautiful article by Makow re hetero love, male, female, that he posted today (likely in response to the “Women’s March” vs. Trump). He’s written many like this but each one is a reconfirmation of SANITY & how God meant for things to be.

    If only those celebs & others at that March could read this… they’d probably go screaming into the night, but it might “hit home” with a few “average Janes” in the bunch:

    “Western Women Have Lost Power to Love”:


    (I’ve had a typo in my email addy that I just now noticed, an “s” on the end of .com, which must be why other comments went into moderation. Sorry about that!)


  22. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting and noteworthy post. Thousands of people participated in the Walk for Life last week, clergy, lay people and celebrities (like Patricia Heaton). Not a peep of recognition from the main media about this most important event.


  23. Great observations by Kellyanne Conway in this 2.25-min. interview re the Women’s March:


  24. Haha at Coulter, true! Kellyanne mentioned the same thing in above video:


  25. Sheriff David Clarke was in DC for all the Inaugural events. Here’s a string of his tweets re the Women’s March & the “protesters” the night before…


    David A. Clarke, Jr. ‏@SheriffClarke 21 hours ago:

    What I personally witnessed Sat Jan21 in DC was a total collapse of the social order. It occurred one day after our side peacefully gathered.

    Analysis of Women’s riot today in DC. Overwhelming white women. Black and Latino women were absent. So typical of this socialist movement.

    Several taunted me at Women’s riot. I dared those creeps to do something. They knew better & kept it to verbal insults. No cops to be found.

    I was at 14th and F street 2PM. It was a near riot situation. Pro Trump float was surrounded & being bullied. Cops moved in and got them out.

    Analysis of Women’s march. Cops performed ADMIRABLY under the circumstances. Shame on the D.C. Metro Police Chief. His cops were undermanned.

    David A. Clarke, Jr. ‏@SheriffClarke Jan 21:

    In D.C. a day AFTER the inaugural. Women’s march. An absolute freak show. P-T Barnum should have delayed the announcement to shut down.

    David A. Clarke, Jr. ‏@SheriffClarke Jan 20:

    Please refrain from calling these goons “protestors”. They are anarchists engaged in “insurrection” not protest.

    While I was inside at DeploraBall, DC police were outside doing a hell of a job keeping creep a-hole agitators away.

    Stopped at this event to speak. These rat bastard agitators threw eggs & other projectiles at police & attendees.



    • Great tweets!
      I’m mystified why Trump has not offered Sheriff Clarke a post in his cabinet.


      • Great Idea! Chief of Operations for DHS. Make it Civilizations Ready Reaction Force.
        The General George S. Patton, Jr of LEO!.


      • Yeah, the Sheriff minces no words! He & Carson would make a great duo on the Trump Team. Carson could inspire & Clarke could kick butt if the punks refuse to be inspired. 🙂

        I’m not sure either why Trump doesn’t scoop up Clarke for a position! I also saw tweets earlier by Robert John Davi, the Hollywood guy who also sings. He offered early to sing for Trump’s Inaugural events but was never contacted. He tweeted that he was really hurt & insulted — especially since he had been an outspoken supporter of Trump from early on. I felt so sad for him, reading his tweets. That must’ve hurt!


  26. Don’t these folks realize that Mr. Trump is not the Raciest. All those people listed above + Marg. Sanger and the democrats have done more to decimate the Negro/colored/black/African-American population than all of the regimes of the world combined. Over 50 million pregnancies terminated in this country alone, a substantial portion of them black. Guess that’s how the liberals have escorted them into Freedom and a better life. MLKjr. must be spinning in his grave.


  27. Just deport them to a mooooooooooooooslim country, then they will really have something to bitch about.

    BTW: Shouldn’t democrat males be wearing pussy hats?

    After all, that’s what they are.


  28. The sad thing about this march is that the values it supports are completely immoral and totally selfish.

    What does it say about the more “visible” women that they have turned their backs so completely upon the natural order?

    There is no coming back from this. We’re going to have to fall a long way, before a remnant will be forced to resume life according to God’s will.

    It won’t be pretty.


  29. Thank you for the list. I only recognized a couple of the names. I will boycott these people and never watch or purchase anything they’re associated with.

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