France should take more refugees in to help with migrant crisis, says Presidential hopeful


French Presidential candidate Benoit Hamon

Apparently Hamon believes this is a successful strategy to winning.

From Express UK: Left-winger Benoît Hamon urged EU leaders – including Socialist president François Hollande – to treat Europe-bound refugees fleeing war and persecution in a “humane and just” way. 

Speaking at a rally in Bordeaux on Wednesday, he said: “Government officials have given France-bound refugees the cold shoulder when in fact, they should be doing a lot more to protect them.”  Most immigrants undertake “incredibly perilous journeys” to reach European soil, he warned, before adding that France could take in “more refugees”.

He said: “We must renegotiate the Dublin rules that dictate that asylum seekers must stay in the first European country they step foot in.  They are unnecessary and counterproductive. We must also issue more humanitarian visas so that vulnerable refugees can travel to Europe in safe and decent conditions.”

At the beginning of the EU migrant crisis in 2015, Mr. Hollande pledged to offer sanctuary to 24,000 migrants, but has failed to live up to this promise: since then, no more than 10,000 refugees have been granted asylum in France.

He said: “I’m not saying that we have to find beds for one million refugees overnight. We’re talking about tens of thousands of people. France is the world’s fifth most powerful country, it can afford to take in a handful of desperate refugees.”

Mr. Hamon also shone a harsh spotlight on France’s “poor and inhumane” migrant integration policy, which he says is “not up to scratch”. He said: “Refugees should be able to work within three months of arriving in France. We need to help them take a shot at a new life, but first, we must help them integrate into society. The only solution to the migrant crisis is solidarity.


19 responses to “France should take more refugees in to help with migrant crisis, says Presidential hopeful

  1. While we’re at it why don’t we just grind up white babies and feed them to the invading hordes as hamburgers?

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  2. Great Idea, Benoit! You can start by giving them shelter at YOUR home, in your BED, with your WIFE and CHILDREN because these life refugees/sex deprived (actually, it’s DEPRAVED) invaders simply have to leave their sht hole country to make themselves at home in your soon-to-be sht hole country. Great idea!

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  3. Hamon is a Jewish surname, why then would Benoit Hamon urge France to take in even more Muslim refugees?

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  4. Progressivism is a mental illness.

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  5. I agree with him. France should take all of them.

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  6. They want them to integrate. Then leave the burkas, korans, prayer cloths and all that other stuff BEEEHIND. Take and burn all their old clothes and give them new western hemisphere style garments. Make them learn the national language and don’t let them build any more mosques. First time they get in trouble, send em back, along with their whole family. If they want to stay let them learn the host country’s way of doing things.

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  7. France has been an INTELLECTUAL SEWER TO THE WORLD ever since the Revolution of 1789 was planned and implemented. France does not need more immigrants, any more than we need another hole in our collective heads!
    Even if LePen wins, France will remain the INTELLECTUAL SEWER that it has been! Mere cosmetic appeasement of carbunkles will not remove the cancer that lay beneath! The Snarling Parisian exists to remind us of the demons we shall meet in HELL if we are not good! Yes, SNARLING DEMONS in their Sartrean existential alienation and despair, yearning for the Paradise Lost that she shall never Regain!

    France, I FART IN YOUR GENERAL DIRECTION! And I hate every drop of French blood in me!!

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  8. I don’t know about other readers, and this remark will surely date me, but this useful idiot looks perfect to play the lead in ‘Anthony Perkins: a life out of sight’

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  9. The case could be made, that, the fact that a person’s country is at war, should, not, automatically mean that the citizens of a country, at war, should me considered to be a ,..’refugee’,.. & therefore be,..’entitled’,.. to go live elsewhere,..

    I would submit, that,..’IF;,.. a person’s country is at war, then it would be the ,..’duty,.. of any citizen of that country,..especially, young strong men, to stay home & join the battle,.. on one side or the other, instead of seeking,..’safety’ elsewhere.,.

    Does anyone believe that, should Europe be attacked. by some outside force tomorrow, that these Muzzies would join in the fight of protect Europe,.?

    The fact of the matter is that, the presence of these Muslims & Black Africans in Europe, will spell the doom of Western Civilization in general, & the White Race in particular.

    And behind this agenda to Destroy the west, & the White race we can see the, not so hidden hand of the International Zionist Machine, which,with their control of all of the power points in Europe, such as banking, by which they control the economy, & the media, by which they control the public discourse, & the very thought processes of their, intended victim, which is ultimately, the White gene pool it’ as to leave the Zionist Jews to rule over a,..’ hodgpodge’,.. of non-descript,..Anglo-Afro-Asians who have ,..’NO;,.. national, religious or racial identities,. as opposed to the Jews who will maintain their, well organised.ethnic loyalties.The Zio/Jews, with their control of the media, tell,..’Whites’,.. that,..”Diversity is a strength”, white they follow a policy of racial & ethnic purity for themselves,.

    And sadly, a Zio/Jew controlled New World Order, in the near future, is a , distinct possibility.unless & until the White Race wakes up to the fact, that it is the Zionists who are using, non’White & Islamic emigration to destroy Western Civilization, & the Great White Race, hat brought it into being,..

    So wake up, White people, there are powerful forces at work which intend our destruction,..

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    • I agree with you, if their country is under peril, why aren’t they staying home to fight for her instead of going to other countries? Because this is a takeover, nothing to do with being in danger. If things were so bad in their home country, why do they leave the women and children there?
      They have been too lazy to maintain their own countries, so they desire to covet what others have worked hard for.
      Many of these people are coming from areas that aren’t even war torn.
      Like the guy that supposedly escaped from Syria and was taking his family to Canada and his son drowned. Upon further investigation of him, they had been living peacefully in Turkey for 3-4 years and he had a decent job along with being a coyote. He was leaving for Canada because his father in Syria told him to go in order to get his teeth fixed for free. I hope he found it worth it,
      But, he sure got a lot of mileage playing the sympathy card.
      This Hamon guy has got to be one of the dumbest rocks in the box. Obviously he hasn’t gone into Paris and spoke to the people there living in fear. Where the refugees crap in the streets and mattresses are found for blocks on end. Where the most beautiful city in the world is is being destroyed as we speak. I hope someone gets him committed quickly.

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  10. France is a HELL HOLE! I lived there many years ago, so I am not even talking about this wave of refugees, mind you, but my encounters with immigrants from Morocco and Algeria were an example of the kind of mentality most of these people have. They are aggressive, bellicose, provoke and attack others without being provoked or even addressed or approach by others. In my travels I have met people from all countries and ethnic and religious backgrounds, but of all European countries, my experiences in France were the worst of all. These days, I would not want to live in Europe, especially France and Germany, if they paid me $10k monthly! Europe will implode under this tsunami of refugees. The world would be better if all this people received much necessary aid but stayed in their own countries and were a force for change there!

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    • My ancestors come down from the French Hugenots that escaped to Germany. Both places were on our bucket list, but no more.
      In 93 I was working at a place in Florida that hired these young people from Europe to work for tips only. One was from Ireland, one from the Channel Islands and two from England. They were griping about how the Indians had taken over London and everywhere you went, there they were. I bet they wish that was their only worry today.

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  11. Mary Patricia Wilk

    I’ve had enough of this fake refugee crisis! This is a globalist-created situation that they are using to flood the world with people who are not in alignment with reality or a healthy mind, body and soul. They’re using them to destroy every nation through the abuse and murder of the nation’s people and tearing down each nation’s borders and sovereinty. They are determined to bring into fruition their one world order of destruction and death, poverty and non self-worth. People’s logic has been twisted into accepting abuse and non-worth. I say, “let these people fight for their country instead of leaching off of others. It’s their country and their responsibility.” The globalists have twisted too many people’s thought and feeling process. This is not altruistic or an act of mercy. This is self-abuse and ignorance of reality. For the sake the human race, wake up to reality!

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  12. We can laugh, but we’re talking about France, after all.

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  13. And Hamon won, of course. Can’t fix stoopid…

    Hard-left candidate wins French Socialists’ presidential primary:


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