Chicago elementary school students surrounded by violence, constantly approached by gangs


Chicago residents are asking for help from Murder Mayor Emanuel. Don’t hold your breath/Photo from Fox News

This is democrat-controlled Chiraq.

From MyFoxChicago: One Chicago school finds itself in the crossfire. It is Shields Elementary School in Chicago’s Brighton Park neighborhood, and kids are constantly approached by gangs and surrounded by violence.

“When a child says to you, I don’t want to go to school because the gang bangers will be shooting. I might die or you might die. That’s sad for a child to tell a grandmother or especially a mom,” said Grandmother Amy Romero.

It’s a story being echoed across this Brighton Park neighborhood. Parents of students at Shields Middle School say it’s what inspired them to not only ask Chicago police for more help, they’re now turning to Mayor Emanuel.

Carmen Castillo is one of the parents leading the charge. It started for her with her 7-year-old daughter Sophia.

She told me, Mom I’m afraid to go outside. She doesn’t want to go outside, she doesn’t want to be in the backyard, she doesn’t want to be in front. But, during the snow, she says I want to build a snowman,” Castillo said. Despite the urge to go outside when the snow falls, Sophia has yet to do so. “I haven’t made one,” she said.

That’s why parents, community leaders and aldermen took to City Hall. The group is asking for the city to use 17-million dollars from the home tax refund surplus for violence preventative programs. The mayor, so far, is proposing dedicating five-million dollars to the cause.

Yesterday I received a letter from a 6th grader, who told me that the gangs were like his family and they loved him and he loved them. We as a city must show that we love our children and our communities more than the gangs do,” said Alderman Raymond Lopez.

Organizers would like to see the money go to efforts like funding Chicago’s youth job program all year. They also want to see the rest disbursed to causes like youth mentoring, trauma counseling and street level intervention. “I think right now the main crisis that we need to deal with are our children and trying to keep these young kids from getting shot on our streets,” said Alderman Jason Ervin.

The mayor’s office says the rest of 17-million will also go to providing all Chicago police officers body cameras and rehabbing vacant homes that will create two hundred jobs.

Parents hope more will be dedicated to protecting their children. The aldermen will be presenting their proposal to City Council.


10 responses to “Chicago elementary school students surrounded by violence, constantly approached by gangs

  1. I’m out of sympathy for Chicago.
    They built it by keep electing Demonrats.

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    • When we left Skokie in 1958 for Bellevue, WA, as far as I know gang selection was unavoidable and usually commenced about age 8 for boys, girls not at all, but they may be at this time.

      I had to join one of the local gangs by age 10 [1953] or be challenged on the ‘playground’ during school and on the way home as well. We moved out to Skokie then, which saved my young butt, however, not before my gang had taught me how to interrogate a prisoner w/a lit cigarette. Not the sort of thing one puts on a CV, but back then….

      What’s happening now looks to be a ‘natural’ evolution of gangster life since then, except now they use real handguns while we had to make a zip gun. [see


  2. And they will fix it when they’re tired of it. Maybe that’s where Mr. Trump’s wall needs to be built. There and on the east coast of Califailure.


  3. Rahm Emanuel is a tribal infiltrator who was put in (not elected) as mayor to do exactly the job he is doing. If anyone thinks any differently, they are hard of thinking. Emanuel is simply helping to clean out competition right now and, among other things, making sure Sh*tcago continues to be available as a sanctuary city, just as Warren Wilhelm (real birth name of Bill DeBlasio) is doing in NYC, and just as many other (s)elected mayors are doing throughout the country.

    This may be of interest:

    I don’t think most people are aware that mayors of cities/towns belong to and work for many NGOs and U.N. chartered organizations which operate under treaties that are outside of an American’s ability to vote yea or nay.

    So when President Trump talks about NATO, he should also be talking about the U.N. and why it is that so many of the regulations we now live under are promulgated by bureaucrats who are not answerable to the people of individual countries. They are unelected bureaucrats answerable only to the globalists who wish to ‘change the world’ and who are ‘philanthropists’.

    Did you know that a worldwide “Compact of Mayors” exists under the U.N.? Were you asked to vote on that? The carbon scheme/scam is probably the biggest way the globalists will control whether people live or die in the coming decades, or whether they will be born at all.

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  4. Leftists don’t care how bad it gets as long as they have power.

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  5. I do so heartily agree with those who have said . . . this problem will end when those on the inside rise up and decide it will end. If you keep doing the same stupid thing (think voting in Democrats, who love to continue the plantation system) then you are entitled to receive the same stupid and deadly results. I still maintain that as much as all of us on the outside wish that we could snap our fingers and make all the senseless killings just go away . . . it will never happen until those on the inside are willing to rise up and supplant this system with something better. Although, I imagine that it is easier for those on the inside to sit back and blame the rest of us for “not doing something” to alleviate their suffering!

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  6. The ,..’ONLY’,..way to end the violence & chaos in the public schools would be to re-segregate the schools & admit that the races are ,..’NOT;,..equal & that it is unfair to White & Asian students to subject them to the violence & mayhem that these feral Blacks create wherever they gather in groups of one or more,.


  7. The best thing incoming AG Sessions could do is deputize every citizen, allow them to purchase firearms and training to defend themselves, and then watch the cockroaches scatter.

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  8. Sadly the media has never and most likely will never investigate,the true story behind all these cities. The mayors are taking in millions of government money as well as many churches are being paid off to place refugees.
    If one black person thinks Raul or even Obama, it is his “home” town afterall, cares one iota about them, they have been huffing the glue too long.

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  9. I’m really sick of these Governor’s, Mayors & other public servants turning a blind eye to this violence. They took an oath to protect & they are not doing it. That is what the rioting should be about. Sanctuary cities need to be abolished. Too many good people are being killed. The heads of these states are only concerned about lining their pockets by getting more votes.

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