Pence says transition team returning 20 percent of budget


Works for me.

From NY Post: Vice President-elect Mike Pence heralded inauguration eve as “a momentous day before a historic day” in a surprise appearance at a press briefing Thursday.

“Wrapping up this transition on schedule and under budget,” Pence bragged, claiming the transition team would return 20 percent of the taxpayer-funded budget to the federal government.

Pence claimed the transition had made great strides — and would be ready on “day one” to govern. He also noted that all cabinet officials have been named by President-elect Donald Trump to their positions. “We look forward to seeing you tomorrow. It’s going to be a very humbling and moving day,” he said.

Despite Pence’s brief opening remarks, the press conference — the transition team’s first on-camera briefing, save Trump’s own last week at Trump Tower — served mainly as a prep session for incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

Spicer previewed Friday’s inaugural address, saying it will be “less of an agenda and more of a philosophical document” laying out Trump’s guiding view. He also announced 50 Obama appointees have been asked to stay on and serve in the Trump administration.

Spicer blasted Senate Democrats, particularly Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), for holding up cabinet appointees on Capitol Hill.

Spicer also defended Trump’s Wednesday night visit to his own Washington hotel, where he stopped by briefly for dinner. “He’s going to his own hotel? I think that’s pretty smart,” said Spicer, who was asked about Trump’s business interests colliding with his coming governmental duties. “It’s a stunning hotel. I encourage you to go there if you haven’t been,” he said.


12 responses to “Pence says transition team returning 20 percent of budget

  1. Remember, when the “CLOSE” the government over budget fights, hardly anyone notices. We could gut 50% or better of the federal government and the only office that would suffer would be the unemployment line.

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  2. Thank you, President Trump! #MAGA

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  3. I hope this reduction in the “cost of doing business” is but a preview of things to come.

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  4. So far,the NEW Administration hasn’t missed the mark on ANYTHING they’ve done-no WONDER the Liberals are so terrified!!! LMAO!!!

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  5. It was raining at noon in DC today.
    The angels in heaven could not control their tears of joy !!!!!
    God bless AMERICA.

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  6. AMEN to that!

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  8. What a novel idea, save the country money and actually return it, instead of it being lost in the mysterious abyss we never see.

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  9. Mr. Trump doesn’t even want a paycheck. That’s a $1.6M savings right there. Supposedly, by law, he has to take a salary and I’ve heard he’s paying himself $1.00. I also heard somewhere that several of his appointees are taking the same route. Could someone confirm?

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  10. Thanks Dr. E Any Info of this practice going down the ranks of secretary picks?


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