Hillary caught Bill leching after Ivanka Trump at Inauguration

Yet another bullet that America dodged on November 8, 2016: 4 years of lecherous Bill Clinton back in the White House.

Watch the dirty old man salivating, even smacking his lips, at Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, at today’s Inauguration . . . .

Did you catch Bill’s look of abject fear when he realized Hillary caught him ogling? LOL

Gateway Pundit says Bill was ogling at Firs Lady Melania Trump, but to me he appears to be mouthing “Ivanka”. What do you think?

H/t FOTM‘s Bongiornoc


30 responses to “Hillary caught Bill leching after Ivanka Trump at Inauguration

  1. That is one of the funniest and saddest things I have ever seen.

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  3. I am repulsed to the extreme . . . yet I seem to see an old man who is in the throws of severe mental illness! How could, or would he act in this manner in such a public venue if he was dealing with a full deck? I am sure that Killary is used to this behavior of his, and she knew what it was all about. Oh! My goodness, I am so glad I am not involved in a pitiful marriage such as this!!!!

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    • Just an old dog, being a dog. He has gotten away with it his whole life. Hillary is a facilitator rather than trying to control him. She hired a bunch of her friends to cover up the “Bimbo Eruptions”.
      They call themselves “Feminists”, but covered-up for the worst serial abusers of women by his political power and position in American political history. Groper and rapist, used cops to procure women for him, As bad as a “Banana Republic” dictator, and all those “Liberal Progressive Feminist” women aided, abetted, and covered up for the old letch, for decades.

      What do you expect? If you don’t try to house-break the dog, you get crap, … every where.

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      • Hard core ‘feminists’ have no use for men and are, more often than not, coven-members hell bent on normalizing their blood rituals and sacrifices. I mean, look at the ‘women’ on the supreme court for heaven’s sake. They relish in a ‘woman’s right to choose’ which is simply legalized baby sacrifice.
        As for Bubba, well, the leopard doesn’t change its spots. If I were a betting person, I’d say Bubba was ritually abused as a child.


  4. LOL-What more can I say?

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  5. With the destruction of the Clinton Foundation and Trump making the speech he may wish Hillary was given, he still thinks of his glass of joy still half full.

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  6. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Some people can’t help but do as they wilt even when they wilt.

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  7. ROF – In his dreams. 🙂

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  8. Actually, I can’t really blame him.

    If I had to look at the hideous Broom Hilda all the time, I’d wanna look at Ivanka when I got the chance, too. 😉

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  9. OMG he is drunk with lust. Low lifes just can’t get that they are on film 24/7-TRAIN Yourself you fool!

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  10. This looks to be material for another FotM’s ‘Caption Contest’!

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  11. As many men age, their sexual misbehavior escalates. I think we are seeing this in action here.
    Over the years, we have heard of many such incidences happening in elderly homes.
    Not a fan of Hillary at all, but no wife should have to be humiliated like this.

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    • I agree with you Glenn except in killary’s case she chose to stay with bill and enabled him by threatening the women he sexually harassed and raped. It was all a trade off so she could gain political power off of bill’s success. Any normal wife would have divorced him and helped him go to jail.

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    • I’m pretty darn sure theirs was a ‘marriage of convenience’.

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  12. Once a DOG always a DOG. May the real dogs please excuse me for using their magnificent title to express my sentiments! Bills problem here is Ivanka has TASTE!!!!!

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  14. Is that a cigar in his pocket or is just happy to be there?


  15. “Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, your new suite is ready for you …… in HELL! It’s been prepared special for you at the specific direction of master lucifer…

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  16. Rapist gotta rape (untold numbers for him and her – Pizzagate anyone?), murderers gotta murder (Vince Foster, anyone?), traitors gotta be traitors (take your pick, it’s a veritable smorgosboard – ChiComs, Saudis, etc.) douchebags gotta help em all out… and these two are Chief Douchebag One (her) and Chief Douchebag 1A (him)

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  17. A picture is worth a thousand words. Proof positive that Clinton is truly a sleazeball with no sense of dignity or propriety. The lousy draft evader should never have been elected (it showed haow many Americans were absolute dummies).

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  18. That’s our Horndog! Bill Clinton, you should have been in “The Shining”!

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  19. How repugnant!

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