Trump already has his 2020 campaign slogan!

The Left’s Trump Derangement Syndrome is sure to go into overdrive over this.


Katherine Rodriguez reports for Breitbart that two days before his inauguration, Donald Trump already has the slogan for his re-election campaign in 2020.

During an interview with the Washington “fake news” Post on Jan. 18, 2017, he asked, “Are you ready?,” then announced his 2020 campaign slogan:

“Keep America Great!”

Trump called his lawyer into his office to trademark the slogan, more than three years before he is up for re-election, so confident is he that America would be great by the time he uses it.

It turns out he had done this before.

In 2012, within a week of Mitt Romney’s loss to Obama, Trump trademarked “Make America Great Again” for a $325 fee.

He explained that at the time, “I felt that jobs were hurting. I looked at the many types of illness our country had, and whether it’s at the border, whether it’s security, whether it’s law and order or lack of law and order. Then, of course, you get to trade, and I said to myself, ‘What would be good?’ I was sitting at my desk, where I am right now, and I said, ‘Make America Great Again.’”

To him, “Make America Great Again” meant a plan from more jobs to a stronger military.

The slogan and the hashtag #MAGA quickly made its way to hats and t-shirts, and became a rallying cry for supporters.

In addition to his 2020 campaign slogan, Trump plans to keep his campaign office in Trump Tower open during his first presidential term to work on re-election efforts, Politico reported.




6 responses to “Trump already has his 2020 campaign slogan!

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    It will take little improvement over the catastrophe of the last eight years to entitle Trump to his next term.

    I do have true fear he may not survive his first term because of the entrenched corruption extant from even long before the fraud obamma

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    • Kevin . . . you have expressed exactly what I was going to write. How could we possibly have things any worse than what Obama has served up these last eight years? I must have a mental disease, because the fact that he gave $500 million to the UN for “climate change” just keep encircling my mind . . . after all the trillions he has added to the indebtedness of each and every American–he flips us off in that manner.

      I too am so fearful that he may be assassinated. When have we ever seen so many people in government that are steeped in every form of corruption, from treason, theft to actual murders being committed. Unfortunately, far and away to many of our citizens are either blind to what has been going on, or they really do not care.

      I am grateful this day that we have Dr Eowyn, who has given of her time, energy. perseverance, and intelligence to keep us abreast of all the things we need to be aware of. God Bless her and all the others who selflessly contribute of their talents on behalf of the rest of us.

      God Bless America, and may the angels of Heaven be sent to Earth to protect our soon to be President — Donald J Trump!

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      • After his Inauguration,assuming all goes well,maybe he should discuss an agreement for some of the “Bikers For Trump” to stay on as additional Security…..

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    • Many a public sector union employee today:

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  2. Originally a Democrat parody, now backfired on them:

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