Staffers leaving the White House in tears and are horrified by Trump


I’m all out of empathy for these libtards.

One. More. Day.

From Yahoo: They line up near the Oval Office, down the hallway toward the Cabinet Room, trailed by their spouses and young kids in their finest clothes. When it’s their turn, the White House staffers enter for a few private moments with President Barack Obama, a photo and a farewell hug from the boss.

There’s a mass exodus underway this week at the White House. As Obama holds his last news conference Wednesday, his staff is busy packing up their offices and turning in their BlackBerrys. For some who joined Obama’s team right out of college, it’s the end of the only professional experience they’ve ever known.

The finals days of any president’s administration are always bittersweet and heavy on nostalgia, as officials face the transition back to being “civilians” who will no longer have their hands on the nation’s levers of power. Yet there’s added sadness this time for Obama staffers who are mostly horrified by the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump.

“You’re always aware that it’s a special privilege to work there and not something to take for granted,” said Nate Lowentheil, who worked on Obama’s National Economic Council for the last three years. “It’s particularly hard knowing the next wave of people coming are going to be working to reverse the things you were working to advance until your very last hour.”

There were tears on the faces of some White House aides on Tuesday as press secretary Josh Earnest appeared in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room for his final press briefing — his 354th as press secretary, Earnest said. Even former staffers were invited to return to the White House witness Earnest’s last round of jousting with reporters.

“I’m going to miss it,” Earnest said. “It will take some getting used to seeing somebody else standing up here doing it.”

“Or not,” he added, in a nod to the prospect that Trump’s team may make changes to the daily briefing.

In between closing out final projects and typing up reports on the work they’ve done, White House staffers are packing away their knickknacks, coffeemakers and photos. The boxes stack up in offices already vacated by staffers who have departed over the past few weeks. By Thursday night, all must be gone to make way for Trump’s team.

Before they leave the building for the final time, they’ll go through a checklist that completes their formal separation from the White House: cell phones handed in, computers locked and papers properly filed to be archived. The last step, aides said, is the hardest: handing in the badge that provides access to the complex day or night.

Then they depart the building and make what for many is a jarring transition from 18-hour workdays and little personal time to unemployment. Lowentheil said that since his last day less than two weeks ago, he’d read three novels, slept 10-12 hours a night and, for the first time in years, didn’t set a morning alarm.

Emails announcing a staffer’s last day stream in at a faster and faster pace as Jan. 20 approaches. They share with colleagues a personal email address and cell phone number, a thank you and maybe a brief reflection on their time at the center of it all.

“It’s been an honor to be a part of it. And yeah, I’m interested in what happens here. And I’ll continue to follow it,” Earnest said. “But I will be relieved to not have the burden to follow it as closely as this job has required over the last two-and-a-half years.”

A few White House staffers have found new jobs already, but most are taking some time off to ponder next steps. Some are going home to visit family they haven’t spent much time with in years. One said he was spending two months driving across the country, unsure of what he’d do next. Others are taking long vacations to places like New Zealand and Iceland, unencumbered by the need to constantly check in with the office.

“This is the only world I’ve known,” said Clay Dumas, who took time off from college to work for Obama’s 2008 campaign, then interned at the White House before being hired four years ago. He said he was searching for a job that would allow him to continue advancing values and policies he worked on in the White House. “Whatever I do next will be a huge continuation of that.”



27 responses to “Staffers leaving the White House in tears and are horrified by Trump

  1. I can see the CNN headlines now, “TRUMP causes rampant unemployment!” Or maybe, “TRUMP is really mean, fires white house staffers!”
    Ha, now they have to deal with the real world…or maybe not- they’ll just get some other bureaucratic job and keep doing nothing.

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  3. I, too, have tears streaming down my cheeks – tears of JOY! This son of a jackal, and his sasquatch-looking “wifeband”, can’t leave soon enough.
    Goodbye and good riddance to filthy, arrogant, conceited and EVIL TRASH!

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  4. I am no great fan of Trump (though I was mightily impressed by his public insult of CNN), but boy am I glad to see the backside of Obama! Good riddance. Now, here’s hoping he fades away (one can always hope), rather than installing himself at the UN as hinted in the past.

    How I have a special loathing for politicians…especially treasonous ones.

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    • If he DOES get a job at the UN,I don’t really mind-I expect the UN to be de-funded and thrown out of the US and ALL its holdings,collectively or individually. I’m sure there’s a cute little hut just waiting for him and his hubby and rent-a-crumb-crunchers in Kenya.

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  5. Don’t let the door smash your pathetic asses on the way out! Oh wait, I hope it does. There may be openings at McDonald’s for you.

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  6. Get over it. Vox pupoli vox dei..TRUMP IS NOW OFFICIALLY PRESIDENT.CONGRATS

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  7. They are going to have to get jobs that require them to actually work, and they are scared to death. 🙂

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  8. Besides-how easy do you think it’ll be to have “Worked for Obama” on your Resume’ while looking for a job? That’d have the same effect as “Was a guest in the Bellvue Mental Asylum for 8 years before being released.”

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  9. I’m soooo glad these staffers made enough money off of the taxpayer to take extended time off and go on vacations before looking for another job. Most Americans don’t make enough money to enjoy that privilege when they lose their jobs due to downsizing. It’s time to put a freeze on all pay raises for these positions, even under a current Trump administration.

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  10. Kevin J Lankford

    If they are really smart they won’t go round bragging about their roles in the last eight years of disaster, destruction, and deceit, perpetrated on this nation, to the true and knowledgeable citizens of this United States.

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  11. With all these staffer interruptions, when will Barry find time to issue Hillary’s ‘Pardon’?

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  12. Trump’s first official order should be to destroy the ‘Rainbow’ lights that Obama used to light up the WH. Then he should have the whole place fumigated because he knows how to restore a classic old piece of property that has been abused.

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  13. Residents of building built by slaves and employees of any political party, you don’t own that building, nor do you own our country. The White House and country belong to the citizens of the United States of America. I can only feel pity for your not having received rudimentary education in these matters.

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  14. Take another punch on your TS card!

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  15. How does it happen that every 4 to 8 years, the White House staffers act like unemployment came over them like a theif in the night? They didn’t KNOW it was coming? Even IF Killary had won….she could have at the drop of a hat made over the White House staff (and for SURE would have done so to pay back her supporters…just as they all do….). How is it that they all end up thinking they are working for a sort of cult leader instead of the American people, and BTW…IN THE HOUSE OWNED BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE? They are NOT EVEN “renters.’ They, AND the POTUS and family (who, ALSO ACTS as tho’ he’s being “dismissed” unfairly…….while, instead…he was a TEMPORARY EMPLOYEE) are on borrowed time the minute the Oath of Office is administered….It’s NEVER going to be more than 4-8 years (even tho’ Obama waxed romantically about “I could have beat Trump…”). I’m waiting to hear in a few weeks if Obama’s outgoing staffers trashed the offices and equipment they vacated for Trump’s staffers….just as did Clinton’s staffers for “W.” Wonder who got THAT repair bill? (HA—-the answer always is….”You and me.”)

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    Trump’s first executive order; cancle ALL of odumbo’s executive orders.
    And why does odumbocare need to be ‘replaced’?


  17. I’d be AMAZED if any of those folks consistently worked 18-hour days. Maybe if they count after-hours schmoozing over dinner and cocktails, but that isn’t really work, is it?

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