Obama gives $500 million to climate fund over GOP objections


One. More. Day.

From Yahoo: With just three days (at the time of publication of this article) left in office, the Obama administration has doubled an initial $500 million commitment to a fund that helps developing nations fight climate change and adapt to its consequences.

The incoming Trump administration and some Republicans oppose the program.

The State Department’s announcement Tuesday brings U.S. contributions to the Green Climate Fund to $1 billion since 2016. The fund helps poor countries reduce carbon emissions by promoting clean energy and spurring private investment in the field.

“This administration has committed to this fund, in fact helped stand it up, establish it,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said. “And it is entirely in keeping with the work that we’ve been doing across the interagency to try to look for ways to stem the effects of climate change, and this fund helps other economies, other countries develop their own initiatives and help them deal with this.”

Obama promised a total of $3 billion to the fund in 2014 as part of the Paris climate change accord, but it is far from certain that full amount will be pledged.

President-elect Donald Trump and a number of GOP lawmakers have complained that support for the fund wasn’t specifically approved by Congress. The administration argues the current fiscal year’s budget allows it to take the money from an unobligated portion of a total of $4.3 billion in economic support fund assistance. The previous $500 million installment was made in the same way.


11 responses to “Obama gives $500 million to climate fund over GOP objections

  1. Obama, a POS to the end.
    One of the first things President Trump should do is to nix this.

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  2. Wow, Obama is acting like Eddie Murphy in that movie “Brewster’s Millions” where he had to spend millions of dollars to get his real inheritance. Only a few more days to go to try and bankrupt the taxpayers, Odumba!

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  3. The State Department needs to be fumigated, deloused, and depopulated. It is a refuge and haven for leftists who actively seek to weaken national interests. This $500,000,000 will be pocketed by third world strongmen who oppress their people. Obama-our enemy to the very end.

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  5. Looking back,every President,and Obama,has used the “Lame Duck Session” to do ALL the stupid,unreasonable crap they know they’d NEVER get away with during their Terms. Thing is,THIS deranged whistle-beak has treated his ENTIRE two Terms like one big Lame Duck Session.
    At this point,I have to ask,”Why do we NEED a lame duck session anyway?” Why not just make it where,after the Election results are officially established,the ex-president’s crew loads the moving van,the ex meets the NEW President and hands over the keys and inventory list and says,”Well-it’s all yours. Best of luck to ya.” and leaves. The Inauguration would be that evening,granted it’d make for a few very busy days for all involved,but look how much BS political gaming and revenge mischief WOULDN’T be done! MOST Presidents do more damage to the Country during their Lame Duck time than during their Term,and that includes this “Pardon” garbage. Apparently,the President,or a poor facsimile,can pardon ANYONE,even if they’ve never been arrested,accused or proven to have done anything illegal. So why doesn’t Obama just pardon EVERYONE? Wouldn’t THAT leave Trump with a bag-o-snakes to sort out? I believe the Executive Pardon circumvents the Justice system and needs to be outlawed.

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  6. Is that where Obama spent the money that was supposed to be used to refuel our 3 nuclear carriers?
    At least what Mooch didn’t spend on her “Vacations”.

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  7. I would hope that there can be some claw back on these monies. The UN does and has sucked the United States dry over the period of many, many years. It is high time that the real value of these money pit be evaluated, and that we if necessary break from their ranks. When have they ever done anything for our nation? I thought so . . . NEVER!

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    • Hmmmm-If he was prosecuted for acquiring his fortune via “Fraudulent or Illegal Means,I believe a GOOD Judge could make “Financial Restitution” part of his sentencing.I’D be okay with that,regardless WHO he had to pay back,as long as HE couldn’t keep it.

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  8. Nice job DCG, glad this was brought to our attention. You would think after awhile we would just become numb to all the things BO has done against our country.
    Again, he bypasses Congress, maybe hoping if he passes so many, some will slip through without being null and voided.
    Since I can’t vote, a thumbs up to all previous commenters.

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