Libtards pose for Variety magazine cover with US flag draping on the floor


Because everyone turns to Variety magazine for the sharpest analysis on US politics.

Variety published a special Inauguration Issue on Tuesday, Jan. 17, featuring exclusive interviews with some of the entertainment industry’s most influential political voices as Donald Trump prepares to take office as the 45th U.S. President.

Shot by photographer Jake Chessum, the special cover features “Hamilton” star Brandon Victor Dixon, Michael Moore, Lena Dunham, Chelsea Handler and CNN’s Van Jones. Other stars profiled in this week’s issue include Rachel Maddow, Glenn Beck, Dan Rather, Scott Baio, Omarosa, Bill Maher, and more.



21 responses to “Libtards pose for Variety magazine cover with US flag draping on the floor

  1. #BoycottVariety
    And with this, Glenn Beck shows, once and for all, that he is fake conservative. Any conservative who still watches/listens to Beck is his useful idiot.

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  2. This looks like a meeting of A.A. , ………………….ASSHOLES ANONYMOUS

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  3. The only redeeming value in this disgusting display is that Lena Dunham isn’t actually touching the flag.

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  4. I thought these people were


  5. Hey Dr. E-
    Not to go off topic but have you heard about how Zuckerberg is suing all the people that own property on ‘his’ island so he can have the whole thing for himself? Also, have you seen the toxic effects of wifi technology, especially on the ova of females- especially dangerous to the unborn? There is a chilling video on it by Barrie Trower, Royal Navy Microwave weapons expert (can see on youtube or

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  7. Déjà vu…

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  8. Five total losers…And I’ll be dam that sack of donuts Michael Moore gave up trying on his dream to be Jabba the Hutt!

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  9. The usual gang of suspects.

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  10. They’re all dead from the neck up.

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  11. Moore looks like an old woman in drag.

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  12. Didn’t these morons get the memo? White trash and black trash are out. Poise, class and grace are in! Happy President Trump eve!

    greenworxx you may be right.

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  13. Bawaaaah… Look at Micheal Moores Head…… haaaaaaaaaaaa tarded.
    Article would have been more effective if they had used “real” stars instead of wanna-be bootlickers from the cultural wilderness…. but seriously… look at Micheal Moores head…..ha ha ha ha ha ha …..ahhhhhh

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  14. Well, at least the stinking commie pukes didn’t set it on fire.

    -As far as we know, anyway.

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