Hundreds in ‘queer dance party’ outside VP-elect Pence’s home


Anna Giaritelli reports for Washington Examiner that last night (Jan. 18), several hundreds of LGBTs gathered outside Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s temporary house in Chevy Chase, Md., for what they call a “Queer Dance Party”.

The Secret Service did manage to keep the hundreds of people at a distance from Pence’s house.

The party’s organizers are Groups WERK for Peace and DisruptJ20.

Firas Nasr, founder of Groups WERK for Peace, said the dance party’s purpose was to say “homophobia and transphobia is wrong and should be resisted” — referring to Pence having said his Christian beliefs mandate his nonsupport for LGBT issues.

Pence and his family will be moved into the Vice President’s residence later this week.

Here are some screenshots I took from Twitter videos of the queer dance party:


This kind of mob event in a public place requires a city permit.

Did the party organizers obtain a permit from the city of Chevy Chase? If a permit was granted, what is the rationale? And if the dance party did not have a permit, why didn’t the police disperse the crowd but, instead, allowed the hundreds of freaks to harass Pence and his family?


25 responses to “Hundreds in ‘queer dance party’ outside VP-elect Pence’s home

  1. Photos of the participants should be send to their families. Their parents would be so proud of their offspring.

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  2. Call in some mortar fire.

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  3. This accomplishes absolutely nothing except exposing the petulant children and their butt hurt. Fools.

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  4. Surely only a horrible and hateful person could take issue to such a peaceful, reasonable and virtually inevitable display of tolerance.

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  5. It’s very sad to see these brainwashed, delusional Libtards infringing upon other people’s rights. If these people could get a peek into the after life, they would see their future home is going to be very unpleasant due to their behavior now.

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  6. If a group of drunks had gathered outside Pence’s home and acted like this, they would be arrested for drunk and dissorderly conduct. I guess some sins are expected to be tolerated by the public. It seems it is always the same. The camel puts his nose in the tent, it is only a matter of time till he kicks you out and takes over.

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    • Dan . . . you are right on the money about the camel poking his nose until the edge of the tent. I think it is outrageous that the municipal city allowed a permit for this, and if there was no permit . . . bring in the water cannon. Soak these lawbreakers down. Why is it that only conservative people are held to obey the law, but the Progressives can do as they please. Does this not remind you of “no representation under the law.” Think of all the other neighbors, besides the Pense family, who had the peacefulness of their neighborhood invaded and NOTHING WAS DONE ABOUT IT BY THE PREVAILING POLICE FORCE, in other words all those living in this neighborhood that were bothered by these goings on had no representation under the law–yet they are forced to pay the property taxes that allow for police protection! This kind of crap needs to stop. Some segments of our society should not have MORE, or SPECIAL RIGHTS over the rest of the society.

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  7. The communist and perverted left declared war on us “normal Ammurricans” a very long time ago.

    LOL – And they actually thought they were winning.

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  8. Did Nancy Pelosi do her “Fairy Nymph in a Golden Shower” routine?
    They loved it at her re-election celebration in SanFransicko.

    May some of them would like to dance with a 410 up their poop chute.


  9. Homos don’t support heterosexual, so why should heterosexual people support homos? Heterosexual relationship is the key of survival of humankind from the ancient times, homos don’t reproduce. They only take and take but give nothing back. Most of them will die young and childless, no society will last long with that behavior.

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  10. Well, that is one way on how to not gather support for your cause.
    What a bunch of idiots.
    I just watched Griff Jenkins interview a twit at the deploreaball protesting I and still never understood a thing she said. She said something about Trump coming after them. I have never heard him say anything like that.
    These punks keep bringing up Nazis when they have no idea what they are talking about, they are only repeating. And yet, they call each other comrades.
    Go figure.

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  11. Amazing. This would not have been possible before Obama’s 8 years in the white house.

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    • TD . . . You have hit on the truthfulness of this whole fiasco. Before the time that Obama came into office and started bending and breaking the norms of our society, we did not see this horrible behavior on the part of US citizens. He ushered in the premise that “anything goes” . . . . . there is no amount of evil, no amount of law breaking, no amount of deviant behavior that should not be tolerated by our society at the current time. The people figured that if it was okay to have a President that was totally off balance–then it was okay for them to break the laws, and raise hell. I can only hope, and pray that with the passage of time, we might regain some semblance of civility.

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    • He taught the Special Snowflakes to Celebrate Perversion, not just Tolerate it.
      A Major Part of his “Legacy”.


  12. Kevin J Lankford

    “homophobia”?? Since when is an aversion to perversion a phobia?

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  13. This reminds me of the Clinton Inauguration. a crowd of well over 100 lesbians were at the White House fence chanting GIVE US CHELSEA, GIVE US CHELSEA,GIVE US CHELSEA. They were having sex in the streets and the police told me they were ordered to NOT arrest anyone unless they were violent.

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  14. Any excuse to participate in exhibitionist behaviors. Exhibitionism is part and parcel of the mindset of these people and this is just another opportunity to mingle and hook-up. If there isn’t a viable platform readily available (Trump victory/inauguration), they’ll create one. They will do anything to distract themselves from the reality of their sad existence and you just have to feel sorry for them, really.

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  15. I believe gays have the right to their persuit of life, liberty and happiness as any citizen of this country but NOT at the expense of someone else’s rights or in a harassing manner and this spectacule is just that. They harassed Pence and his family because they have a different belief. If gays want to be recognized and respected then they need to behave in a respectful manner and exact change within the due process of law. Showing off in stupid looking costumes and flaunting sexuality in public is not just wrong it’s indecent and they should be embarrassed and ashamed.

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  16. The joke is on them. A decade ago, most straight people really didn’t care what LGBTs did in their private life. Now more and more straight people (including myself) are fed up with them and will not take any more of their BS if they try to pull this stuff in our presence. Pense had to be silent b/c of his position, but if they did this in an ordinary neighborhood, some of them would be waking up in the hospital this morning or sleeping off their perversions in the county morgue.

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  17. I hope they froze their butts off in this weather!! All half naked and such. Obozo’s “legacy” I guess. Pffft! smh

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  18. I wonder if people can start to find the same people at these protests, gee, it’s as if they’re paid or something, hee hee!


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