The majority of Americans believe Russian hacking of the presidential election did not change the result


Maybe that’s because there’s still no definitive proof that Russia was behind hacking the DNC emails, which exposed the democrats’ and state run media’s attempt to get Hillary elected. Better luck next time.

From Daily Mail: Most Americans think Donald Trump would have still won the election regardless of information leaks that came out of Russia’s alleged hacking, a poll reported.

In the study, 58 per cent thought the outcome of the U.S. presidential elections would have remained the same, despite the hacking of files from the Democratic National Convention.

Americans thought ‘regardless of the information released as a result of Russian hacking’ Trump would still have won the election, according to a poll conducted by CNN and ORC.

A minority of 40 per cent of people said the information leak was damaging enough to change voter’s minds. Wikileaks published thousands of emails and documents pertaining to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC, in June 2016.

CIA officials concluded that Russia was involved and the leaks were intended to prevent Clinton from winning the presidency.  Even Trump admitted that he believed Putin and his government were behind the intelligence (since when are DNC emails considered “intelligence?”) scandal and said in a press conference that he ‘thought it was Russia’.

The senate announced last week that an intelligence panel was investigating Russia’s alleged hacking and the country’s ties with the political campaigns.

Despite the major security breach, most Americans think the U.S. should seek to improve relations with Russia, instead of taking actions against the foreign government, according to the study.

Of those polled, 56 per cent said it was ‘more important that the U.S. continue efforts to improve relations with Russia’ while 41 per cent said America should ‘take strong diplomatic and economic steps against Russia in response’.



21 responses to “The majority of Americans believe Russian hacking of the presidential election did not change the result

  1. “The dogs don’t like the food.”
    Enough people finally woke up to reality.

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  2. All of which goes to show that, unlike Obama/Hillary/Democrats, a majority of Americans are: (1) Not stupid; and (2) Not crazy as to want a war with Russia.

    Even the Obama admin’s intelligence reports do not give evidence that alleged Russian hacking actually affected the 2016 election.

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  3. The Russians and other countries are always trying to hack as we are always trying to hack them! Secondly, THINK! Why did 17 intelligence agencies not investigate hacking? Because it was an INSIDE JOB by murdered Clinton Aid, Seth Rich. Julian Assange paid for his funeral for a reason….Mr Rich must have had it with the sleazy Dems and their corrupt ways. Now another thing: Why isn’t anyone talking about what they found IN those emails?

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  4. But, of course, Democrats keep going with this:

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    • This is hilarious “anon,” and I sent it to my foster daughter who now lives in the middle of the fly-over states. She is a loyal Dem….and called me almost immediately upon receiving the email to see when and where and why we got 2 new dogs (!). Ha Ha. Sigh. God Love her! Just a vivid example that the young don’t know who HIllary WAS in the past…and in the present, they never watch the “real news” but instead, rely on 30-second sound-bites and party directives to figure out how to vote.

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  5. It’s the content of the emails, not who obtained or published them.

    The Russians didn’t write the emails that proved that Hillary’s campaign and the media are corrupt to the core.

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    • SapphireSunday . . . You have hit on the one thing that is the very gist of the current predicament . . . . . “The Russians didn’t write the emails that proved that Hillary’s campaign and the media are corrupt to the core.” The very fact that we have so very many citizens that cannot figure out that it was the CONTENT of the emails that was do damning. They showed that Hillary would take one stance when speaking before one group of people, and then do a 180 when speaking before a totally separate gathering of people. How is it that this concept escapes them???? To a large degree, I blame our schools–they are not teaching “critical thinking.” Far too many people are not able to read with understand, and then critically and in a logical manner access what it is that they just read! It’s like they somehow feel they need to shoot the messenger . . .


  6. Kevin J Lankford

    The liberal fools of the democrats, media, (and the republican party heads), have but one excuse that works, and it ain’t Russia.

    The devil made em do it…….and in truth, I have no doubt satan is behind all that they do.

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  7. Beyond the discussion of who did what,there’s this;If you don’t say stuff you wouldn’t want to have brought up in Court,you won’t have to wear your “walkin’ it back” shoes as often…

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  8. So,what does the left call it when they send dozens of people and millions of dollars to Israel to disrupt their election? What do they call it when Clinton took millions, used to be illegal, from foreign countries?
    I guess it is only a crime if committed against the left or they get caught doing it themselves.
    The large majority of the people knew months before the election who they were voting for.
    None can say exactly how the Russians affected the election in the first place. It didn’t both them before the election when they thought they had it sewn up. And even right after the election. It was Comey’s fault and Russia wasn’t even in the conversation until later.
    They are working under the guise if they tell the lie long enough…..
    They just got beat at their own game.
    They bragged Clinton won the popular vote, so how did Russia harm her? She ignored and got over confident on the key electoral states and Trump worked his rear off winning them.

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  9. OK….here’s how it works in my middle school classroom (which is almost exactly like the HIllary campaign): A kid who craves attention and control of the classroom “acts out” and does “illegal stuff” (against the classroom rules, which you KNOW THEY KNOW b/c you’ve made them write them into the first page of their folders and have parents sign that EVERYONE in class AND at home has READ. Like Hillary, they have been all highly schooled in the rules….not just in my classroom…but for YEARS of classrooms since pre-school days). Teacher catches them doing this. Kid accuses teacher of “picking on him/her” b/c teacher is “LOOKING” at this kid more often than other people, and so is “catching” him/her in the act more often than other kids who might or might not be doing things against the rules. Parents call principal or district and raise cane about how this horrible teacher pays MORE ATTENTION to the actions of THEIR child than anyone else in the room. It’s ALL THE TEACHER’S FAULT!

    Inside the mind of a Dem: Now, just re-read and change a proper noun or two and you end up with “I was being bad but I am innocent/maligned and lost my election to POTUS because the RUSSIANS discovered/were looking at my misdeeds covertly (while, BTW…all AMERICA was looking, too b/c I wanted to be in the spotlight/run for POTUS) and revealed them to the world! And, now, jump directly to: Therefore, Donald Trump and the Republicans are commies!” Makes propaganda sense to the Dems…but missing a few steps of logic for everyone else…..sort of like Middle School in America.

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  10. I am dumbfounded that 41% of people surveyed think we should seek more punitive actions against Russia. How about when Obummer sent his goons to Israel to destabilize their last election?? How very stupid are some of our fellow Americans. Our country has stuck its nose in the elections of other nations for decades.

    I have to say I feel a certain admiration of Putin, not that I agree with his ideology, but you get what you see. He has made it very plain that he wants to promote the interests of his fellow Russian citizens. Do we not want to promote the interest of our fellow American citizens? To me, he is very straight forward. Unfortunately, we have had eight years of a man who is as bent as them come . . . a man who since day one has hated America, and has taken every possible opportunity to show his hatred.

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    • I am going to venture a little way off topic . . . has anyone heard anything regarding Trump calling Putin to put him on notice that Trump says there is a real possibility that he may be assassinated before or after taking office?? From what I heard, Putin in response put his troops on alert. According to what I heard, which was strictly a verbal telling of the account; Trump went on to say that one of his team had been poisoned by something like “Strontium” or one of those “atomic type poisons.” If anyone has heard anything akin to this . . . please flesh out the story with sources. Thank You.

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      • Auntie, have not heard of any of this (will be looking out for it) …BUT….please weigh in everyone/anyone….who of you among us has not THOUGHT (even aloud) that “someone” will try to kill Trump? Democrats behaving badly are in a frenzy and this sort of thing arouses the crazies who actually pick up on it and ACT. My fear is that Trump is so trusting of the American people b/c he has a personal relationship with them….(dah! Hillary…are you listening to the number ONE reason why Trump beat you?)….that he will be so unaware of the myriad of Crazed Dems who will take thought into action and harm or kill him.

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        • CalGirl . . . thank you for your response. It was actually my sister who gave me the heads up on this. I was taking her to the store, because we are just coming off blizzard conditions, and I did not ask her for her source. She maintains some sort of blog and says she has over 4,000 followers at this point in time, and she usually is not given to just shooting from the hip. I just wanted to know if anyone (let’s face it FOTM is kinda my lifeline for up to the minute info. I so agree with you, never before have I felt the great trepidation I currently feel over the hatred and ill will Progressives are currently displaying. As much as I do not want such a thing to happen, I know he is at risk. Truly, he is at risk . . . because he is an up front and personal kind of guy; we could hardly say that he is a shrinking violet to stand back in the shadows. That very reason makes it all the more possible for crazies to be able to get to him.

          CalGirl, thank you for not just thinking I am crazy right out of the gate on bringing up this situation.

          I fear for Trump, his family, his cabinet, and for our beloved nation as a whole.


  11. Roger Stone is now recovering from being sick since Christmas time. He states that he had been poisoned by polonium, (chemical element of atomic number 84, a radioactive metal occurring in nature only as a product of radioactive decay of uranium.) see article here: He is grateful to be alive, and believes the poisoning to be the work of domestic enemies.

    As far as the leaks of Podesta and DNC emails: a) It was NOT the Russians; and b) the emails were a leak (at least the batches in question) and not a hack. Furthermore, criminal charity fraudster Hillary Clinton’s illegal bathroom server, (which Brennan, Obama and others were fully aware of) was in fact hacked multiple times, by multiple actors.; including Guccifer and Guccifer 2. Finally, the next story to break will be that a multi-agency task force is investigating whether Russian-American ‘pensioner’ money was a factor in supporting Trump’s rise to victory. The ‘uniparty’ vitriole is incessant. It will stop only when key people begin to be indicted or impeached.

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    • filia.aurea . . . God Bless you for fleshing out what I was trying to verify. I knew that my sister would not just come up with some over the moon James Bond nonsense without there being something behind it.

      I can only concur, with your writing . . . “The ‘uniparty’ vitriole is incessant. It will stop only when key people begin to be indicted or impeached.” Although, Trump has said that he will not pursue any indictment of Killary . . . I just feel under the circumstances until the “rubber meets the road” and some individuals end up taking some hard lumps–this evil will not end.

      Again, thank you and God Bless for helping me out.


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      • filia.aurea is correct. Roger Stone was interviewed by Alex Jones yesterday and discussed his poisoning from polonium. What a world we live in with most governments run by shadow governments and our legislators do nothing because they are afraid for their own lives. Everyone pretends everything is fine while lies, deceptions and murders continue. Wars are manufactured because it means trillions of dollars to the globalists who make the arms and related products. The evil ones are trying to get us into a war with Russia. There will be no peace until the globalists and their puppets are neutralized.

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        • greenworxx . . . What you have said is the absolute truth! Have we not shed the blood of enough of our young men’s blood on the alter of globalists and their search for power and money??? It is true, “There will be no peace until the globalists and their puppets are neutralized.”

          The real kicker here is that that we have over 40% of our countries citizens who really believe that Russia is our greatest threat! I would say that it is the globalists that are the greatest threat both to our country, and to the world at large. Let’s hope that if there is a war . . . let the children of the 40% plus go fight and sacrifice their blood on that alter. There is no other way of thinking about this, other than we have a plethora of useful idiots running around out there.

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      • My pleasure. It will be the AG’s job to to follow through on indictments. There’s an enormous amount of cover-up activity in the CIA, FBI-JTTF and DOJ. I love Senator Sessions! he is a gentleman, and a man of God, who has sworn a solemn oath to uphold the law. There’s no doubt in my mind that regardless of the intricacies or length of time and resource it takes, AG Sessions will be true to his word. There are 650K emails and 19 gmail accounts (not dot gov accounts) that are yet to be released for public scrutiny. Buckle-up Linda, we’re in for quite a ride.


  12. A FANTASTIC interview; very worth your time

    Enemy Of The State | Iben Thranholm and Stefan Molyneux


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