General Motors to Invest $1 Billion, Add 1,000 Jobs in U.S.


From NBC News: General Motors, one of several automakers criticized for building vehicles in Mexico and shipping them to the U.S., plans to add more than a thousand jobs in the U.S., according to sources who shared the plans with CNBC. The jobs are part of a $1 billion investment the automaker is making into GM facilities in the U.S.

“These are investments and decisions that are good for the business and have been in the works for some time,” a GM spokesperson told NBC News, but the announcement shows the automaker is becoming more vocal in publicizing how many Americans it employs.

Despite employing more than 50,000 hourly workers in the U.S., the automaker has been criticized by President-elect Trump for importing Chevy Cruze hatchbacks from an assembly plant in Mexico.

Two weeks ago Trump targeted GM by tweeting, “General Motors is sending Mexican made model of Chevy Cruze to U.S. car dealers – tax free across border. Make in U.S.A or pay big border tax!”

GM imports more vehicles from Mexico than any other automaker, selling more than 400,000 Mexico-made vehicles in the U.S. last year. GM declined to comment Monday but said the company would have an announcement on jobs and investment in domestic production Tuesday morning


10 responses to “General Motors to Invest $1 Billion, Add 1,000 Jobs in U.S.

  1. It really is astonishing that even before he’s officially inaugurated as President, Trump has already created more productive, i.e., non-government, jobs than Obama did in 8 years.

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  2. This is an example of a lesson my father taught me decades ago.

    He said, “Money is like a woman. She will always go where she is treated best.”

    Under Klinton, money would be raped and pillaged.

    Under Trump, money will be treated as it should be treated.

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  3. Trump! (And he’s not even President until Friday… )

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  4. “GM imports more vehicles from Mexico than any other automaker”
    I guess THAT explains why their electronics are such garbage. I don’t know ANYONE with a post-1990 GM product who isn’t having trouble with the electronics in it. (Quits running,heater won’t work,no dash lights,wipers quit,wipers WON’T quit,can’t pass smog test due to trouble codes indicating the ECM is bad,etc.) I LOVE my ol’ UN-computered BroncWorth!

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  5. Can you just imagine the ear shattering volume of the Big Sucking Sound if Killary had won the election . . . that would have been the sound of monies and jobs headed anywhere, but here. It is so noteworthy, and thrills me to the very core, that we see more about folks meeting with the pre-POTUS than we see leaders meeting with the defunct Obummer. I think it is just wonderful. It would seem that all the other nations under Heaven have just sat up and are taking notice of the United States of America! It is as it should be.

    How many people took note of that sleazy devil in the White House having sent $500 million to the UN for climate change just several days before his A$$ is being kicked out of office. This is so outrageous . . . he just continues to flip off the American people. I think it would be a very good thing to look at ending our participation in the United Nations–they just want to suck the life’s blood out of us here in the US financially.

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    • When you look at the recently adopted (since ’08) UN policies that have an effect on the US,it becomes apparent that the whole intent of the UN/Obama relationship is to make the US a marketable property,to be acquired by China or the UN itself,as the portal of the NWO. Look how much of America Obama has forfeited and sacrificed to this end. He’s GIVEN control of the INTERNET to a UN-based Committee;he’s worked day-n-night to give away our Constitutionally protected RIGHTS (Free Speech/Political Correctness,Gun Ownership and use/Gun Control and requirement of licenses,permits,registering guns,outlawing various weapons,magazines,ammunition as well as when,where and HOW we may carry our Constitutionally owned guns,etc. etc. etc.) Okay-how is ANY of this,in ANY way,the UN’s business? We MUST get out of the UN,stop ALL US funding to them,and put them on public notice that they are no longer welcome,collectively OR individually,in our Country. They’ve become a Global Terrorist Organization.

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      • All you say is true. Imagine what the people would think if they knew just how much of America is owned by foreigners. They wouldn’t sleep at night.
        That is what Reid was doing when he tried to take ranch land in NV a few years ago. He had a deal going with China.
        As for the UN, we truly need to kick them out of the US and save our selves billions. They are taking our money and using it against us.
        I think BO would love to be the grand pooh Ba of the UN.

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  6. Speaking of new jobs, Bill Gates is creating new jobs elsewhere.

    News from Davos: Norway is slated to become headquarters when Bill Gates and the Norwegian government open up their wallet$ with million$ for vaccine research.

    Bill Gates circled the vaccine wagon in Norway when NATO stooge Jens Stoltenberg was PM. He is now back to proceed with current PM and Bilderberg stooge Erna Solberg. Stoltenberg’s family is also heavily involved in the vaccine industry.

    I weep for my old country.

    Google translation:
    Bill Gates’ horror scenario is millions of dead. Now he opens and government wallet for developing vaccines in Norway.

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  7. GM became government motors during the first term, costing thousands of jobs,and parts companies to go bankrupt. BO also forced over 1000 top producing dealerships to close their doors for the simple reason they gave money to Republicans. There used to be YT videos on their meetings.
    All for an undeserved bail out, GM betrayed us.
    Many people lost their retirements. You can bet the leaders didn’t though.

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  8. Pingback: General Motors doing what they have been doing through out our history. Adding jobs!

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