Black singer withdraws from Trump Inauguration after blacks call her ‘house n*gger’ and tell her to ‘kill yourself’

More tolerance and peace and “love trumps hate” from the Left.


Opera star Andrea Bocelli backed out of Trump inauguration after receiving death threats.

Now another invitee to Trump’s inauguration, singer Jennifer Holliday, has also backed out after being viciously attacked — by fellow blacks and by the “gay community”.

Greg Evans reports for Deadline, Jan. 15, 2017:

“They were calling me coon, calling me house n***er, calling me Aunt Jemima, calling me all kinds of names and asking me to kill myself,” the Grammy and Tony-winning singer told MSNBC’s Joy Reid on this morning’s AM Joy. “And that was from the black community.”

Yesterday, Holliday reversed her decision to perform at Trump’s “Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration” concert January 19 at the Lincoln Memorial, citing an online backlash from the LGBT community. In an open letter, she apologized to her gay fans for the “lapse of judgment.” […]

Holliday also said Trump’s team did not “trick” her into accepting the invitation. “I wanted to sing for America and sing for the people.” She said she assumed the Trump team invited her because of her past performances for presidents Ronald Reagan, the Bushes and Bill Clinton. (“I never performed for President Obama,” she explained. “I never was invited.”)


Meanwhile, a breath of fresh air from actress Zoe Saldana, who had starred in the Star Trek reboots, Avatar and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Frankie Taggart reports for AFP (via Yahoo), Jan. 13, 2017, that Saldana, 38, who is not a supporter of Trump, maintains that her fellow actors’ bullying insults at Trump during the race for the White House helped elect Trump by turning off much of middle America. She told AFP:

“We got cocky and became arrogant and we also became bullies. We were trying to single out a man for all these things he was doing wrong… and that created empathy in a big group of people in America that felt bad for him and that are believing in his promises. I’m learning from (Trump’s victory) with a lot of humility. If we have people continue to be strong and educate ourselves and stand by equal rights and treat everyone with respect, we won’t go back to those times.”


22 responses to “Black singer withdraws from Trump Inauguration after blacks call her ‘house n*gger’ and tell her to ‘kill yourself’

  1. “Don’t be afraid!” Elisha told him. “For there are more on our side than on theirs!” 2Kings 6:16
    It is amazing how times have changed from simply enjoying an artist’s performance to only allowing that artist to perform if they walk in step with global social fascio-communists.
    I don’t believe trump won because of pity…I think he won because people saw hellary for who she is…too bad saldana doesn’t see that.
    I pray courage to wash over God-fearing people to step up and do what is right.
    special snowflakes SJWs are definitely having a meltdown temper tantrum…I wonder how many entertainers have accepted without announcement to the public or said they have backed out but will actually be there?…seems like a smarter choice considering the instant death threats.
    To be honest, I can’t imagine a time when I’ve heard “death threats” used so widely against people in all my life….

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    • MomOfIV . . . I cannot agree more with what you have written. The great disparity that I see is . . . did us Conservatives act like this when Obummer was elected, and then elected a second time????? I don’t think so. The actions of the mentally ill liberals is beyond what any conservative, or reasonable person can possibly even believe is happening. Here we actually have persons who have entered into conspiracy’s to introduce toxic substances to at least one of the events which is to be held the evening before the inauguration! This almost makes me feel that I have been dropped into a third rate banana republic! How can this kind of behavior possibly be going on in our country???? The fact that there are those who feel it is okay to threaten to take someone’s life if they perform at the upcoming inauguration . . . it seems like something out of a science fiction novel!!!

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      • Amen, Auntie!
        something is terribly wrong with people today (more so than usual).
        I think the lack of Jesus and proper nutrition are pretty high up there…Jesus and the Holy Spirit feed the soul and spirit and healthy food that God creates feed the body and mind and keeps it healthy.
        They are probably eating food that had been fertilized with biosludge (or the PC term “biosolids”)….
        the brainwave-affecting cell phones (life lines) that they keep on their persons day and night probably don’t help either.
        yeah, the way people behave today is definitely “not normal”.

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      • something is terribly wrong….
        “Anti-Trump protester sets himself on fire outside The Donald’s D.C. hotel before putting himself out and surrendering to police”

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    • Anyone else gets death threats, police investigate and usually catch the offender. But if they’re doing it to anyone who the NWO isn’t protecting….


  2. I’m not black but Mason is:

    Many of us who were there during the sixties who aren’t commies agree with Mason’s assessment.

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  3. Keep it up you petulant, horrible children and you’ll ensure Trump has 8 years in office.

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  5. “Sam Moore: I’m replacing Jennifer Holliday at inauguration”


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  6. Who knows what he has on his neck? If you do you are probably a conservative.

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  7. I made no threats against YO YO MA when he was scheduled to perform at Obama’s inauguration.

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  8. Kevin J Lankford

    saldana has it all wrong. Bulling does not work for the strong. No one voted for Trump out of empathy or sympathy. The silent masses of true U.S. patriotic U.S. citizens just could not sit quietly any longer while the fraud and foreign infiltrator finished demolishing our republic,with the help of every ashkenazi infiltrator and useful idiot in d.c.. Trump truly represented our best hope, and we are watching.

    Too bad for Miss Holliday though. Seems blacks are really the worst of racist of all. They would shun her just for singing in front of white folks. Shame to have to say it, but most are to stupid (they also consider blacks with too much education uncle toms or jemimas) to understand the real politics involved and corruption exposed in this past election.

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  9. How about YO MAMMA, anyone threaten her?

    I heard BHO is flying AF1 to Ca Friday, his last chance to pi** our money away.

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  10. The success of the plan to build their new world older out of chaos they are creating is not doing well. Most people of every background know what is taking place.

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  11. WHAT the H*ll is Saldana talking about really?

    Memo to Holy Wood: Keep your mouth zipped unless you actually have something worth saying and worth hearing. Very few thinking humans give a rat’s behind as to what goes on between your ears or your legs.

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  12. Holliday would have gained more by going ahead and singing. Show the people it doesn’t hurt and the world won’t blow up.
    Then ask the people exactly how their lives have improved under democratic leaders. That it accomplishes nothing to encouraging division.
    If you fold from something said by people people hiding behind the Internet. doesn’t really say much.
    People have to learn, if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.

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  13. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Pray (and sing) for those in authority, whether you like them or not. Don’t ignore mistakes, even evil, but pray for God’s solving the problem. I am better at that some days and in some circumstances with some people on some days more than others.

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  14. Wow, that sure does show some tolerance, eh? I guess ‘tolerance’ is reserved just for the criminals, crack heads, addicts and lefty loonies, but everyone else is fair game?


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