Sweden’s leading shopping mall is deemed a no-go zone, with police blaming gangs of migrants


Aint’ multi-culturalism grand?

From Daily Mail: Sweden’s leading shopping mall has been deemed a no-go zone amid a spike in violence police say has been caused by unaccompanied migrants.  Police are on high alert patrolling the Nordstan mall in Gothenburg after a spate of incidents involving staff and shoppers being threatened by gangs. In some cases, the number of youngsters outnumber the police and the rise in the sinister behaviour has seen the sales take a hit.

Many shoppers are now afraid to even visit the complex, according to RT, and even officers are being threatened by the gangs.  ‘We have seen an increase since last autumn, with mostly unaccompanied minors who are staying here in Nordstan,’ one of the police managers, Jonas Bergqvist, told Expressen. ‘In the evening they deal drugs and violence between fractions sometimes occurs. If there are conflicts from their home countries, they bring them here.’

The trouble appears to start at around 8pm – the time shops shut for the day – when groups of up to 150 teens descend upon the mall.   Police say the rise coincides with the increased number of unaccompanied migrants entering the country. A number of those involved are said to be youths from Syria, Afghanistan and Morocco, according to RT.

Among the alarming incidents include a youngster and a shopkeeper who were robbed with a broken class held to their throats. 

Added to the chaos is the fact that police are finding it increasingly difficult to charge the offenders due to the lack of identification, meaning the teenagers are merely handed over to social services.

Officer Rikard Sorensen told RT: ‘I’ve had people in front of me that look like they are 35, but who claim to be 15. I can’t prove they’re lying so we have to release them,’ Rikard Sorensen, another officer.’

The troubles have seen the mall labeled a no-go zone, according to Expressen.   An area is listed as such if there have been dangerous cases of muggings, robberies, harassment, and sexual assault.


25 responses to “Sweden’s leading shopping mall is deemed a no-go zone, with police blaming gangs of migrants

  1. Heartbreaking. The Swedes need to rediscover their inner Vikings, and soon.

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  2. U.S. shopping malls too are becoming “no go” zones, just different players. 😦

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    • That’s a big reason why I am an Internet shopper.

      It’s much easier – not to mention safer.

      Besides, I don’t have to help pay for mall store’s confiscatory leases.

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    • DITTO Dr E & Dave. I haven’t gone to malls in years. Shop Internet mostly.

      HEY….how can you top cruising the internet w/gift cards hunting for a good deal on a new Bar-B-Q grill…& finding a top-line model on sale, (that your cards cover) & being told shipping is free? The grill comes to YOUR HOUSE 3 days later. The store is 2 free-ways away, & 100 mi round trip. No time or gas or lunch-out money. NO security/safety chances taken by going to a mall…no chance that I’m going to be car-jacked/abducted from the parking lot/sexually assaulted in the mall bathroom/become a victim of a gang cross-fire in the food court/chance that a terrorist might bomb a heavily-trafficked holiday mall scene or drive a truck over me/WHATEVER!

      On top of all that—no obnoxious, germy strangers & their bawling kids swarming all over you or the items you are looking at…no coughing or pushy sales people…no annoying “mall echo” dull-roar in your ears for hours…no mindless trudging hither and yon, no people begging for food or money at every exit or sidewalk or entrance to the parking lot…no creepy parking garages….Oh MY….I think I could go on for another paragraph and roll this all into one big paper BAG of WHY American Malls are dying.

      Malls “ain’t” for sure that sweet, leisurely experience of walking “downtown” to the Five-and-Dime store of yore, and then having a lime phosphate and a warm brownie at the Pharmacy diner/counter across the street…..OR, shopping for your Christmas presents at the local downtown Hardware store (basket balls, wagons, bikes, and lots more on the upper shelves just in time for Christmas)……..I’m not all THAT old, but I grew up in rural America and in small towns……Today’s “shopping experience” is a full-on-nightmare IMO…even BEFORE all the evil possibilities rose their ugly heads in our public sphere…..

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  3. They wanted multiculturalism didn’t they ?

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  4. maybe they’d have to do something like make it a “membership only” mall

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  5. There needs to be mass deportations, night court, you’re put in chains and loaded into the cargo hold of a plane and dropped off wherever you can from or where they think you came from. Until, the Swedes stop thinking that they can spend money to educate, house, feed, medicate, etc individuals who are no better than animals, there will be no peace in that country. If these turkeys disappear in the night, who is going to cry?

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  6. It’s going to be difficult to get rid of the thousands obummer had airlifted into the US and bused all over the country. We cannot fall prey to the same situation that plagues Europe. Trump’s opposition is going to be formidable

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    • greenworxx . . . I do so agree with you. With so many dimwits who oppose Trump’s opposition to having our nation over-run by people who will not integrate into our society . . . the only solution I can possibly see if that I hope that it will be the wifes, children, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, counsins of all the naysayers that will befall the victims of these packs of rabid animals–then perhaps attitudes will change.

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  7. Then it seems to me, if police aren’t going to do anything…what is the point of having them. Are they being paid tax wages just to stand by and witness crime????? None of this makes any sense to me and to top it off, why are everyday citizens just standing by watching this all happen. Are all these countries in the world becoming Nazi occupied zones and are people just going to stand there and be slaughtered like back in the day of Hitler?

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    • It would help if the regular Swedish street police were armed, which they aren’t… Not much you can do with a baton… and the refugees are NOT the least bit afraid of Swedish police and why would they be? They know darn well that the Swedish police aren’t a threat to them at all and that “the law” is in their favor… Add to that, weapon laws are very strict in Sweden, so much so it’s only the criminals that are armed. One can only wish that laws would change but… Don’t see that coming anytime soon and the only political party in Sweden, “SD” that REALLY wants to do something about the immigration problem are deemed as racist’s/Nazi’s (of course, what else is new) “SD” is however as in many other European countries “right wing parties”, growing in numbers/support but I’m afraid it’s already way to late… Sweden has long past the 10% quota of refugees… and the average European/Scandinavian don’t know how to fight… They’ve been taught for generations to “not rock the boat”, don’t stand out, accept and conform… 😦 I’ve lived in Sweden for over 40 yrs but came back to the US past February, due to how bad things are in Sweden. I’m just hoping and praying that this doesn’t escalate over here as well but am very worried that, that’s merely wishful thinking… 😦

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      • Solani . . . thank you for the first hand account. We have cousins in Sweden and so I grieve for the Swedish people. Unfortunately, the run of the mill Swede has been sold a bill of goods about how great Multiculturalism would be for their country . . . same story that is being peddled here in this country.

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      • So sorry, Solani, that you had to leave Sweden…but then…Sweden isn’t “Sweden” anymore, is it? It’s already changed into some new, pulsing, unsettled entity, just like Germany now. So many OTHER European countries that got caught up in the Obama-like socialism/health care/globalism have ended up the same: Our daughter-in-law is an international corporate counsel (lawyer) who left a wonderful, job with unimaginable pay over a year ago b/c she had to spend a certain amount of time in Switzerland, where the parent company had their headquarters. …she was assaulted and robbed on a train there (including passport, etc) ….and her experiences that used to be wonderful in former years, turned violent, rough, dark, in a country she once loved. Additionally….her husband, my son, spent time there in a year of study abroad…as well as later as an adult geologist….I have never been there, but probably half of our genetic heritage came out of the Reformation Cantons…and so….many of our religious and economic and cultural pursuits (so far as our family passes on) are from German-speaking Switzerland. I feel like it has passed on to some other state of being now, and that our background and heritage is dependent solely upon what I was given as a child from my elders…that you could not find any of it NOW with a magnifying glass and a fine-toothed comb in the country of origin. (And, PS…I also descend from ONE of the first Swedes to settle in America….1698 on the Khalmyr NIckle (sp?) the first settler ship from Sweden …in, now, Delaware…though those particular Swedish ways did not filter down so much to our family….he married a Dutch woman….).

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  8. Why aren’t muslim countries helping them?

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    • Why would they? Muslim countries don’t even help fellow Muslim refugees by taking them in.
      Only western countries are so stupid and suicidal as to take them in.

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      • Exactly, why should Arab countries do anything, it is being done for them. The six richest Arab nations have pretty much done zilch. The Saudis could house 3-5 million today, but no one puts pressure on them. They should pay the invaded countries for doing their jobs.
        I think all countries,should send every last one home and refuse any more until others pick up their slack.
        They will never assimilate, even the so called “good” ones, won’t happen, too much inbreeding and mind bending.
        They expect us to assimilate to them.

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      • DAH!

        Thank you Dr. E! What sort of blinders do we wear? Of what origin are these blinders that we would champion the rights of non -citizen intruders, illegals, refugees, et al…over even the RIGHT TO LIFE of our own citizens? Our own Declaration claims that we have the “rights” as citizens of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…” which….has been usurped/over-ridden by the “rights” of refugees, illegals…aliens of several sorts, even criminal, and refugees from terrorist-harboring/producing states. In such a twist, our OWN documents of our own Constitutional Republic (WE ARE NOT A “DEMOCRACY”…newsflash!!!!! Sorry all you Hillary-won-the-popular-vote-people) have been turned against our OWN citizenry. Our lives matter naught or at least LESS than those afore-named. ….or, at least in a government where the Executive Branch of a “balanced” Republic, 1/3 of the government, REFUSED to do its job of ENFORCING THE LAWS OF THE REPUBLIC….and, in fact, actively hindered the job of one of the OTHER THIRD…the JUDICIAL (Attorney General) from pursuing the interests and rights of its own citizenry in the face of the Constitution, which was WRITTEN for THEM…NOT for the “ruling class.”

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    • They don’t want the problems that are inevitable with them.

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      • DCG . . . such wisdom in one short sentence . . . “They don’t want the problems that are inevitable with them.” Not only do they not want to squander their treasury on dealing with these malcontents, but the fact that these animals are creating such havoc in otherwise peaceful societies plays very well into the long term goals of the Muslim countries. The Muslim countries can sit back and watch other well intentioned countries try to deal with people who are in many instances nothing short of being animals; unfortunately, their inbreeding and social mores have combined together to be the perfect weapon against non-Muslim countries. The best solution is for the agitators to disappear in the night . . . .

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    • It’s migration for the cause of allah, when they outnumber white europeans, or when they strong enough and meet only little resistance, they will try to take over.

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  9. The situation has been out of control in Sweden since the first rape and death was accepted. Now it is the norm. What a way to live.
    I have ties to Sweden and used to want to visit there, not now, ever.

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  10. They are doing what they did in the US via the Cuban boatlift, where Cuba emptied all it’s prisons and insane asylums and dumped them on Florida.
    They are not ‘refugees’, they are criminals. They need to all be rounded up at these malls by the MILITARY, corral them like the animals they are (actually animals aren’t even this bad), hand cuff them and put them on military transport planes back to their own countries.

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  11. We have to have hope with the Trump presidency there will be a concerted effort by his team to continue working toward defeating the globalists from within our government and around the world. We, as responsible citizens, have to let Trump know we want this to be a high priority. It will benefit Trump as well since the globalists have no love for him and are looking for ways to end his presidency in any manner they can devise. As long as the globalists are in control of their puppets, then populations, wars, corporations, financial institutions, currencies, the weather and natural resources are theirs to manipulate to imprison humanity.

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