Obama’s Legacy

When a President leaves office, there is much talk of his legacy.

After 8 misbegotten years in the White House, here’s Barack Obama’s legacy. I’m sure you can think of more!



29 responses to “Obama’s Legacy

  1. I didn’t care much for Kennedy but at least he put a man on the moon and not in the ladies room.

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  2. I think if we actually took the time and named every one of his failures, the good Dr. Would have the longest column every written.
    These are good starters though.

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    I consider his (their) opening the door to the white house to the occupation of foreign citizen presidents to be as catastrophic as any of his crimes against this Nation.

    Only the ignorant, traitorous liars, or cowards, refer to obama as president.

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  4. Destruction of Constitutional Govt:
    From running an ineligible candidate (non-citizen father for sure, place of birth doubtful)
    Refusing to prosecute NBPP white voter intimidation.
    Czars – Unconstitutional increase in bureaucratic power.
    Rule by Executive Order – Usurpation of Powers.
    Marginalization and demonization of real Patriot Groups.
    (and that’s just the first week!)

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  6. Legacy: Elaborate vacations.

    The usurper in the White House and his entourage feel no pain on Friday as they head for Palm Springs and golf. Michelle needs another vacation, he sez.


    “And I’ve got to take Michelle on a vacation.”

    The cheerleaders at The Desert Sun point out that Ford also went golfing on his first day out of office. What is good for republicans is good for the democrats, they appear to say. In this case it’s their hero Barry Barack Soetoro Hussein Obama, or whatever his name is.

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    • Taking Michelle on a vacation is code for, I want to go play golf every day while pretty much ignoring my wife and kids like I do every year in Hawaii and Martha’s VIneyard.
      Occasionally lowering myself to having dinner with them.

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    • And all the Imperial Entourage: Doctor, cook, hairdresser, armored vehicles, platoons of security and go-fers. 2 or more huge military transports plus Air Farce One.
      And why does he have to fly to Calif. or Fla. to give a speech that could be done better from the White House? To play golf for the week-end afterward.
      And the endless “Campaign Events” after he gives some phony speech on “inner Cities & poverty” in a big city. He raises a $million for the Lib/Progs, but it costs the taxpayers that for his trip!
      Itis intentional WASTE! Part of the Cloward-Pivens Strategy, on top of his self-aggrandizement. Skinny little sissy-boy with a Napoleonic Complex.


  7. . . . and the fool really thinks he has left an important, thoughtful legacy behind! I cannot think of another POTUS during my lifetime that has been as terrible as he. I whole heartedly agree, if it weren’t for Obama’s legacy, and the propensity of Democrat’s to be out and out criminals . . . Trump would never have been elected.

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  8. I guess it all comes back to, “Obama’s REAL Legacy was putting TRUMP in the White House.”

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  10. The only area in which Barack Hussein Obama has been a success:

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  11. The POTUS that never was…The Error, who left a trail of destruction on all he gazed upon. Now he won’t leave D.C… He must be Impeached, there’s no statute of limitations.

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