China fights masculinity ‘crisis’ with new textbook for boys


A bad influence: South Korean boy band Super Junior

Pajama Boy, SJWs, and feminazis do not approve.

From Fox News: China is apparently concerned that its boys are becoming too effeminate. The country’s solution: a masculinity-promoting school textbook called Little Men, aimed for use in grades 4 and 5.

The illustrated book talks about fathers and sons, and it encourages boys to stress their masculine side, with money management and other ostensibly guy-geared topics thrown in.

NBC News reports the concern is widespread and that citizens blame the “gender crisis” on everything from too much homework (and too little physical activity), to being spoiled rotten by parents allowed just one child. “Girls are becoming more like boys while the boys are becoming more like girls, introvert[ed] and shy,” one parent complains.

An English-language newspaper in China blamed the perceived problem on “effeminate” actors and pop stars in Japanese and Korean culture.

The new six-chapter textbook was printed in December by Shanghai Educational Publishing House and has already been given a test drive in some schools. The idea is that boys will be taught from the book during class, while girls won’t take the course, reports the South China Morning Post.

Anthropologist Tiantian Zheng tells NBC the concern about masculinity is seen as a priority among government officials, and she suggests that all-male middle schools could result.


17 responses to “China fights masculinity ‘crisis’ with new textbook for boys

  1. The upside of this is that we have less to fear of the government starting a war because of China’s hordes of excess males — an unintended consequences of decades of one-child-per-couple population control policy.

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  2. The only difference it that when the Chinese hordes invade they’ll beat us to death with feather dusters.

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  3. Essentially… only the Chicom version:

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  4. I am SHOCKED that these terribly mean people would force their little transgenders to be real BOYS. OMG (tongue firmly planted)

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  5. Wow, central government control leads to some pathetic issues.

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  6. Its interesting which issues seem global: homosexuality, declining masculinity in boys/increased masculinity in girls, declining marriage rates, transsexualism, gay marriage (not sure about China)…

    I wonder how much is manufactured, how much is learned, and how much is chemically imposed? I shudder to think.

    My 19 yo son (I’ve written about him before) is not interested in girls (boys either, for that matter). He’s not particularly masculine, either, though he IS highly ambitious and very assertive. He has told me that he doesn’t have a particularly strong libido (and never has), though he wants to get married one day and have lots of children (fingers crossed!).

    I wonder/worry what effect all those years of birth control I took may have had on him.

    Good article; very interesting, and food for thought.

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    • Recynd77 . . . Very interesting and astute comment . . . “I wonder/worry what effect all those years of birth control I took may have had on him.” Unfortunately, we now see or at least suspect that all the female hormones and antibiotics that have gotten into our waterways has had a very bad effect on the food chain. Sometimes we do not know what the long term effects of some of the great inventions that have been brought to market will have on us or our society.

      It really is very strange that there has been a blending of the sexes so that an androgynous look is what younger people seem to prefer. We even read I believe here on this blog of the Japanese (?) young man who had his penis removed, and to pay for the surgery–he charged guests to eat a meal that had been prepared using the severed member!!! When young people start participating in this kind of behavior . . . all of society should be alarmed!

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    • Know what also helps lower testosterone? Low fat diets! Diets low in animal fats as well as minerals make males have massive decreases in testosterone.

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  7. We could use some of that “Masculinity Training” here,too. And a double dose of “Responsibility Training” – Moral, Fiscal, and Patriotic, for both sexes. Starting with Congress!

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  8. Completely agree Longknife! China will work on making their boys men while ours continue to consume and stare idly at their smart phones growing up lost and confused about male and masculine values. As for our girls, same story with the loss being they are growing up not understanding or emulating female qualities that help families raise decent children.

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  9. What do they expect, look at all the pollutants out there that screw up sex hormones, especially soy formula and any other soy products, BPA’s from plastics, then there is the massive pollution in China, mercury pollution, PCB’s and God knows what else. It’s happening in the USA too.

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  10. I do believe we are destroying our males with drugs in the water, maybe injections, and environment. Those we see as manly men, many are on steroids to achieve their manliness. Almost like an over correction.
    As for the Korean boy bands, I watch Korean TV and music several hours every week.
    The band members are usually taken from the parents at a young age and the cloning begins. They exist under a strict regime, food, clothes, housing, etc. they live as a group. If you watch their dance routines, you will rarely see a misstep. Most are similar in size. The families are willing to sacrifice for the final success. Compared to American and European singers, they are not strong singers, but achieve volumn through a group.
    They are very comfortable with their sexuality and marry women. Coming off effeminate doesn’t seem to bother them. They really don’t showcase gayness in their programs, but seem to make fun of anyone that comes off as gay.
    Their population has grown taller and slimmer these last few decades, same for their women. They have a lot of beautiful people. Many of their men are six feet or taller now. The girls also are growing tall with slimness.
    Of course, this is all how they want it to be seen around the world.
    It is mandatory that the men serve in their military two years after graduation. Most are very proud to serve.
    The choice is theirs as to when. Many choose to go to college first and the drama stars disappear from time to time serving their two years.

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  11. Liberal “culture ” has destroyed this nation in ways far to numerous to list. We are allowing these perverts to rob our children of their childhoods. They do this by exposing our children to adult themes, themes their underdeveloped minds cannot possibly comprehend. The damage caused by this indoctrination is usually insurmountable. Liberals are the fucking devil and they are creating hell on earth….one child at a time.

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  12. Could be Mother Nature’s way of thinning the herd. The herd can only move as efficiently as its slowest members. The slower, weaker, sicklier ones are the first to fall away to death, disease or predator. Therefore the herd can move more efficiently. It’s kinda the same when you drink a beer. It kills the slowest , weakest brain cells first allowing the others to operate more efficiently. No wonder you start to feel smarter after a couple of beers. (sarc)

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    • “It’s kinda the same when you drink a beer. It kills the slowest, weakest brain cells first, allowing the others to operate more efficiently. No wonder you start to feel smarter after a couple of beers.” Ha ha, that’s a good one!

      I can’t wait to show it to my foreman, Brent, who drinks at least eight 5% Canuck brews a day, starting as soon as he gets home.


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