Democrats Boycotting Donald Trump’s Inauguration


From Yahoo: Several House Democrats have declared that they plan to boycott Donald Trump’s inauguration Friday, with the number increasing Saturday in the wake of the president-elect’s criticism of civil rights leader and Georgia Congressman John Lewis.

By Saturday afternoon, 16 House Democrats had announced they would not attend Trump’s inauguration.

The number grew after Lewis said he doesn’t see Trump as a “legitimate president” and announced that he would not attend his inauguration—the first one he will miss since being elected to Congress. Trump fired back on Twitter, inspiring a backlash from Democratic leaders.

Rep. Ted Lieu, of California, said in a statement on Saturday that he would stand with Lewis. “While I do not dispute that Trump won the Electoral College, I cannot normalize his behavior or the disparaging and un-American statements he has made,” Lieu said. “I can only hope that Trump will govern differently than he has campaigned. For me, the personal decision not to attend Inauguration is quite simple: Do I stand with Donald Trump, or do I stand with John Lewis? I am standing with John Lewis.”

Here are the House Democrats who have decided to boycott:

Georgia Rep. John Lewis: “I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president,” Lewis said in a Meet the Press interview. “I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected, and they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. I don’t plan to attend the inauguration. It will be the first one that I miss since I’ve been in Congress.

California Rep. Barbara Lee: “On January 20th, I will not be celebrating or honoring an incoming president who rode racism, sexism, xenophobia and bigotry to the White House,” Lee said in a statement. “Donald Trump has proven that his administration will normalize the most extreme fringes of the Republican Party. On Inauguration Day, I will not be celebrating. I will be organizing and preparing for resistance.”

California Rep. Jared Huffman: “I have decided that instead of attending the inaugural ceremonies in Washington this month, I’ll spend time in California with my constituents making a positive difference in our community,” he said in a Facebook post.

Illinois Rep. Luis Gutiérrez: “The reason I am not going is that I cannot bring myself to justify morally or intellectually the immense power we are placing in that man’s hands,” Gutiérrez said on the House floor on Tuesday.

Missouri Rep. William Lacy Clay: Clay plans to be “back home in St. Louis speaking to school kids” instead of attending the inauguration, his spokesman told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Friday.

Michigan Rep. John Conyers: A spokesperson for Conyers confirmed to CNN and Politico that he would not be attending the inauguration.

Arizona Rep. Raúl Grijalva: “I will not be attending the inauguration of Donald Trump as our next president,” he said Friday on the House floor, CNN reported. “My absence is not motivated by disrespect for the office or motivated by disrespect for the government that we have in this great democracy, but as an individual act, yes, of defiance at the disrespect shown to millions and millions of Americans by this incoming administration, and the actions we are taking in this Congress.”

Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer: There is unprecedented concern by my constituents about the many threats posed by a Trump administration seeking to implement the President-elect’s policies on health, environment, nuclear weapons, and immigration, to name but a few. I will forgo the inauguration, spending the day instead in my district talking with Oregonians to hear their priorities, try to answer their questions, and prepare for the coming assault on the values and programs we hold dear,” he said in a Facebook post on Jan. 7. “It is hard to think of a better use of my time on January 20th.”

Oregon Rep. Kurt Schrader: “I’m just not a big Trump fan. I’ve met the guy and never been impressed with him,” Schrader told Oregon Public Broadcasting on Friday. “I’ll do my best to work with him when I think he’s doing the right thing for the country. But he hasn’t proved himself to me at all yet, so I respectfully decline to freeze my ass out there in the cold for this particular ceremony.”

And also:

  • California Rep. Mark Takano
  • California Rep. Mark DeSaulnier
  • Massachusetts Rep. Katherine Clark
  • New York Rep. Yvette Clarke
  • New York Rep. Nydia Velazquez
  • New York Rep. José Serrano



30 responses to “Democrats Boycotting Donald Trump’s Inauguration

  1. They’re all Democrats! SURPRISE!

    Bunch of sore losers.

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  2. Once again…

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  3. The Democrats are owned, just like the Republicans. And they are stupid. As in STOO-PID. Let’s identify their donors and the lobbyists who support them!
    I hope President Trump backs every one of their opponents in the next election!

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  4. not one is worthy to represent We The People….vote ’em out!

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  5. darn.
    I was hoping they’d get caught in the middle of the “riots” that Soros has paid for

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  6. The MSM talking point is Trump picked a fight , which is a LIE.
    Whenever I see this guy he is balling things up at a hearing, or wandering down the street in Batimore without a script, so he just mumbles and shakes his head

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  7. Kevin J Lankford

    Even the republican party is full of brutuses. Trump will need eyes in the back of his head, on top of his head, and peaking out both ears.

    Only the ignorant, traitorous liars, or cowards, refer to obama as president.

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  8. Rep. Raúl Grijalva “disrespect shown to millions and millions of Americans”?
    Hey crap for brains. What about the disrespect that your anointed leader odumbo has shown for even more MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of other Americans? And if you could, ask all the dead in hitliary’s wake how they like her. Shut up. And if you weren’t born in the US go the hell back where you came from. And take Velazquez & Serrano with you. I wish the lamestream media would boycott it too. When are these idiots going to learn that when they punch Mr. Trump they better look out for the coming hay-maker.

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  9. These fools are just self-identifying as “Part of the Problem”. Voters in their districts need to remember and Democrats in their districts that want a seat in Congress should remind their voters at every opportunity, that if their district did not get something they wanted, that these fools being rude assholes might be part of the reason.
    Most of these districts are where Dems can be arrogant, but we need to encourage some new Pro-American Democrat Candidates.

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  10. it would be awesome if trump had the ceremony at a different location instead of the wasteland known as dc (district of corruption)

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  11. Really, who cares? I’m sure Trump doesn’t, and I don’t as well. We will be fighting these a**holes forever. They want to continue to stir up trouble. There will NEVER be a meeting of the minds – NEVER. Republicans, Conservatives, Independents, and Democrats who support Trump MUST ignore them, and move on.


  12. Let ’em stay away. It will smell better.

    As for Lewis, he is nothing but an old racist fart that tosses race cards at anyone he disagrees with.

    Trump didn’t go after him – he went after Trump, and got the response he deserved.

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  13. I’d like to see Trump go on Primetime TV,and start off with,”I’m hearing that a lot of House Democrats are not planning to accept my invitation to attend my Inauguration ceremony–which I really don’t mind-it’s NOT like we NEED ’em there;but it’s sad to see so many choose to end their Political careers over something as childish as this. Really-how childish does it sound to commit political suicide,and make no mistake-it will be political suicide, by NOT going to a celebration of probably the best thing to happen to America in the last 50 years? When has this EVER happened before? Have the Conservatives EVER sunk to THIS level? Oh,well,enough about them.
    I can hear his voice saying this in my mind-or maybe I just need more coffee….


  14. Good, we don’t want them there anyway. More chairs for real supporters.

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    • –or—-as it has been HUMOROUSLY referred to in my family for years and years……MORE MEAT FOR THE MEAT EATERS. (Just FINE to us that the Dems have voluntarily bowed out of government functions and ceremony…..we’ll “divvy” up their portions in the coming days…..).

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  15. Pingback: kommonsentsjane

  16. Such arrogance on their part. What they are saying is,

    “I’m TOO SELF-RIGHTEOUS to attend that knucklehead Trump’s Inauguration!”

    “Be not righteous over much; neither make thyself over wise: why shouldest thou destroy thyself?” (Ecclesiastes 7:16… Sounds like Solomon had mid-term elections in mind!)

    And did you notice: The “new fad” among most of those bozos is to all the sudden be so interested in going out into their communities to fraternize with the locals to elicit their grievances, concerns, fweeelings, etc. Even that ditz Zuckerberg of FB is doing the same thing… he plans to make a national tour out of it! (All the sudden he cares so much what his FB users feel, think, etc. Pffff! I think Trump must have embarrassed all those secular Jews with Trump’s huge crowds, & they are so jealous & want some of that attention for themselves.)

    Welllll, GUESS WHO MADE THAT FASHIONABLE? It wasn’t those Dem bozos but it was TRUMP who fired up that “trend” with his massive “To-The-People” campaign!

    So those bozos are NOT VERY ORIGINAL, either; just a bunch of parroting copycats. Yet the one they are copying, they thumb their noses at him at the same time. SMH.

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  17. Wasn’t it Lewis that made up the lie that he was spat on while holding hands and marching with Pelosi? He and others in the black caucus have done everything possible to undermine our government as well as the hearings last year.
    These cry baby leftist do not really think they will be missed to they? Most I have never heard of before.
    Racist, stay at home, we want a country for all the people, not just you.
    I read where those protesting and applied for permits have been given more parking places than any of the other groups. Perhaps these stay at home protestors are expecting something nefarious to happen and want to stay out of the fray.


  18. I wonder how Dr. King would react to the total dishonesty, arrogance of office instead of service, and the demands of “Special Treatment for special Dem groups” by these Social Justice Warriors. I think he would be appalled.
    Dr, King wanted “Equality under the Law” and “Constitutional Rights”. None of these “Democrats” stand for that. Power Corrupts.
    But, Dr. King had started talking about “being on the right side of the World Revolution” shortly before his death. “So, one never knows, do one?”


  19. Have a laugh on the DEMS… Buh Bye…

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  20. Hilarious…

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  21. My Rep is on that list. Feel like writing and giving a piece of my mind but it wouldn’t do any good anyway. They ARE arrested both mentally and emotionally.

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  22. Up to 49 now. 1/4 of the Demoncraps self-identify as “Revolutionarys”, traitorous scum with no respect for the Constitution or the Voters that put them in Office. This is a violation of the People’s trust. They are elected as Representatives, not to be petulant Party Cry Babies. Each house can refuse to seat any “Member” for bad behavior. They ought to have a vote on every one of these “Refuseniks”.

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  23. Childish!!! Grow up!!!

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  24. Evidently the head count is now up to 60 sore losers:

    The list has grown to 60 House Democrats.
    That’s 31% of their caucus members.
    –Most of them are in safe districts.


  25. In other political news, the Repubs who signed the NEVER TRUMP letters, are now bemoaning the fact that the Trump Transition Team won’t give them the time of day! Pfff, surprised much?

    Evidently they are shocked at that, per WaPo. Their REASONING is this: Trump has NO experience re Govt., national security and foreign policy. Therefore, they ASS-u-med he would be reaching out to THEM, the know-it-alls re Govt. (How arrogant of them. What did they expect?)

    Quote from the story: “Before he won, the conversation was, ‘We really would love for you to change your mind and join us,’ ” Peter Feaver, a National Security Council special adviser under President George W. Bush, said of informal talks with Trump aides. Feaver, who signed both letters, added that, “Since he won … the conversation is, ‘There likely will be a blacklist of people who signed the letters who won’t themselves be eligible for a post.’”


    Breitbart has a shorter version of the story:


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