Mom gets JUST probation for rape of 13-year-old boy


From USA Today: A 46-year-old woman was put on probation after pleading guilty to having sex with her daughter’s 13-year-old boyfriend.

Elaine B. Goodman of Dover, Del., faced up to 15 years in prison when she pleaded guilty in November in Kent County Superior Court, but Thursday the Honorable Robert B. Young took into account that this was “an aberration” and that Goodman has shown compassion not only in taking care of her elderly parents but also to others in the community.

“This came out of the blue,” Young said. “The crime is egregious and affected the victim and his family, which was taken into account. But incarceration is not the answer.” He also ordered her to attend sexual disorder counseling and register as a sex offender.

Goodman’s lawyer, James E. Liguori, told judge Young that “there is goodness in this woman” and that she recognized what she did was wrong and has been humbled because of the experience. “I just know she is truly, truly hurt to the core by how much she hurt so many people,” he said. “Everyone is trying to move forward and by admitting her guilt, we can do so.”

Deputy Attorney General Denise Weeks-Tappan saw things a little differently, saying Goodman knew what she was doing when she met the boy in the early morning hours of March 15, 2015, and that she was only thinking of herself. “This mom, who he trusted, instructed him on what to do,” Weeks-Tappan said. “The crime has affected the victim in many ways. He’s hurt, embarrassed and it is affecting his schooling. When the defendant committed this crime, she took something away from him,” the prosecutor said. “He was not a willing participant but a victim.”

After hearing from both sides, Goodman told judge Young and the court that she was truly sorry for her actions. “I know sorry is just a word, but I really am,” the sobbing Goodman said. “I know I hurt people, and that is terrible.”

Goodman had arranged to meet the boy, who was sneaking out of his house to meet her, at about 1 a.m. ET in March, a few weeks before her 45th birthday, according to court documents. The pair drove around for a while then parked and sat in the back seat talking and being intimate until about 4:30 in the morning when Goodman had to drop him off at home and get ready for work.

During an interview in November 2015 at the Children’s Advocacy Center here, the boy said that at one point after kissing him and undressing him, Goodman “took his you-know-what and put it in her you-know-what,” according to the documents.

The Smyrna, Del., Police Department collected DNA evidence from the car and clothing worn that night and digital evidence from cellphones in its investigation. The arrest was based primarily on the digital evidence, which included text messages between Goodman and the boy and Goodman and a friend that referred to the incident, according to court documents.

Goodman told her friend through text message: “He is so cute with a nice … body,” according to the documents. “I asked him what in the world are u doing with a body like that at 13…”

Goodman was arrested and charged in November 2015.

h/t Breitbart


27 responses to “Mom gets JUST probation for rape of 13-year-old boy

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    Seems to me that some where in there, mrs. or is it miss. goodman (little distinction any more), and the judge also, should have exhibited a little concern for her daughter.

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  2. So much for “Equality before the Law”. A Hispanic woman in Texas was given 10 years in prison for the same thing. In that case, the boy’s parents knew about, and approved of the relationship.
    Still weird, but seems “less criminal” to me. Also the Texas woman was in her 20’s and not near as ugly as this one, but that mat be my “Male Chauvinist” wanting to somewhat excuse it.
    But, Probation seems a little too light, but the 10 years in prison seems very excessive, especially considering the parents consent as well as the boy’s enthusiastic participation. Also the woman became pregnant, wanted to have the baby, but was “forced” into an abortion. (?) I’m usually “moderately pro-choice”, but that seems really sad. Oh, well. Weird, but not “that criminal” to me.

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  3. Over the years more and more adult women have been caught and/or prosecuted for what men alone used to be prosecuted for. It’s very weird and very disturbing. It’s also very revolting. Is feminism alone responsible for this, or is it something else? I cannot understand it—nor do I want to.

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    • I’m inclined to think this has always been happening,but it’s been largely written off as something like “Awww-The boy just let his hormones get away from him-and that woman had pretty loose moral values anyway.” And in the past,it’s been “politically unpopular” to prosecute “the fairer sex” for anything. Now-not so much….
      Just my opinion…

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      • I don’t think that’s it, Truck. Up until the 90’s, more or less, women still seemed to have limits. Who Knows?


      • I think you are right, TJ. Also, “things like that”, just weren’t publicized, even if caught, done in closed hearings.
        The whole deal here is publicize it to the point of people saying, “Don’t waste the prison space, on something this stupid!” Then it is half way to being “normalized”.

        But Steven is also right. “Women used to have limits”, Or “if you can’t be good, be real sneaky”. Now the ‘New Feminism’ is all ‘Do It’ and then brag about it. Just “pushing the envelope”.
        I think it’s just part of the Agenda – folks aren’t going to get too excited about a 13 yr-old boy having sex with an adult woman, and after they beat us to death with that for 6 months or so, girls doing it with grown men won’t be too shocking anymore. ‘World Reporting’ makes things more “common place” than they really are, and the ‘next change’ doesn’t seem so shocking or deserving “outrage” as before. It is all part of the “UN Rights of the Child”, “to choose their own friends and relationships” crap.
        First it was just for kids to have friends that were different ethnicity, religion, or race, now it is “sexual orientation” and “gender fluidity”, next normalize pedophilia, then what? Every kid gets issued their own sex robot in the 4th grade? And a “Gender Fluid” Multicultural robot at that. (easily upgraded to “Multi-Species” ?)

        Don’t laugh. Think back. When Clinton was elected, did you think that in 5 years “getting a Lewinsky” would be a joke for mixed company, and even kids?


  4. Now, now, now. Let’s not all get too upset . . . . After all, the NYT in an editorial in 2014 chided all of us to stop referring to sex with a child (pedophilia) as criminal. We all need to loosen up and recognize it for what it is: merely a disorder over which the adult perp has no control. Sex with a child or hormonal teenager easily taken advantage of isn’t all that bad . . . .

    BS!! We are all being programmed to accept this perversion as normal and the ongoing and accelerated erosion of our cultural norms as merely enlightened, acceptable behavior these days. I despair over the attitude of those who accept this as not all that bad. Maybe the Millenials are right and it’s time for my generation to be eliminated sooner rather than later, as we are an annoying barrier to “progress” on so many, many fronts. SMH

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  5. May I suggest a fund to pay for an eye exam and glasses for the young man? It’s apparent he has very poor eyesight.

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  6. I am in a state of A-S-T-O-N-I-S-H-M-E-N-T that this ugly old Ho was allowed to pray on a 13 year old boy . . . yet she got away with a sentence of being on probation only. This is a severe miscarriage of justice. If a man had perpetrated exactly the same thing on a 13 year old girl, and he was Oh so helpful to his aged parents, and Oh so helpful to all these various people in the community . . . he would find his A$$ in jail. Since when do we negate a crime by all the ‘good things’ a criminal has done. What young boy really wishes to have a sexual experience with some fat, greasy old woman like that. What kind of mother is she, that she would snatch her obviously young daughter’s boyfriend for her own sexual gratification??? She has taught her child(ren) something that a mother should never teach. This was a major betrayal of her own daughter. She should have been sentenced to at least three to five years prison time, if not the full ten years. We can tell by the words she spoke to this boy, “I asked him what in the world are u doing with a body like that at 13 ….” She texted a friend . . . “He is so cute with a nice . . . body.” This shows her to be a predator. How many men her own age would want to “do her???” I doubt that they would be knockin’ down her door to get at her. If she is this promiscuous what diseases might she have transmitted to this young man? This whole thing makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. The only thing that this old Ho is “sorry” for is . . . that she got caught, I rather doubt that she feels any real sorry for the fact that she perpetrated this act on this young boy. The boy’s parents need to bring suit in civil court against this woman–since the criminal court did not do it’s job.

    Then we have to turn our attention to that nasty old white judge, who is obviously operating under the age old adage . . . good for ‘that boy he got him some!” The people of that Delaware community need to support a recall effort, this judge is out of his ever lovin’ mind, and needs to be relieved of his duties. I still say, since when do we weigh good acts vs wrong doing to come up with a sentence that does not include jail time when jail time would be appropriate otherwise. Is this some “special sentencing” that is reserved for black Americans????

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    • makes me wonder, Auntie, if the so-called “judge” and “mom” are in the same club of being child rapists…

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      • MomOfIV . . . you do have a valid point there. No reasonable person would think that giving probation under these circumstances is justice at its finest.

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        • Maybe it is another part of “incrementalism” – this judge has ‘mercy’ on the ‘poor, lonely, over-weight, & ugly’ but ‘generally nice’ black woman, and then this under “Case Law” becomes part of the “Sentencing Guidelines” in the next case. Incremental “Decriminalization” by simply taking away any punishment.

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    • “She should have been sentenced to at least three to five years prison time, if not the full ten years. ”
      I’m starting to think sending offenders to prison usually only serves to teach them more and “better” ways to be a Criminal,so it might need to be used only for offenders who must NEVER be released. Maybe a stint in an Insane Asylum would do them more good. (I’m told they’re MUCH better at shock therapy these days.)


      • truckjunkie . . . I would not be opposed to having her sentenced to an insane asylum. I rather doubt that having someone else tell you what to do 24/7 would be very much fun. She could sit around in “group sessions” and explain to the other loonies that she raped her daughter’s 13 year old boyfriend. Wow! That would be a fun group to sit in on. I also agree–they could do shock therapy on her until the drool runs down her face! She deserves little better.

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  7. I would hope her friend may be the reason she was arrested in the first place. What person in their right mind would find reading those kinds of messages not disturbing?
    Also, I have sons and daughters, and I don’t care how attractive or unattractive a perpetrator may be….they need to stay away from children (includes teens) and let children grow up normally. Too many adults have ruined children’s childhoods for their own selfish, perverted, twisted, demonic reasons.
    I remember the story of the adulterous wife (husband and wife cheated), and “mother”, Mary Kay Letourneau, who raped a 6th grader and became impregnated by him. The rape victim’s family had to bear the costs of raising the child(ren) while she was in prison. She was initially given a slap on the wrist and then violated her probation and became pregnant again….the sick, oedipal “couple” eventually married.
    I’ll say this much, thank God goodman didn’t produce offspring from that “relationship”. She sexualized and violated that boy and violated her daughter’s trust. I wouldn’t be surprised if she were caught raping the boy again, since child rapists and molesters have a high recidivism rate.

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    • MomOfIV . . . I am always left thinking, what a great neighbor MomOfIV would make. You are always right on track, if only all of society had such good parenting skills are you have. You are no doubt an superb additional to your community! God Bless!

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    • I think that using the word “rape” in this context is playing into the hands of the Lib/Progs. Rape is force or some overwhelming coercion. If you over use a word like Rape or Murder, you begin to erode the meaning and impact. Not to excuse the crime, “Sexual Abuse” is more fitting and in a way sound ‘more sleazy’ than saying a woman “raped” a teen-aged boy.

      Just my opinion, but in this case the overuse of the word “rape” becomes somewhat ‘laughable’. I know it is not, but under Natural law it becomes the inverse-equivalent of “The squirrel STOLE the peanut from the bird-feeder!”. The boy and the squirrel are simply “opportunists”, something was offered and they took it. This immoral woman ‘unlawfully’ offered him sex and he took it. If you put the peanut up the tree….
      The woman initiated “an unlawful act”, but no force or coercion was alleged. There was an unlawful act, but not rape.

      Like the squirrel didn’t break the kitchen window to gnaw a hole in the bag of peanuts to steal one.

      I think the use of the word “rape” will help the Lib/Progs “trivialize” something that is not trivial, and should be taken seriously on the acts that happened.
      As the mother of the boy’s girl-friend, this woman was in “a position of authority”, arguably “en loco parentis”, making it more serious. Also is this giving the boy “permission” to have sex with her daughter?


      • I see your points Longknife 21, but in this case, I think “rape” is appropriate terminology because what goodman did to that child was, by legal definition, “statutory rape”.

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  8. I wonder how she got caught. When I was that age lots of older women were looking to have sex with teenagers. The teens were happy to sleep with them….


  9. That DIShonorable judge looks like John Lithgow’s evil twin. He looks pretty fruity too. And, you KNOW that sick pervert has had to have been raping more than one child! On average a molester get about 50 kids before they even get caught.
    Shows how much the courts really care about REAL CRIME. THEY DON’T!
    Our neighbors are pedophiles, the one mother had sex (and a child) with her oldest son and the cops do NOT care! Oh, they’re welfare cases? Oh well that means they’re untouchable. If they have money, well that’s a different story.
    And…I bet the detectives who investigated this are like, “why did we even bother if this judge is going to just give her a slap on the wrist?”
    So, message to pedophiles…just make sure you are a woman and CRY A WHOLE LOT.

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  10. Maybe the judge gave her ” double secret probation ” ……hehehe

    If this was a man , the so-called judge ( judging by his appearance ) , probably would have slapped him on his wanker and told him : ” Now don’t do this again Richard ” !!!!!!!!!


  11. Usually it involves some ex-cheerleader type who misses the attention so the kid might be perceived as a lucky little tyke. Not so lucky in this case. Forgiveness is nice but she should still serve some real penalty under the law. Legally and morally we’ve become soft. Even Aquinas, Doctor of the Church, supported the death penalty for certain heinous crimes. I’ll take the word of one of the greatest geniuses of all time over some of our modern thinkers. That includes some of our recent Popes.


  12. I am NOT condoning this action. I will say this is NOT new. When I was in high school in the 70s, it was common for your boys to be introduced to carnal pleasures by one of the local school teachers. There were three female at my school who would be more than willing to see that you were “ready for college.”

    There is nothing new under the sun.


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