Chicago Public Schools to force staffers to take four unpaid furlough days


Chiraq is so full of problems. Gee, I wonder why…

From MyFoxChicago: Staring down a $215 million budget hole it blames on the governor, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) announced Friday it’ll make all staffers take four unpaid furlough days this spring on dates when children aren’t scheduled to be in class, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.

The move, which CPS also imposed for three days last year to conserve cash, is estimated to save the state’s largest district $35 million. It’ll impact union and non-union employees alike who will be furloughed on February 3, April 7, June 21 and June 22.

CPS banked on $215 million in pension money from Springfield that was allocated in legislation Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoed in December. The money was supposed to be tied to “pension reform.” But when a compromise couldn’t be reached, Rauner pulled the plug.

District officials have said they’ll try to plug the funding gap in the least disruptive manner possible to schools, which have already seen their budgets slashed and their reserves spent during last year’s similar budget woes.

“As we address CPS’ financial challenges, we have two goals: minimize classroom disruptions and restore funding,” CEO Forrest Claypool said in an email. “Since Gov. Rauner is denying fair funding to Chicago students, we are forced to make cuts that will create new challenges for schools that are working to build on their academic gains. But make no mistake, any additional cuts we are forced to make would fall squarely at the governor’s feet.

Rauner spokeswoman Catherine Kelly chided CPS for budgeting money it didn’t have but said the governor would consider the legislation again if the General Assembly were to pass statewide “pension reform” measures.“Continuing to blame the governor, who has been in office two years, for decades of fiscal mismanagement and bad decision-making is getting old,” she wrote in an email. “CPS willingly chose to budget for money they had not received and knew was contingent upon real pension reform.”

Last year, CPS also passed a budget it considered balanced despite banking on $450 million in pension help from state lawmakers. By January 2016, when that money hadn’t materialized, CPS cut school budgets for the second semester, too. It later furloughed employees for three unpaid work days.

If principals hadn’t planned so carefully from the beginning of the financially-troubled year, teachers would surely have been among the 200-plus staffers cut in the middle of the school year.

The Chicago Teachers Union is livid at what amounts to a 2 percent pay cut. “It’s the second year in a row they shortened the school year and cut our pay,” said Jesse Sharkey, the union’s vice president, angry that CPS leaders still won’t seek new revenue sources. Sharkey said the days off were to allow teachers to complete grades at the end of each quarter, work he assumes will still have to be finished and handed in.

“I’m hearing hearing from teachers who are outraged because they see this as a reduction of pay without a reduction of work,” he said. “We’re looking into whether it’s wage theft.”

Meanwhile the ratings agency Moody’s advised that CPS shore up its finances with another property tax increase of $400 million, a notion district officials have rejected.


12 responses to “Chicago Public Schools to force staffers to take four unpaid furlough days

  1. Property taxes are through the roof in Chicago, like they are in my alma mater Nassau County, N.Y. but please explain to anybody who will listen that no amount of money will satisfy the communists.
    And the best part is the children do not know who fought in the civil war, much less who won.

    ==sharing this==

    Remember that you can’t persuade a true-believer leftist with fact and logic. Intellectually, most of them embrace a closed-loop Cultural Marxist narrative similar to paranoid schizophrenia. If someone proves himself incapable of recognizing self-evident truths (such as denying the humanity of an unborn baby while looking at an advanced stage ultrasound image), disengage immediately. Conservative populists should largely ignore the left and their delusions and just focus on taking the seats of power away from them.


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    • I am retired now, but a former employee of mine moved to Arizona from Chicago as his annual property tax bill had become equal to his annual mortgage payments. That, coupled with an increasingly volatile urban environment, left him with few options, so he moved and said it was the best decision he ever made. All the Democrat controlled major cities (Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, LA, et al.) are hell-holes, frankly.

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  2. Since most of these “staffers” are ‘Counselors’ and other ‘sociology workers’, they should be cut to a 3 day week with Mondays and Fridays off because they do little if any use full work on those days,(if at all). They ought to be “volunteers’ or ‘interns’ compensated by the many Socialist Orgs that push all that nonsense rather than Public Employees with any Union affiliation.
    I have never understood why the Taxpayers should have to support these mostly Marxist/Alinskyite Socialist ‘Organizers’ anyway. We are forced to “finance the enemy”.
    If they were Volunteers or low compensation employees, I think you could get a much better and more experienced, “common sense” pool of people as Counselors and “staff”, rather than young, brainwashed, and greedy “Snowflakes”.
    Our ‘Education dollars’ need to go to equipment and competent Teachers that actually educate students. Also School Security could be better and cheaper handled by “low compensation Volunteers” rather than Certified Police Officers paid by Union Scale.
    “School Guards” should be encouraged to use ‘Personal weapons” (less lethal” than standard LEOs. Revolvers with low velocity, low ricochet, even “non-lethal projectiles”, pump shotguns, and AR-15’s with .300 Blackout uppers with similar ammo capability. The .450 Bushmaster might be even more suitable with an adjustable gas block. By simply changing mags and moving a little lever the operator could go from very low velocity plastic, nylon, or rubber bullets to conventional bullets of sufficient weight & high velocity to disable a normal vehicle or a person wearing best body armor.

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    • Longknife 21 . . . There is no doubt that the highly paid union members are sucking dry the educational efforts of Chicago, and the majority of other cities across our country. Yet, for all the monies we pay out . . . we still have dull, uneducated students to show for it.

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  3. I missed that detail: staffers. a bunch of useless pieces of poop


  4. Hey-THIS is what Obama should be doing with his time once we get his Butt outta the White House. He should throw all of his efforts into “fixing” the Chicago Schools’ Budget. HE used to be a Community Organizer there,so he MUST know ALL about it,right? (sarc)

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  5. A few years back, there were charts showing exactly how much those very teachers, in Chicago, would have in retirement. Hundreds if not thousands were leaving with retirement packages giving them from 100,000 to over 300,000 per year. Certainly not the norm for the rest of the country.
    The unions have done a great disservice to the kids as well as their parents.
    Perhaps they could start with the unions there. And of course, the kids are getting lackluster educations. The teachers know their pay doesn’t result from their performance. So, why do they have to excel, retirement is a shoo in, with little financial participation from the teachers. Tenure has proven fatal in Chicago.
    That money would be better spent on giving the kids, home ec. Shop, music, arts and classes to prepare them for blue collar jobs. Something that could actually exist.

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    • “Hundreds if not thousands were leaving with retirement packages giving them from 100,000 to over 300,000 per year.”
      And they just cain’t figger out why they’re operating in the red! Typical Liberals-still believe they can tax and borrow their way to prosperity….

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    • I grew up in a fairly ‘decent’ school district. I used to see how LAZY many of the teachers were, though some actually did their jobs, but many didn’t. A few of them were drunks, one would drink during class, he was potted the whole time. He said he was going to give one girl an “A” because she had red hair. One would always show videos or films of stuff and clip coupons in the back during the film (I liked that class!). Another ran off with a 14 year old student, to my knowledge nothing ever happened to him. Then there were the creepy pervert ones you knew to stay away from…if you were female and wanted a “A” you would have to wear really low cut blouses.


  6. No wonder Chicago is broke!

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  7. Hard working taxpayers in the private sector are waiting for their hero that will save them from the endless greed and sloth of public sector unions.


  8. Why don’t they blame Obama? Gee, he sure did help this country out!!
    Maybe they should dissolve the teachers union and get rid of all these huge pensions. NOBODY (except govt. workers like teachers) gets pensions anymore! Why should the taxpayers have to pay for stuff like that when they can’t even get them themselves??
    I’m sure throwing more money at the problem will help….OOPS, no it won’t!
    DUH, the morons need to realize that people are BROKE, there are NO GOOD JOBS and stores are closing businesses are folding and the Nero-esque tax fools are fiddling away saying, ‘oh just raise property taxes, or sales taxes, or vehicle registration or blah blah blah to pay for it all….”

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