Thousands of Hillary & Obama loyalists can’t find jobs


Sarah Wheaton reports for Politico, Jan. 7, 2017:

“The job market is about to get even more crowded for Washington Democrats, as thousands of Obama appointees join the hundreds of Clinton campaign staffers looking for employment.

There’s rarely been less demand for their services.

The Trump tornado is tearing up post-election planning around the Beltway. It’s not just that those 4,000 administration jobs are no longer available to Hillary for America alumni, or that failed Senate candidates like Russ Feingold and Katie McGinty won’t be able to hire their staff on the Hill. There are also the lobbying firms, trade associations and corporate government affairs offices that are pitching senior Obama aides’ resumes into the round file while scrambling to hire operatives with Republican connections.

It’s insult to injury for a generation of young operatives who are still managing their shock and grief from Hillary Clinton’s loss. And for those who want to fight to keep … Obama’s legacy from being erased, there aren’t a lot of places ready to pay them to do it.”

Hillary and Obama’s useful idiots aren’t just finding it difficult to find government jobs, the private sector doesn’t want them either. From Politico:

“One [Obama] administration official said he was deep into negotiations with two tech companies in early November, but after the election, ‘there was a pretty clear about-face.’

One of the tech companies’ offices got in touch the day after the election stating that they needed to ‘re-scope the role in light of the results.’ The other company, the official said, was ‘far less euphemistic in saying we need Republicans, not Democrats.’”

Some Obama alumni useful idiots have found jobs in Silicon Valley, but Hillary’s useful idiots appear to be having a harder time, both emotionally and practically. Being the precious snowflakes that they are, Hillary’s useful idiots whine they’ve “lost their bearings,” rattled by “the differences in Trump’s values from those represented by Obama and Clinton.”

After repeatedly seeing job postings looking for Republican connections, former Hillary staffer Anastasia Kessler-Dellaccio says she “quite literally stripped out all of the Hillary stuff” out of her C.V. She added, “I have friends who even on LinkedIn have removed any Democratic Party alignment because they’re afraid if employers see too much Hillary stuff they’re not going to get a job.”


Hey, Anastasia. If you really want to find reputable work, I suggest you put another pic of yourself on your LinkedIn page instead of the one you now have (see above). That is, assuming the employment you’re seeking is not one of those alleged hookers allegedly hired by Trump to allegedly urinate on a bed allegedly slept in by Obama in allegedly the Moscow Ritz-Carlton.


38 responses to “Thousands of Hillary & Obama loyalists can’t find jobs

  1. Poor little snowflakes. Doesn’t it just break your heart? Their degrees in lesbian feminists studies should help get them a job flipping burgers.

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  2. Maybe they could get recommendations from o’bama to be “community organizers” but since he failed at that, he couldn’t give tips on how to be successful at it.
    Maybe they all ought to start their political careers since it takes no skill or brains (other than being like a good use car salesman) to become a politician.

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    • Why are you savaging used car sales people? They’re already at the bottom of a rotting barrel, and now you throw these poor babies in as well? There just isn’t enough room for that much cupidity….

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  4. Imagine my despair…

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  5. I could not agree with Dr Eowyn more than when she suggested that Anastasia get a grip, clean up her photo image (let’s face it she does look like a sex worker looking for clients.) Put up a more clean professional looking photo . . . lose the push-up bra, etc. and cover yourself so that you do not look like a high class call girl.

    I for one hope that prospective employers look back at social media sites to see what these very special snowflakes have been doing the past several years. I would not want to be stuck with someone who has the thinking processes of a libtard, because you can be sure that on the job–they will cause dissention amongst your employees.

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  6. There should be plenty of shovel-ready jobs for these people with the forthcoming infrastructure legislation. Perhaps they would be better off getting their hands and learning what real labor is.

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  7. Dr., your last paragraph shows skills, in addition to your many other qualifications, as career counsellor.

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  8. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Rewrite those reference sheets, you don’t want to join the statistics showing an Obama-style low unemployment role. I don’t see your former jobs going anywhere, China, Mexico, …

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  9. As a self-employed idiot for more than fifty years, one who hired hundreds in his enterprises, trained thousands, written vocational colleges curricula still in use 30 years later, I can say these look to be basically ‘unemployables’ until they can manage to get a grip on the real world. Give me a ‘deplorable’ any day over these poor things.

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  10. You know what, cry me a freakin river you sniveling idiots. Now you see what it was like for families under Clinton and Obama…and you people are used to making way too much money for doing nothing but propaganda and brainwashing…so stifle it, I don’t care if you have to go on food stamps…join the real working class you bunch of toads.

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  11. Oh, I forgot to suggest to them to go ask Hillary to help them out with all her millions upon millions in the Clinton Foundation…I’m sure she’ll be glad to give you help or a job…ahahhahahahaha

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  12. “scrambling to hire operatives with Republican connections.” Mr. Trump will not only ignore their ridiculous machinations, but up-end them and use their momentum against them like an expert in the martial arts.
    You won’t be seeing many Hillary bumper stickers in the parking lot either. People will either get it and join the folks in the real world. Or they will circle the drain of unemployment until they are washed away. If you want to wear that badge of honor you probably won’t last long in REAL business.

    Somebody needs to send the link to this page to Anastasia.

    Hey Anastasia, you can only fool yourself.

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  14. There is a basic problem here. These people have “Degrees” and experience in “fooling people”, getting them to support some candidate or Agenda. And expect to be paid a great deal of money for it.
    They have no experience in “creating wealth”, or even any real understanding of the concept. If you can produce something that people need or can use to make their life better, there will be a demand for your product or service.
    Most folks are tired of being “fooled”, so their willingness to pay good money to “Foolers” is shrinking dramatically, and so is the need for “Assistant Foolers”. And these people backed the worst of the Foolers that ruined the economy for many honest people that are trying to produce something useful and valuable. Blaming Putin for Hillary’s criminal Emails or pushing ObamaCare is not a “valued service”. They are responsible for what they did in the past. Even if they were just a tiny cog in the Evil Political Machine. They chose it and embraced it. While it lasted.
    They have experience in “service”, not production, so they are going to have to start over as a shipping clerk, inventory control, or sales in an Industry that actually provides something people need or want. Sociology and Political Science ain’t it, or Womens Studies and Race Relations, not to mention all the “Let’s Blame America and Capitalism”. That doesn’t work anymore.
    Doesn’t grow corn, or feed the bulldog. Better try something else.

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    • This is such a SUPER statement of my feelings & thoughts that I won’t need to comment, except to say: “VERY well done!” You get an A+ in my class.

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    • Longknife 21 . . . I agree with Joseph, the above statement superbly covers what us “fools” have had crammed down our throats for eight years, and thanks to the intervention of Heavenly forces we have been saved another four to eight years of more of the same!

      Thank goodness enough real Americans woke up and decided they had had enough of the antics of the “Foolers” that they could stomach no more.

      Let these people, as you say, start over . . . and earn an honest living by the sweat of their brows.

      God Bless America, and God Bless Donald J Trump!


  15. Is this where we are suppose to cue up the violin music, cause I am not feeling it.
    The White House was way over staffed to begin with.

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  16. LOL – Y’all can’t see it, but I have the world’s smallest violin playing My Ass Cries for Thee.

    BTW, what sort of job can you get in the private sector with a Women’z Studies or a Nose-Picking, Booger-Eating Liberal Bed-Wetting degree?

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    • Dave . . . you have asked a real perplexing question. We’ll just have to wait and see where these folks land! I for one, can hardly wait. I certainly hope that they do not land in cushy, well paid positions–they need to feel the burn that so many other Americans have had to feel for the past eight years.


  17. Anastasia also might consider dropping the pretentious and superfluous surname and hyphen.

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  18. The Obozo fantasy is over…Reality, streams in flushing looser Hillary back to where she belongs, with the mental sludge! Those left holding the bag wake-up, “Oops, Trump was right, “Time to Grow-Up!”

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  19. I’m still laughing so hard at Dr. E’s gidget that I could choke any minute…,My advice for Anastasia – go to bartending school for 6 weeks, because that smirk makes you a walking liability in a professional environment. As for the rest, go home to mommy for a few months. Reality check for all of them, welcome to the real world.

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  21. Maybe one day they will grow up and realize they have been supporting the wrong side all along, making the other side rich.

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  22. Let’s add Shepherd Smith and John Lewis to the list.
    Because of Shep and Megyn, and Juan, I skip FOX.
    I now go to Drudge and catch Judge Janine on FB.
    DJT on Facebook and Twitter

    CBSNEWS is on my black list (except Friday night which is not news),
    but this season the action shows are getting a little too touchy feely
    NBC: why even bother.
    ABC not on air in my market, (who cares?)
    streaming Savage
    Rush on the radio

    How’s Watters been doing lately?

    memo to Trump: call in your oath 1/20/2017.


  23. Reputation precedes them…


  24. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this wonderful post. I love the wisdom of the sarcasm in your advice to this clueless female human being and I broke out laughing. Touche!

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