Saturday Funny! The Trump Phone



7 responses to “Saturday Funny! The Trump Phone

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  2. PERFECT! Should be hung in EVERY public office…poster size.

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  3. That is so very FABULOUS! Yes, all the Obama phone users need an alarm clock so they can get their bums out of bed and get on their way to work–so they can provide for themselves their very own phones! That poster should be a classic for all times!

    Thank you for bringing it to us.

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  4. Hitliary had a commanding lead in the election. But that evaporated when republicans got off of work and went to the polls. They don’t have to give up their odumbo phones. The gumment should stop paying for their service though.

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  5. I’m told they had a hard time dumbing the Obama-phone down enough so Democrats could work it.

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  6. An alarm clock can wake any fool up, but it takes a lot more to burst his Bubble of Delusion! If Donald Trump cannot do it, nobody can!

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  7. Pres-elect (soon President) Trump CAN “burst his bubble of Delusion”, Steven, and nobody else can do it better than Trump! That’s exactly what this poster signage is saying. Time for the users & abusers of our system to get off their duffies, stop being the whiners and the crybabies for a free handout from the “handout king” worst President ever like Obama has done to this country turning it into a 3d world freeloader country, and start getting our jobs back, more jobs into it and make us the most prosperous, job creating country of the world for good! We once were like that, but most of you blogging here won’t remember that because you were never born back then & your parents were likely still babies at your grandma’s house & never experienced what your grandparents saw, and happening to this country after it started to wither away since the Peanut farmer President’s era. Now it’s about to bounce back like a “yuge” bouncing ball creating one job creation each time it hits the ground & we got people working, being proud of themselves for being worth something to someone because that’s what having a job is about. It’s not about the money (even tho’ it helps to enjoy a good job with high pay and benefits), but it’s about prestige saying that “I got a job and I love what I do!” and that puts the working class people back into their molds again, back into the very fabric of our society where having to prosper means putting money back into our own economy. That was Pres-elect Trump’s basic center of his campaign. Just because his father was wealthy than most and he gave his sons all he could, and he loaned Donald Trump a start with $1 million, doesn’t mean that Donald doesn’t know the value of a $1 either or that he was given his chances because of a wealthy land owner….he could have taken that money and squandered it away on lavish cars, drank himself dry at every bar he went, had every woman he wanted at any time, spent it on useless gambling and bought drugs with it….but he didn’t do any of those things. He turned that $1 million to over some $12 billion in his lifetime making cities better, creating the most sought after tourist cities he helped build up, like San Francisco, Chicago, and his home town, NY CIty, NY. No other person could have ever done what he did, and had he never done any of that, I guarantee that NYC wouldn’t be as it is right now. Read his book, “Art of the Deal” to find out.


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